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Boxing News: MarvNation inks Vargas brothers » July 4, 2023 – Fight News



Fernando Vargas Jr. and Amado “El Malvado” Fernando Vargas, sons of former world champion Fernando “El Feroz” Vargas, have signed promotional contracts with MarvNation Promotions. The two were on hand at the Derby Room in Pomona, Calif. Thursday to announce their signing to the media. The two rising prospects will return to the ring on Feb. 11 as part of MarvNation’s “BoxFest” series at the aforementioned venue. More details regarding the card will be announced soon.
“El Feroz’” other fighting son, Emiliano “El General” Vargas, inked a multi-year promotional contract with Top Rank last year.
This is starting to sound like the movie “Price of Glory…One is 7-0 7 knockouts the other is 5-0-3 knockouts. I wish them both the best.
Wow good genes! Was the mom/moms also an atheletic?
They have the same Mom, tool.
IDK about this MarvNation??!! New promotional company with little to no experience and yet they’re making a ‘splash’….Dude that runs the outfit looks like syndicate I tell you! Cartel money perhaps??!!??
this is typical of todays generation of overhyped fighters who have barely started their careers i mean everybody wants to be the next “golden prodigy” but lets talk after 20-25 fights and after a few top contenders and not part time Home Depot eployees
I really enjoyed watching Fernando Sr. growing up. Looks like these kids are as ferocious as pops. It will be fun to see where they go.
I’m really curious about how far they’re able to go in pro boxing, i’m going to watch them closely from now on..

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