Successful homecoming for O'Connell

By Bruce Paizen

The debut card of Ed Pearson was a huge triumph as the fans were treated to excellent food, excellent match-making, and a good amateur undercard that featured 69kg Albertan Provincial Champion and amateur sensation Devin Reti winning a bout over Red Deer’s Brian Samuel. “The 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro is my main focus in life – then turning pro at the age of 23,” said Reti. Albertan boxing fans savoured this great night of boxing and left all appreciative of Mr. Pearson’s hard work.

Cam O’Connell (134½) of Red Deer, Alberta, moved to 4-0-1 (3 KO) against Mexico’s Luis Arjona (134½), who falls to 3-2-1 (1 KO). “I feel blessed I was able to do it at home,” said a multitasking O’Connell, as he simultaneously shook hands with well-wishers, posed for photographs, and welcomed the company of those who wanted to be in the winner’s circle. It was a brilliant display of boxing by O’Connell, but it was not as easy as he made it look. O’Connell did have some swelling over his left eye from a rampant head-butt from the tough and determined Arjona. After referee Len Koivisto gave the instructions in English and Spanish, O’Connell came out with a measured pace that allowed him to land straight rights and avoid the wild counters of Arjona.

It was clear after round one that O’Connell was the more skilled boxer – it was also clear that Arjona had brought enough to the table to force O’Connell to play his hand carefully. Another strong round by O’Connell – with nice long and short punches landed by O’Connell – had the Red Deer crowd buzzing. Round three featured the hometown hero landing blistering shots with both hands. The chin of Mexican Luis Arjona was still holding up, but he was being broken down in every other department. Two brutal knockdowns – the last by a perfect right-uppercut – separated Arjona from his senses and Koivisto mercifully waved off the bout without re-doing the 10-count in Spanish. Koivisto could have probably counted to ‘veinte’, but instead embraced and comforted the fallen and broken warrior. The time of the stoppage was 2:56 of round three. “I learned to be patient. I felt I could have taken out Arjona in round two, but continued to listen to and trust my corner,” said O’Connell. When asked about the savage onslaught he administered in the final minute of round three, O’Connell replied, “I didn’t want to let him recover – with the first knockdown I could feel the punch go through him.” It was a cerebral and astounding victory for Cam O’Connell who expects to return the ring in September 2013 in Edmonton.

Teddy Atlas says that it’s important for a fighter to travel as opposed to being “built up” against weak opposition at home. Kenneth Council was 3-0 all by knockout, but all of his fights were in Louisville, Kentucky. “I’ve never been on an airplane before this fight,” said Tennessee resident (via Ashville, NC) Kenneth Council (153), now 4-0-0 (3 KO) after banging out a tough earned decision over Calgary’s Ted Reno (155½) 3-7-2. “I hit him with hard shots and he was still standing there,” added Council, puzzled that an opponent can walk through his shots. And there were a lot of shots for Reno to walk through – and under and around and over again – as the hellacious work rate set by Council was fueled by desire as much as by frustration. The official scorecards were 59-55, 59-55, 58-56 all for Council – FightNews Canada had it 60-54 for Council. The first two rounds had some good body-punching by Reno as well as some hard head shots – but Council showed a good chin and used his legs to change the angles. Reno was hurt in round three by a volley of punches and then threw a low blow for which he received a stern warning by referee John Braak. Reno slowed in round four but was able to land some left hooks to keep the fight interesting. The final two rounds had Council increasing his work rate and looking for that elusive stoppage that never came. “He threw a lot of punches,” said Reno after the fight with a smile, as the obviousness of the comment was comical. Ken Council passed the “Teddy Atlas” travel test and can expect more airplane travel in the future as he is clearly someone who is serious about his professional boxing career.

Lukasz Wierzbicki (148) of Calgary, Alberta (via Poland) moves to 1-0-0 as he showed a lot of promise in his pro-debut against the rugged Antonio Dos Santos (151½) of Vancouver, BC (via Uganda), who now falls to 2-6-0. All three judges, and FightNews Canada, had it 40-36 for Wierzbicki. Each round had southpaw Wierzbicki landing right-hook counters, straight-lefts, and body shots with both hands as he out-landed the gangly but durable Dos Santos. Dos Santos was staggered and wobbled several times throughout the bout, but afterwards stated, “He’s a talented southpaw, but I was never hurt.” It was a spectacular debut for Wierzbicki who was cheered on every step of the way by very vocal Polish supporters waving the red-and-white Polish flag. With 110 amateur fights to his credit, Wierzbicki showed that his boxing skills have been tuned nicely to suit the professional game, and as a welterweight in Canada there is no shortage of opponents.


O'Connell impresses hometown fans

By Bruce Paizen

Red Deer's own Cam O'Connell fought in front of his hometown fans for the first time and the lightweight did not disappoint, scoring two knockdowns on his way to a TKO victory at 2:56 third round victory versus Luis Ajona (3-2-1) at the Sheraton Hotel Events Centre. The victory is the second in less than a month for O'Connell and moves the 24 year-old to 4-0-1.
In other action, American junior-middleweight Ken Council (4-0 3KO) moved past the second round and to the scorecards for the first time with a 59-55, 58-56, 58-56 decision win over Ted Reno (3-7-2) of Calgary.
The only other bout saw Polish born southpaw Lukasz Wierzbicki sweep the scorecards with a 40-36 decision over Antonio Dos Santos (2-6).


O'Connell in action tonight

By Doug Rowe

Cam O’Connell, 23, has had to face many obstacles in his young life, but because of his determination, his strength of character, and the support he has received from those closest to him, those obstacles have also presented him with opportunities to grow.

Now the Red Deer professional boxer feels it is his time to start giving back to his community.

“I have a list (of people who helped get me through the tough times),” explained O’Connell. “A very good counsellor at my school, my coaches, my father and mother, and (fellow boxer) Arash Usmanee. His positivity even when the worst things happened. He was a role model to me, not just a mentor.”

“The community has done so much for me! I felt that I should be giving back and I didn’t know how to do it. I’ve always coached kids and worked with them, but recently I got to do an anti-bullying speech.”

As a professional boxer O’Connell has a 3-0-1 record. As an amateur he had 136 bouts, and 101 wins. He was a 12-time Alberta Provincial Champion, four-time Western Canadian Champion, two-time Canadian National Champion, bronze medallist at the Junior Olympics in 2005, and Ringside World Champion in 2007.

But life has not always been so successful for O’Connell. Middle school was an extremely difficult time in his life. It was a time when he was bullied, and he would get into trouble for fighting back.

“Middle School was tough,” said the boxer. “It was just when I started boxing and being bullied. I would fight back and I would get into a lot of scraps at school and then people heard I was a boxer and it would cause even more bullying and scraps at school.”

With the help of school staff, his coaches and his family, O’Connell was able to overcome that dark period in his life.

“By the time I hit Grade Eight, I understood boxing a little bit more and I knew what I was doing and I was confident in my abilities to box,” said the former Ringside World Champion. “But I didn’t have to fight. I didn’t have to prove myself anymore to bullies. People still talked, there is always going to be people who talk, but when you know your abilities you don’t have to prove it.”

“It gave me self-confidence to move on in life, don’t worry about the little things that people say, just keep going. That is what I try to tell the kids at the presentations. I had a lot of questions about how I overcame it (bullying) and whether boxing is the way. But I don’t think that boxing is the way. I think any sport, anything that you can do to get your mind off of the bullying and to gain confidence will help you to overcome bullying. That is the reason I kind of got into boxing not to defend against bullies but to have self confidence to overcome bullies.”

O’Connell has twice had opportunities to talk at Bullying Workshops at the Red Deer Public Library. The audience included schools groups, but also adults with mental disabilities, with stories about how they would get bullied by kids when they take public transportation.

O’Connell enjoyed giving his presentation at these workshops, but what he appreciated the most was working one-on-one with those in attendance.

“I have gotten a chance to tell my story a couple times now and the anti-bullying is working for me,” explained the boxer. “I like giving back, and it feels like I am helping these kids overcome big problems. The feeling is amazing. That one-on-one is where I felt I was making the difference. Anyone can give a speech, but talking to the kids one-on-one is what helped the kids.”

After O’Connell won his first Canadian Championship and gained some fame at a local level he found that along with the accolades that a negative element became interested in who he was, and he entered another dark period in his life. But again for the boxer this was just another obstacle, something that he could learn from to become a more positive person.

“I got into a legal issues and still have charges pending,” said the boxer. “I was involved with the darker side of society, doing the wrong things, and the negativity got to me. I got into trouble and I realized there is a good way to live your life and a bad way. That is what I needed. I guess some people need that. They need a big situation to happen in their life to change the way they go about living their lives. This was a turning point for me. Now I can help other people get out of it.”

“My team . . . Doug Bolianatz, Roman Rzepkowski, and Robert Carswell are focusing on the positive, that is where we are going. I always wanted to give back but I thought I needed a title to start giving back, but now I know I am at a level where I can give back, anyone can give back in that sense. With the anti-bullying it was another opportunity for me to give back.”

O’Connell has another opportunity to give back to his community when he fights for the first time as a professional in front of his home crowd, Friday, June 28 at the Sheraton Hotel. The undefeated boxer will be taking on Mexico’s Luis Arjona, 3-1-1, in the six round main event.

“I am excited to fight at home,” said the lightweight boxer. “It shouldn’t affect how I box. Once I’m in the ring my concentration is so good now that I can fight anywhere. The ring is my home.”

If O’Connell wins this bout, he will be ranked in Canada, which will be a major step for him in accomplishing his goals.

“I want the Canadian title,” said O’Connell. “It is within our reach. I know I can beat some of the guys who are ranked, so it is just a matter of time before I get the opportunity to fight them. Then I would like to follow in the footsteps of Arash Usmanee and get ranked in the world and fight for a title and bring it home to Red Deer.”

The undercard will feature a number of amateur bouts, including Red Deer’s Brian Samuel fighting Devon Reti of Calgary for a Provincial Championship and an opportunity to represent Alberta at the National Championships.

For ticket or table information for the Tuff Gloves event call (403) 877-4391. Doors open at 6 p.m.


Late charge by Alcine not enough 

By Mariano A. Agmi 

Philadelphia prospect Julian "J-Rock" Williams (13-0-1, 7 KOs) kept his undefeated record intact, winning an eight round unanimous decision over former WBA titlist Joachim Alcine (33-5-1, 19 KOs) in an eight round junior middleweight contest. 

Perhaps because Alcine has been knocked out twice in the first round, Williams immediately jumped on the Haitian-Canadian, testing his chin with a big right hand and a follow up barrage that forced Alcine to the ropes. A left hook dropped Alcine for an eight count. J-Rock was all over Alcine when the action continued, but the former champ was able to survive the onslaught and began throwing a few shots of his own while Williams took a breather. 

After a slow round two, the action heated up in round three, with the fighters taking turns flurrying. Williams became a bit overzealous in round four, landing a big right hand after Referee Earl Brown called a break that sent Alcine tumbling to the canvas. Brown correctly chose not to call the fall a knockdown, giving Alcine an opportunity to recover. When the action resumed, Williams landed a right hand on the inside that appeared to cause Alcine to touch the canvas, but Brown ruled it a slip. A follow-up combination rocked Alcine, who crumbled to the canvas due to the accumulation of punches but was able to beat the count. 

Williams began round five where he left off in round four, dropping Alcine hard with a spectacular left hook. Somehow, the veteran was again able to beat the count, and he was in good enough condition to throw a few combinations as the round came to a close. 

The knockdown seemed to awaken Alcine, as the 37-year-old arguably won the final three stanzas with big uppercuts shots to the body on the inside. The activity seemed to win rounds six and seven for Alcine, as J-Rock appeared gassed but still managed to land a few hard shots. 

Alcine continued to land blistering punches in the eighth and final round, but Williams showed a sturdy chin as he absorbed some big right hands and a few uppercuts. The crafty Alcine won the round big, but it was not enough to win the fight, as all three judges scored the bout 77-72 for the 23-year-old prospect out of Philly. -- Mariano A. Agmi 

News Flash

Calgary card cancelled

 By Bruce Paizen

Mother Nature, still undefeated, scores 11th hour stoppage of Calgary card.

Tonight’s card in Calgary by Lace Em Up promotions, featuring Steve Claggett's homecoming, is cancelled due to severe flooding.

 On Friday morning, Lace Em Up tweeted “We are monitoring the weather situation and will keep everyone posted.” But as the flood water levels on the Bow River and Elbow River reached unprecedented levels, all of downtown Calgary - several square kilometers - was evacuated. A state of emergency was declared and Prime Minister Steven Harper cancelled his appointments in Ottawa to tour the devastated areas of his hometown.

On Friday afternoon, Lace Em Up tweeted, “Due to the severe flooding in Calgary the ‘Brawl in the Hall’ has been cancelled.”

As of Saturday morning, Enmax reported that 30,000 customers remain without power, including Cowboys on 12th Ave, the venue for tonight’s cancelled card. “We put a lot of work into this card and would still like to have it the fall,” said Roy Phelps, Managing Partner of Lace Em Up, “But it might night be at Cowboys since we heard it may have sustained structural damage.”

In a statement posted on the Teofista Boxing website, Eric de Guzman, Claggett’s manager, writes, “The show has been cancelled. We are very sorry to all the people that trained… we would like to thank Lace em up Promotions for their dedication to this event. Also Gary Louie for his volunteer work of getting this event sanctioned and licensed. For anyone affected by the floods, if you or your animals need shelter, Teofista Boxing Gym's doors are open.”

For Phelps, the disappointment of the cancelled card hasn’t set in since he was busy helping the citizens of Calgary as well as the boxers that have already arrived from as far away as Hungary.
“Considering what others have lost, this is just a small speed bump on the road to a great future for Lace Em Up Promotions.”
 And all of Calgary won't soon forget Mother Nature - all of her victories by stoppage.


Results from Montreal

Sam Vargas (14-1) wins a one-sided 79-73, 79-73, 78-72 decision over Giuseppe Lauri (53-13) in the main event from Montral. The Toronto fighter had his opponent staggered in the early going and banged the body impressively throughout the eight round contest.

In the co-main event Ahmad Cheikho (11-4-2) scored a 79-71, 79-71,78-72 decision over Steven Bloyer (14-9) of France.

Tyson Cave(21-2)  scored three 3rd round knockdowns versus Hungarain David Kanalas (12-7).

In a fight where neither fighter had a problem finding each other, Steve Harvey (4-1) scored a 40-36, 40-36, 40-35 decision over Andras Csomor (3-2-1)
Mike McWilliams was successful in his pro debut with 40-36, 40-36, 39-37 win over Dave Aucoin (3-11). Marc Pagcaliwangan made it 5 stoppages in as many tries, putting 39 year-old John Brown (0-2) flat on his back and scored the TKO victory at 1:00 of the opening round. Steve Rolls beat up Ferenc Zold for 3 rounds until the Hungarian finally folded to the canvas at :24 of the fourth round. Rolls moves to 6-0 with the impressive effort while Zold record evens up at 17-17.


Zewski goes eight

By Jeff Zimmerman and Miguel Maravilla at ringside

Welterweight Mikael Zewski (20-0, 15KO) dominated the durable Damian Frias (19-8-1, 10KO) over 8 rounds to win a unanimous decision. If you bottled up round 1 and round 8 you may have the making of a classic. Zewski came out on fire in the 1st round throwing combinations to the head and body of Frias. It was a right, left shot to the body that eventually put Frias on the canvas. Frias survived the round. From rounds 2-7, it was much of the same. Zewski was trying desperately to score the knockout, but Frias just would not go down. Frias actually mounted a late comeback as he became much more aggressive as the fight wore on. In the final round, Zewski and Frias exchanged big bombs and at one point it appeared Frias may have hurt Zewski. Both fighters continued to fight to the final bell, but Zewski clearly threw the harder punches throughout the fight. The scores read 77-74 on all 3 judges’ scorecards.


Weights from Quebec City

Eric Martel Bahoeli 256.4 lbs. vs.Janis Ginters 240.4 lbs. 

Steve Lantagne 153.4 lbs. vs. Michel Tsalla 152.3 lbs. 

Michael Gadbois 138.9 lbs. vs. Maurycy Gojko 138.8 lbs.

News Flash

Alvarez-Green headline FNF

Famed rapper and new boxing promoter, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, held a press conference today in Hartford to announce that his company, SMS Promotions, will present the “50 Cent’s Birthday Bash” professional boxing event, July 5 live on ESPN Friday Night Fights, at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford.

Headlining the stacked ESPN Friday Night Fights show, the first solo promotion by SMS Promotions, is a 10-round clash between undefeated NABO/NABA light heavyweight champion Eleider “Storm” Alvarez (12-0, 8 KOs) and former world super middleweight title challenger Allan “Ghost Dog” Green (32-4, 22 KOs). The fast-rising, explosive Alvarez (12-0-0, 8 KOs), a 2008 Colombian Olympian who lives in Montreal, is on his way to positioning himself for a world title shot. Already ranked #4 by the WBA and #7 by the WBO, he is stepping up in class to face Green (32-4-0, 22 KOs), fighting out of Tulsa (OK), who fought in the Super Six tournament.

The 10-round ESPN co-feature showcases former IBF featherweight champion Billy “The Kid” Dib (35-2, 21 KOs) in a 10-round bout against Hartford favorite “Machine Gun” Mike Oliver (25-3, 8 KOs). A native of Australia, Dib is coming off a highly-competitive, fan-friendly fight on March 1, also shown on ESPN Friday Night Fights, in which he lost a 12-round split decision and his IBF belt to undefeated Russian Evgeny Gradovich (18-0).

Dib is the #4-rated featherweight in the world by the IBF, as well as ranked No. 7 by The Ring Magazine, and No. 15 by the WBO. Oliver is a former International Boxing Organization (IBO) and United States Boxing Association (USBA) super bantamweight champion.

50 Cent: “I’m excited because this is the first show put together by SMS Promotions. It’s been a learning experience. We’ve been part of shows but never did the promotional job. I’m not far from home in Farmington. We’ve put together a real event with some of the best fighters in the world, good prospects and some local fighters. We’re creating a platform for fighters to progress and I want to be part of it. Overall, it’s a great opportunity to do things a little differently. I’ve associated myself with some big name fighters.

“The Hartford area has a long boxing history with Hall of Famer Willie Pep and other world champions and top contenders like Battling Battalino, Marlon Starling (in attendance), Kid Kaplan, Tyrone Booze and ‘Iceman’ John Scully.

“I’d like to thank ESPN for this opportunity, the Connecticut Convention Center and the Connecticut Boxing Commission for participating on a holiday weekend.”


O'Connell stays home

By Bruce Paizen

After going north and south for fights in Edmonton and Calgary, lightweight Cam O’Connell (3-0-1) will have the luxury of staying put and fighting in his hometown of Red Deer Alberta. The undefeated prospect headlines a four fight pro show at the Sheraton Hotel June 28th marking the first time the city has seen live action in over two years. O’Connell will be facing off against Luis Arjona (3-1-1) of Mexico. Also on the card will be Calgary heavyweight Matt Kadian, along with Ted Reno taking on Ken Council and a Canadian matchup between Lucasz Wierzbicki of Calgary and Antonio Dos Santos of Vancouver. Fightnews caught up with the O’Connell, click here to see everything he had to say.

News Flash

Bellew “can’t wait” to fight Stevenson

By James Slater

WBC #1 light heavy contender Tony Bellew gave his post-fight thoughts on new WBC 175-pound king Adonis Stevenson’s sensational KO win over Chad Dawson last night, and as impressed as Bellew was by the new champ’s win, Bellew made it clear he relishes the thought of fighting Stevenson. A guest on Sky Sports to analyse the fight, “Bomber” had the following things to say:

“Stevenson is a serious puncher but he is wild,” he said. “I don’t think he’ll be a long standing champion, not if I’ve got anything to do with it, but you’ve got to give him respect. I don’t think that (the Andre Ward fight) played any part in the fight, Dawson never showed Stevenson the proper respect.
“I can’t wait to meet him (Stevenson) – he won’t have to look for me and I won’t have to look for him. I’ll show him respect, as you have to with a puncher like that. I’ll go to his backyard as I’ve said – no problem. It’s a dream for me to fight for the green belt. I’ll go anywhere for the fight. I’m sure every man and his dog will write me off, but I can promise I’ll bring fireworks. ”

It remains to be seen just when and where Stevenson will accommodate his number-one contender but Stevenson vs. Bellew looks like a slugfest to look forward to.


Devastating KO win by Stevenson
Wins WBC World Title

By Dave Spencer
Photo Herby Whyne

It took only :76 seconds and a single left hand to make 35 year-old Adonis "Superman" Stevenson an overnight sensation and new WBC light-heavyweight champion, capturing the title in spectacular fashion from Chad Dawson Saturday night in Montreal.
It was the quickest title victory in the light heavyweight division since Bobby Czyz took just 1:01 in an IBF title defence in 1986 and propels Stevenson past local rivals and former champions Jean Pascal and Lucian Bute and makes the local scene very interesting with Stevenson's ascension to the world stage. 
The Montreal fighter who moved up from 168 pounds for the fight didn't waste any time in calling out the name of Bernard Hopkins when asked who her wanted next in what has been a devastating path of destruction to the top. "I've never seen anything as intense as this," said Stevenson's trainer Javan Hill after the contest, commenting on both the fighter and crowds reaction on the dramatic and sudden finish. "With Adonis doing it at home and winning a world championship, at home in front of his hometown friends, family and the city of was the most excitement that I have been around." click here to coninue reading


Results from Montreal

By Dave Spencer/Matt Casavant at ringside

Challenger Adonis Stevenson (21-1, 17 KOs) scored a one-punch knockout against WBC light heavyweight champion Chad Dawson (31-3, 17 KOs) on Saturday night at the Belle Center in Montreal, Canada. A left hand dropped Dawson and he got up wobbly prompting the referee to wave it off after 76 seconds.

Unbeaten former champion Yuriorkis Gamboa (23-0, 16 KOs) won a twelve round unanimous decision over previously undefeated Darley Perez (28-1, 19 KOs) to claim the vacant WBA interim lightweight title. Gamboa scored a flash knockdown in round one and that was pretty much the end of the highlights. Scores were 116-111, 116-111, 115-112. Gamboa has now won WBA interim belts in three weight divisions.

In an entertaining tilt between two Quebec junior middleweights, Sebastien Bouchard (7-0 2KO) won a 58-56, 59-55, 59-55 decision over Francesco Cotroni (7-2 4KO). It was the 26 year-old Bouchard who was the aggressor throughout the contest, but while he was able to score with some good right hands, Cotroni proved to be an elusive target for much of the contest.

David Lemieux (29-2 28KO)  scored his 28th stoppage in 29 wins with a first round destruction over an over-matched Robert Swierzbinski (11-2 3KO) of Poland. A glancing left hand ended things officially with Lemieux scoring the third of three knockdowns at 2:21 of the opening round. It was the powerful middleweight's 25th stoppage in the first two rounds. A debilitating body shot scored the first knockdown and had the visiting fighter swaying like a palm tree in a tropical storm afterwards, retreating for cover and tasting the canvas twice more with wave after wave of power shots.

Puerto Rican Jr.Lightweight prospect Jose Pedraza (13-0, 9KOs) adds to his undefeated record by scoring a 7th round TKO (corner stoppage) over  his opponent, Sergio Villanueva (25-3-2, 13KOs). Pedraza was able to systematically breakdown Villanueva landing multiple combinations and punishing body blows. The first few rounds provided good back and forth action as both fighters landed punches at close range. However, a tactical change by Pedraza who elected to switch to the southpaw stance in the 4th round proved to be wise decision as Villanueva was unable to defend the left to the body. The 24 year old, dropped Villanueva in the 5thround and although the Mexican fighter demonstrated courage in getting up he ultimately was outgunned. Multiple knockdowns to the body in round 7 forced Villanueva’s corner to throw in the towel in order to prevent their fighter from sustaining further damage. Official time of the stoppage was 2:59 of round 7.

Dider Bence improved to (9-0, 3KOs), defeating previously undefeated Eric Barrak (7-1,6KOs) in convincing one-sided fashion, scoring multiple knockdowns en route to a 5th round TKO victory. The local heavyweight showdown had seen its fair share of bad blood between the two leading into tonight, but Barrak failed to deliver on his promise to KO Bence as he was thoroughly dominated in all aspects. Bence came out focused and sharp, content to out box and out jab the tentative Barrak early. Bence took control emphatically in the 3rd round scoring a powerful jab-right hand combination that floored his opponent. The 4th round proved to be more of the same as a winded Barrak was unable to land anything of note to keep Bence’s attack at bay. In the 5th round Barrak most likely sensing the fight slip away, landed an intentional headbutt that resulted in a one point penalty. The 25 year old Bence kept his composure and landed a powerful hook-right hand combination later in the same round that ended Barrak’s night. Time of the stoppage was 1:55 of round 5.

Two-time Olympian Artur Beterbiev was impressive  in his pro debut as the light-heavyweight scored three knockdowns on his way to a TKO victory at 2:21 of the second round over Christian Cruz (12-12-1 10KO). The Russian born fighter was impressive in both style and execution of a fan friendly arsenal of punches that never gave Cruz a chance to go anywhere but down. The Sacramento fighter found himself on the canvas to end the first thanks to a solid right hand and was right back there to start the second. After seeing there man go down too easily thanks to what was more of a shove, Cruz's corner stepped in and stopped the fight.


Weights from Montreal

Adonis Stevenson 174.2 vs. Chad Dawson 173.4 lbs.

Yuriorkis Gamboa 134.2 lbs. vs. Darley Perez 134.6 lbs.

Sebastien Bouchard 154 lbs. vs Francesco Cotroni 153.4 lbs.

David Lemieux 163.8 lbs. vs. Robert Swierzbinski 163 lbs.

Jose Pedraza 131.8 lbs. vs. Sergio Villanueva 134.2 lbs.

Didier Bence 214.8 lbs. Eric Barrack 236 lbs.

Artur Beterbiev 184.6 lbs. vs. Christian Cruz 183.4 lbs.


Rumble at the Ritz

Rumble at the Ritz a Canadian Premiere with Boxing Legends Sugar Ray Leonard, Jake “Raging Bull” LaMotta, Leon Spinks and Joe Cortez

Canadians are about to live a moment of history on June 4! During the most prestigious sporting event of the year, the Montreal Grand Prix, the Ritz-Carlton Montreal will be a buzz with Rumble at the Ritz. In the great presence of Sugar Ray Leonard, Jake “Raging Bull” LaMotta and Leon Spinks, VIP’s will enjoy an unforgettable evening of entertainment with co-host Jason Rockman from CHOM FM, live fights and exquisite culinary experience with legendary boxing icons & Top Montreal chefs at the Ritz-Carlton Montreal. A memorable evening in the prestigious Oval Room to celebrate The Future of Boxing collector’s edition book launch by author Alexandre Choko.

Chefs, Éric Gonzalez of L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel, Marino Tavares of Ferreira Café, Renato Ferrante of Da Vinci Ristorante and Patrick Bermand of Patrick Bermand Restaurant in Mont-Tremblant, will compete in the kitchen, refereed by International Boxing Hall of Famer Joe “Fair but Firm” Cortez. Once the crowd has elected their best chef, the oven gloves will come off and the chefs will actually fight in the ring. Iconic boxing items worn by Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard from the estate of their famous trainer Angelo Dundee will be auctioned live. Profits from the auction will be donated to the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

About the book:
The Future of Boxing is an amazing book filled with memorable pictures and exclusive one-on-one interviews with famous, influential, and controversial figures. Together for the first time in one book, boxing legends such as Julio Cesar Chavez, Oscar De La Hoya, George Foreman, Evander Holyfield, Vitali Klitschko, Jake LaMotta, Leon Spinks, Lennox Lewis, Sugar Ray Leonard and Mike Tyson discuss the sport they love, its past, present and future with more than 55 exclusive interviews. The book features more than 600 photos of boxing greats, iconic moments and dramatic triumphs. It also includes brief biographies of each interviewee and first-hand accounts from the greats themselves on the competitive world of professional boxing. Readers will meet them as they are today and discover what they have to say about their lives and careers, as well as their thoughts about the future of boxing. Choko’s intimate knowledge of life in the ring helped create an authentic bond between subject and interviewer that led to dozens of revealing moments.

To purchase tickets, please contact Laura Mora at Conservus or 514 284-2246 # 328


Power is back for Dawson

Light Heavyweight kingpin Chad Dawson (31-2, 17 KOs) is ready to go on the road once again and defend his WBC title against top contender and dangerous power puncher Adonis Stevenson (20-1, 17 KOs) in Stevenson's backyard of Canada at the Bell Centre in Montreal. The 12-round championship showdown is scheduled to take place Saturday, June 8th on HBO Boxing After Dark as part of a doubleheader featuring Yuriorkis Gamboa vs. Darley Perez as the co-main event. The HBO telecast will begin at 10:00 p.m. (live ET/tape-delayed PT).

Dawson is a throwback fighter who is willing to give advantages to his opponents in order to make the best fights possible. This will be his third time going to Canada to meet an opponent on his home turf, the first time was back in August of 2010 against Jean Pascal and then again in May of 2011 against Adrian Diaconu. Now Dawson will fight Stevenson, who's originally from Haiti, and makes no excuses for traveling to hostile territory.

"I expect the crowd to be against me, but I'm not worried about that because I know that I can win them over with my performance," said Dawson. "Stevenson is a worthy opponent but he's not on my level. I've fought and won over there before so I hope he's not banking on home field advantage because it's going to take a whole lot more to beat me. Once again I'm going to fight in someone's backyard and I'm fully confident I'll come out victorious."

"I'm grateful to my promoter Gary Shaw and HBO for giving me this opportunity. Now that I'm back at Light Heavyweight I'm going to get back to dominating the division." Dawson continued.

The Andre Ward fight in Oakland was Dawson's last outing and he not only fought in Ward's home town, but he also came down in weight. He fought Ward at Ward's weight class of 168 lbs, a move that proved to be Dawson's downfall. However, Dawson is back at his natural weight of 175 lbs, the weight class in which Dawson reigns as the lineal champion.

With Dawson back at his real weight, he insists that he feels stronger and his training camp is operating on a much higher efficiency level.

"No excuses in my last fight, we'll just say that I'm a different fighter when I'm at 175 lbs. I can say with absolute confidence that my power is back, and not just my power but my strength as well. It's like I'm stronger in every aspect and it is playing a huge roll in training camp. I'm strong enough to push myself more miles, strong enough to go more rounds, and I'm stronger at the end of my workouts." Dawson said.

Gary Shaw Productions knows Dawson-Stevenson is a top quality main event and the fans will be witnessing a great night of boxing.

"This is Chad's return to his rightful thrown at 175 lbs and he is fighting the most dangerous opponent available. Stevenson has been avoided by all the top guys and he is more dangerous with one punch than most guys throwing ten. On top of it all, he's going to Canada because he is a true warrior willing to prove time and time again why he is top dog at light heavyweight. HBO has been doing a great job televising meaningful fights in boxing, of course the lineal light heavyweight title falls under that umbrella. Everyone watching will get to see two warriors giving it their all to come out on top. This makes for a great night of boxing." Shaw said.

News Flash

Pedraza added for Saturday

Highly touted Puerto Rican boxer Jose "Sniper" Pedraza (12-0, 8 KO's) is ready to return to the ring after defeating veteran Mexican Gerardo Zayas by TKO in the first round last February in Puerto Rico.

Pedraza is fighting Mexico's Sergio Villanueva (25-2-2, 13 KOs) on Saturday, June 8, as part of an HBO Latino special broadcast starting at 12:15am ET (Sunday) at the Bell Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

"This is another great opportunity to showcase my God-given talent to those watching on HBO," said Pedraza. "My goal is to come out victorious and use superior boxing skills to defeat my opponent. I'm looking forward to giving the fans a fan-friendly fight."

"Pedraza is a special fighter who can bring excitement to all Puerto Rican fans around the world," said Gary Shaw. "He's gaining great experience each time he steps in the ring. He's got a bright future."

"We are very pleased that Pedraza is having great exposure on June 8, in Canada. He will impress the fans in attendance and those watching on TV because Pedraza is one of the best technically pure professional boxer you'll ever see, and he's also getting stronger with each fight," said Javier Bustillo, President of Universal Promotions.

"It's great that Jose Pedraza has an opportunity to showcase his talents on HBO Latino in a tough matchup against Sergio Villanueva. We expect big things from Jose," said Lou DiBella, President of DiBella Entertainment.

In 2011, Pedraza captured the WBC Youth super featherweight champion over African Herbert Quartey by way of technical knockout in the fifth round.

During his amateur boxing career, Pedraza represented Puerto Rico in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and won a gold medal at the Central American and Caribbean Games in 2010. He won silver medals at the 2009 World Championships in Milan and at the 2010 Pan American Games in Ecuador, among other achievements.

Pedraza is a member of "Team Puerto Rico", which is a collaboration between Gary Shaw Productions, DiBella Entertainment and Universal Promotions, made with the goal of gathering the best of Puerto Rico's boxing talents.

This boxing event will be headlined by WBC light heavyweight champion Chad Dawson facing Adonis Stevenson and co-featured by Yuriorkis Gamboa against Darley Perez in a 12-round lightweight bout. Both fights will be televised live on HBO BOXING AFTER DARK® beginning at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.

Photo Gallery

Saturday Night Photos
For all the action from the United Promotions card from the Hershey Centre in Mississauga, click here

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Mrdjenovich recaptures WBC title

By Bruce Paizen
Photos by Julio Irvin Garcia

After “Double Jeopardy” in Edmonton on Friday night the category “Women’s Boxing” can now be changed to just “Boxing” as the display of blood and guts in the main event transcended gender. Melissa Hernandez (123.0, Miami, FL) fell to 18-4-3 as Jelena Mrdjenovich (126.4, Edmonton, AB) showed the heart of a warrior by fighting through a crimson mask of blood to regain the WBC female featherweight title by scores of 57-56, 58-55, and 58-55 on a technical decision.

Mrdjenovich came to the ring to the song “The Final Countdown” as many wondered if her storied career would be sent into an irreversible spiral at the hands of world champ Melissa Hernandez. And after round one, fans at ringside had a look of acceptance in their eyes as Hernandez effectively countered Mrdjenovich’s jab and made her pay for missed shots.

Mrdjenovich couldn’t get set as Hernandez kept turning her. Then the unbelievable would happen in round two – Mrdjenovich was cut on the upper forehead by a head-butt – and this was no ordinary cut. It was spurting blood in sync with the beating of Mrdjenovich’s heart. Referee Len Koivisto called a timeout and had the ringside doctor, Dr. Terry DeFreitas, assess the cut. Mrdjenovich’s leg kicked in pain as DeFreitas applied pressure to laceration. After a minute of assessing the bleeding, Dr. DeFreitas let the bout continue. click to continue reading full report


Petryk's record falls even

By Shamus Young

In the co-main event on Saturday night at the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, Washington, welterweight Gabriel Pineda scored a hard fought unanimous decision over Dave Petryck. Neither fighter cared much for defense, they were physically comparable, and both fighters scored several head-snapping blows in each of the six rounds. The difference was technique. Petryck was a wild and sloppy punching machine, tallying several low blows and a headbutt over the fight. Pineda threw straighter and more accurate punches in equal volume, and therefore racked up more sweat halos per round. One judge scored the fight 59-55. The other judges and Fightnews had it 60-54. With the win, Pineda moves to 4-0-2 and Petryk falls to 4-4-1.


Daley wins NABA
Cook makes short work of Vanderpool

By Heather McIssac
Photo Dani Graham

 Cruiserweight Denton Daley (10-0 6KO) won by TKO Saturday night in Mississauga when his opponent Faisal Ibnel Arrami failed to answer the bell for the 5th round with a shoulder injury. Daley captured the vacant NABA cruiserweight title already owning the NABF version of the same title. What was shaping up to be a well intense bout was cut short with the crowd enjoying Daley gaining intensity and rattling his French opponent during the short fight.
Brandon Cook (10-0 6KO) remains undefeated and is the new Canadian junior-midlleweight champion after easily dispatching Fitz Vanderpool (26-8-4 13KO) at 2:59 of the 1st round. Cook jumped on Vanderpool straight away and didn't let up until he saw Vanderpool hit the mat. An intense combination ended the fight when Vanderpool was too dazed too continue.   
After 8 rounds of toe to toe action Steven Wilcox (7-0 3KO)  won a unanimous decision against Raffaele Laezza (4-3-1) in 135lb division. Wilcox used his superior speed and endurance to outwork his opponent. Laezza gained some ground in the final few rounds, forcing Wilcox to brawl for a while, but its not enough to gain an edge on Wilcox. Score 78-74, 78-74, 79-73.  
Heavyweight Dillon Carmen (5-2 4KO) met his match in a bout against Sylvera Louis (5-2 2KO), with the Montreal fighter winning by TKO  at 1:26 of the 5th round. After trading shot for shot in a close fight, Louis landed a hook that sent Carmen to the mat. Carmen returns, dazed, and cannot withstand the barrage that came soon after with the referee stepping in and stopping the bout.
Brock Arthur (1-0-1) and debuting Jordan Smith fight to a split draw in the cruiserweight division. Arthur used pressure and clinching to tire Smith out early in the rounds. Smith spent most of the fight trying to find distance between them to land some clean shots. Judges scorecards read 39-37 for Smith 39-37 for Arthur and 38-38.

Kevin Higson wins pro debut at 154lbs against Thomas Silva who was also stepping into the ring for the first time as a pro, the fight went all 4 rounds with Higson dominating from the first bell. Silva toughed it until the end. Score 40-35, 40-35, 40-34 for Higson.


Cook ready for tonight

When Fitz Vanderpool first fought for a Canadian championship, Brandon Cook was all of eight years old. Eleven years later Vandrpool had hung up the gloves and Cook was just starting out as a boxer and the pair found themselves in the same corner for an amateur tournament. Now with Vanderpool a forty-five year-old and back for one last curtain call, he is in the opposite corner of the man he once mentored.

"The opportunity to fight Fitz is huge," Cook told FightNews this week, "He's a huge name, but I've trained my ass off for this, so everything will pay off on Saturday."
"He worked my corner in St. Catherines one time when I showed up with just one coach, I've known Fitz for quite a long time. I've always talked to him every time I've seen him, always been nice to him. But the opportunity came to fight him and my dream was always the Canadian title and I didn't care who it was. Unfortunately it had to be him, but I'm just glad to get in there and fight for a Canadian title."
Boxing certainly makes strange bedfellows sometimes and Cook who began boxing at eighteen never would have dreamed that the elder statesman helping him out in the corner within his first year of learning the sport would be somebody he'd be paired off in a title fight years later. "It's crazy, if I had to go back to that day I never would even think it was possible."
Vanderpool version 2013 though is still somebody who garners respect and has now earned two decision victories after coming back last fall after a seven year absence. "He knows how to win rounds, but I've done everything I could to be in the best shape of my life. That's one thing I'm going to have over him, is that I'm going to be in way better shape; he just has way more experience and I'm going to have to break him down and see what happens."
The experience factor could be huge, Cook with 9 pro fights under his belt has only gone 6 rounds once, the only time he has been past four. Vanderpool went ten in March, and a full six before that. "I can't go in there and rush myself, I know I've never been in there more than six rounds. I had some really good sparring and we've done some really good work over the past six weeks. I've prepared myself for whatever he is going to give me, he's a little bit awkward but I've watched so many of his fights I know what to expect in there. I just have to go in there and take my time and not go in and try and rip his head off and get over anxious."
One fight Cook has watched a lot is Vanderpool's last fight in New Brunswick against Roberto McLellan. On one hand it seems a good blue print to fight the Kitchener fighter, on the other, Vanderpool managed to walk away with a unanimous decision. "I don't know how one judge gave Fitz almost everything single round. It's retarded, but that's boxing, you can't always leave it to the judges. I thought McLellan did pretty good, he pressured him the whole time and Fitz could do is come in with one-two punches and hold him. I think McLellan got frustrated going into the later rounds, Fitz couldn't answer to any of his shots though." 
With a forty-five year old versus a fighter who has only been six once, it's hard to handicap who will have the upper hand in the later rounds. Cook feels though he only has one direction to go the later the fight goes and that's to keep going. "I'm just going to keep fighting, I've been through so much for this fight, I'm not going to stop fighting. Whatever happens, it's not going to faze me, I don't care what round it is, I'm going to have to keep breaking him down, he's old but if just keep working the body he's going to slow down for sure. 
"I'm ready for him, so there won't be any excuses."


Petryk back in action

By Lev Jackson

Dave Petryk’s boxing career has been a long, tough journey, but in-ring woes do not compare to the fighter’s journey to Canada as a child.

On Saturday, Petryk, will be in action at the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, where he faces unbeaten Gabriel Pineda (3-0-2, 1 KO) of Vancouver, Wash. Read more: 


Results from Edmonton

By Bruce Paizen

Jelena Mrdjenovich (29-9-1 14KO) avenged two earlier losses and managed a 58-55, 57-56, 58-55 win over Melissa Hernandez (18-4-3 6KO) in a shortened bloodbath in Edmonton Friday night. Mrdjenovich was cut by headbutt in round two and made it to round six before the ringside physician advised referee Len Koivisto to call a halt to the action. The Edmonton fighter reclaims the WBC featherweight belt after completing her fifth career trilogy.

Mrdjenovich had originally lost to Hernandez by split decision in 2011 and again in her last fight last September, both fight taking place in Edmonton.

Calgary welterweight Steve Claggett made the trip north to Edmonton where he lost a narrow split-decision last time out. This time Claggett decided matters on his own and scored a KO victory over Paul Bzdel at 2:47 of the third round. Claggett scored with a left hook to the body to finish things, saying afterwards, "That's my money shot." Claggett moves to 16-2-1 (11KO) with the impressive victory while Bzdel falls to 4-3-1.

Edmonton cruiserweight Paul MacKenzie (4-0-1 2KO) remained undefeated with a 40-36, 39-37, 39-37 decision over Ty McDougall (2-4-1).

The pro debut of Ryan Brigham did not go well as lightweight Cam O'Connell (3-0-1 2KO) had a short night with the action being stopped at 1:59 of the opening round.

Vanessa Bradford (3-0-1) remained undefeated and scored a 40-36 victory from all three judges over Brandy Badry (1-5) in an all-Edmonton battle of super-featherweights.

Ryan Moiner made his pro debut a successful one as he made short work of perennial victim Dave McQuaker (1-9-1) who who remains winless since his pro debut in 2009. The 39 year-old McQuaker has been stopped in all nine of his losses, never making it out of second round and now being stopped in the first seven times. Moiner was able to end things at 2:25 of the opening stanza with a body shot.

Saskatchewan's Gary Kopas scored his first Edmonton win in four tries with a 40-36, 39-37, 38-38 majority decision win over hometown fighter Max Gagne (2-2-1).


Claggett aims to rebound Friday

By Bruce Paizen

2012 was the Year of the Dragon on the Chinese horoscope – a year in which Steve “The Dragon” Claggett (15-2-1 10KO) went 3-0 with 3 knockouts. Now, as we approach the halfway point of the year, look for Claggett to strike quickly in this the Year of the Snake.

Look for the super-lightweight to rebound from his narrow split-decision loss with a rapid combination of Alberta fights starting this Friday in Edmonton. Claggett aims to pick up what he started when he first turned pro – to be a world champion.

It hasn’t been the most auspicious year of Claggett’s career thus far, but observers of his last fight against talented Frenchman Alex Lepelley feel that he was the deserving victor that night. It was in Edmonton where Team Claggett will return Friday May 31 to face Paul Bzdel (4-2-1). Claggett took the time to respond to a few questions from Fightnews Canada about Bzdel, the June homecoming in Calgary, and his designs on the future. Click here to see everything Steve had to say

Full Report

Onolunose wins Cdn. Title

By Bruce Paizen at ringside
Photo by Guhdar Ali

Having met twice before in the amateurs, the bout between Michael “Flash” Walchuk and Albert “The Punisher” Onolunose for the Canadian Middleweight title was one of mutual respect. In this crossroads match, Onolunose, now 21(7)-1-0, earned a hard fought victory over Walchuk, who now falls to 9(2)-10-0. It was Walchuk’s eighth consecutive loss and for someone who beat the likes of Stephan Boyd and Larry Sharpe – both of whom would go on to win Canadian Middleweight titles – this loss was bitter. “I have a lot to think about,” said a dejected Walchuk after the fight. Onolunose won a majority decision 100-90 (Judge Brian Giesbrecht), 99-91 (Judge Laurie Mills), and 95-95 (Judge Terry Tonken). Fightnews scored it 96-94 for Onolunose. The National Championships Committee (NCC) of Canada, a member of the Commonwealth Boxing Council, the NABF and the WBC, presented the NCC Belt to crown Onolunose as the new Middleweight Canadian Champ. It was a dramatic end to a night of professional boxing that included a tribute to Ginnie Brown. Ginnie recently stepped down from her position at Bowmont Boxing Club and was presented with a gift of appreciation for her many years of service to professional and amateur boxing. 


In a tactical opening stanza punctuated by a rapid-fire exchange, Walchuk apologized for landing a blow behind the head of Onolunose – a show of sportsmanship that would continue throughout the bout. Walchuk showed excellent footwork in round two and was able to land crisp combinations against the flat-footed Onolunose. Onolunose’s frustration grew in round three as a low blow by Onolunose at the two minute mark resulted in Walchuk taking 30 seconds to recover. When action resumed, Nigerian-born Calgarian Onolunose went on an all-out attack that brought the hometown crowd to its feet. Kitchener-born Walchuk taunted Onolunose, but was clearly on the receiving end.

The next three rounds were Walchuk’s, despite Walchuk receiving another low blow in round 5 (for which Onolunose received a final warning from referee Len Koivisto). Triple left-hook combinations by Walchuk caused Onolunose’s scowl to deepen, as Walchuk dangled his left by his waist. Walchuk had the edge in speed and seemed to be getting a second wind in round six. Onolunose was loading up and missing and this caused the plot to thicken as the hometown partisan crowd screamed encouragement to Onolunose.

It worked. Click here to continue reading



Results from Calgary

By Bruce Paizen at ringside

Albert Onolunose (21-1 7KO) won a 100-90, 99-91, 95-95 majority decision over Michael Walchuk (9-10 2KO) and is the new Canadian middleweight champion.

Sam Vargas (13-0-1 7KO) remained undefeated as he scored a 5th round TKO victory over Hungarian opponent Lajos Munkacsy (7-6-3 3KO). Time was 2:06 for the Mississauga junior middleweight who now has six stoppages in a row after scoring only one in his first eight professional fights.

Goitom Ghebrezghi (5-1 3KO) returned to action for the first time in almost 6 years as the junior middleweight hammered out a 59-55, 59-55, 58-56 decision over Ted Reno (3-6-2 0KO) as boxing returned to the Bowness Sports Plex in Calgary Alberta. The bout was the opening bout of a pro-am card featuring 6 amateur bouts and three professional fights including the Canadian championship between Albert Onolunose and Miachael Walchuk.


Weights from NY

Olivia Gerula 125.8 lbs. vs. Ronica Jeffery 126 lbs. 

interim IWBF International Women's Boxing Federation featherweight title

Venue: Westchester County Center, White Plains NY
Promoter: Dee Lee Promotions

News Flash

Super undercard for Superman card

The interesting battle preceding the much-anticipated showdown on Saturday night, June 8, between the most dangerous super middleweight, Adonis "Superman" Stevenson (20-1-0, 17 KOs), and World Boxing Council (WBC),The Ring Magazine and linear light heavyweight champion, "Bad" Chad Dawson (31-2-0, 17 KOs), features a pair of international stars adding spectacular excitement for boxing fans in attendance as well as those watching on HBO's "Boxing After Dark," live from the historic Bell Centre in Montreal.

GAMBOA VS. PEREZ - 50 Cent in Montreal
Former two-time world champion Yuriorkis "El Ciclon" Gamboa (22-0-0, 16 KOs) will be showcased in the June 8th co-feature. The 2004 Olympic gold medalist from Cuba faces another undefeated boxer, Colombian Darley Perez (28-0-0, 19 KOs), as Gamboa makes a foray into the lightweight division. Gamboa is considered one of the world's top pound-for-pound boxers, as well as one of the most exciting boxers in the world. In addition, Gamboa will be accompanied by his promoter, internationally known rapper 50 Cent.

Fast-rising light heavyweight Eleider "Storm" Alvarez (12-0-0, 8 KOs) is on his way to positioning himself for a world title shot. Already ranked No. 4 by the World Boxing Association (WBA) and No. 7 by the World Boxing Organization (WBO), the North American champion has every intention to impress as he confronts a seasoned veteran in American opponent Allan Green (32-4-0, 22 KOs), who participated in the famous international Super Six tournament. Green, who will be fighting in Quebec for his third time, fought two of the top super middleweights in the world, Andre Ward and Mikkel Kessler, in the Super Six. In his first Quebec fight, Green registered a win by unanimous decision over Sebastien Demers, and followed that in his last Canadian appearance when he knocked-out Renan St-Juste.

Power-punching middleweight David Lemieux (28-2-1, 27 KOs) remains a major attraction in any boxing event. Bright, fast and uncompromising in the ring, he quickly became a Quebec favorite and on this occasion he faces Polish fighter Robert Swierzbinski (11-1-0, 3 KOs). Lemieux will be seeking his 28th career knockout, unmatched by any active Quebec fighter.

The fight that could steal the Gala Grand Prix show finds two unbeaten heavyweights, Didier "Big Daddy" Bence (8-0-0, 2 KOs) and Eric Barrack (7-0-0, 6 KOs), in a classic confrontation between a brawler (Barrack) and boxing stylist (Bence), insuring a fight that certainly will attract attention.

Quebecers are fond of fights featuring local favorites like on June 8th when young Sébastien Bouchard (6-0-0, 2KO) is opposed by Mascouche Francesco Cotroni (7-1-0, 4 KOs).

GYM predicts a great career for former world amateur champion Artur Beterbiev, who will make his professional debut against California invader Christian Cruz (12-14-1, 10 KOs).

Finally, another rising star in professional boxing, 2008 Puerto Rico Olympian Jose "Sniper" Pedraza (12-0-0, 8 KOs), will also be fighting against an opponent to be announced shortly.

The gala June 8 boxing event is part of that weekend's Canada Formula One Grand Prix activities, providing additional entertainment alternatives for visitors to Montreal for the race, highlighted by a tremendous evening of world championship boxing the day before, at centrally-located Montreal Bell Centre area where most visitors will be staying.

The overall atmosphere in the arena will reflect the high-profile fever pitch of the most anticipated week of Montreal sports. Champagne will be on all tables, vintage decorations will serves as reminders of 1960 Detroit-designed cars, and accompanying young ladies will be dressed accordingly.

News Flash

Greg Cohen Promotions Signs Arash Usmanee


Greg Cohen Promotions is proud to announce the signing of Afghani-Canadian super featherweight contender Arash Usmanee (20-1, 10 KOs) to a promotional contract.

31-year-old Usmanee, rated #14 by the IBF, has already won the NABA and WBC Continental Americas Championships as a professional. As an amateur he was a five-time National Canadian Champion.

Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, Usmanee and his family moved to Alberta, Canada, when he was three years old. He now resides in Montreal.

Usmanee's only career defeat was a highly controversial 12-round decision to fellow contender Rances "Kid Blast" Barthelemy on January 4 of this year. Fighting in Barthelemy's adopted home of Miami, Florida, and live on ESPN Friday Night Fights, Usmanee appeared to take the fight over at the midway point and grew more dominant as the rounds wore on. However, the judges saw it another way.

Cohen will serve as promoter with Paul Keefe as manager and former world champion Eddie Mustafa Muhammad as trainer.

 "I'm looking forward to working with Team Usmanee," said GCP CEO, Greg Cohen. "Arash is clearly one of the world's best 130-lb fighters. He's aggressive and fearless and never stops coming, which always makes for a great fight. We'll be looking to move him into high-profile fights immediately."

"I'm excited about the future," said Usmanee. "Greg Cohen gets things done for his fighters, so I feel like I'm finally going to get my world title shot I always dreamed of. I just have to win the fights he gets for me. I have a great team in place and the next year is going to be a very exciting time." 


 Undefeated welterweight contender Shawn Porter (Right) lands a right hand en route to a unanimous decision victory over previously unbeaten welterweight contender Phil Lo Greco (Left) on May 18, 2013 at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey.--Photo: Rich Kane - Hoganphotos/Golden Boy Promotions




Lo Greco drops first in AC

By Kurt Wolfheimer at ringside

In a clash of unbeaten welterweights, Shawn Porter (21-0-1, 14 KOs) dropped Phil Lo Greco (25-1, 14 KOs) twice en route to a one-sided ten round unanimous decision. Lo Greco was down in rounds nine and ten. Scores 99-89, 100-88, 100-88.


 Results from Gatineau

Undefeated lightweight Ghislain Maduma (14-0 9KO) won a hard fought 99-91, 97-93, 96-94 unanimous decision over Saul Carreon (20-6-1 13KO) of Mexico as the headline event on the Eye of the Tiger promoted card held at the Lac Leamy Casino in Gatineau Quebec. Both fighters had their moments with Carreon doing damage on more than occasion with a dangerous left hand counter. Maduma definitely had the upper hand but didn't seem to capitalize enough on the things that were working for him, but he did certainly land enough right hands to carry the evening.

British super-middleweight prospect James DeGale (15-1 9KO) made short work of former world-title challenger and short notice opponent Sebastien Demers (31-6 11KO), landing with just about everything and stopping the Montreal fighter at 1:58 of the 2nd round. 110-percent wasn’t necessarily the effort level from DeGale but more his connect rate as every thrown found the target. Demers stood by like a deer in headlights, nose bloodied, doing his best to answer back but badly out-gunned. DeGale landed a crunching left that backed Demers reeling backwards and taking a knee in the corner where he wisely stayed down for the count of ten.

Jr. Lightweight Baha Laham stopped veteran southpaw Alan Paredes in the 5th round courtesy of left hook to the body. With the win Laham now sees his record improve to (12-0,5KOs), while Paredes loses his second straight by KO and falls to (15-2-1, 5KOs). The clash was a hotly contested affair with both fighters exchanging blows from the opening bell in close quarters. The 31 year old Laham seemed to overpower Paredes as the fight went on landing punishing combinations to the body and head. A slight scare occurred in the 4th round for Baha as he suffered a cut under his right eyebrow but it only temporary derailed him as he was able to knockdown Paredes in the 5thround with a left hook to the solar plexus. Paredes was counted out by referee Alain Villeneuve.

In his previous visit to Canada, 40-year-old Emiliano Cayetano (21-6 12KO) didn’t make it out of the first round against top-ten ranked Eleider Alvarez. Andrew Gardiner (8-0 4KO) seemed equally determined for an early night when the opening bell sounded, but when the Dominican fighter proved to be resilient enough to absorb the initial barrage, the Ottawa fighter got down to work and grounded out a hard earned TKO victory. Gardiner ground and pounded his way to a 3:00 5th round TKO victory in a scheduled eight when Cayetano didn’t answer the bell for the sixth. The Winnipeg fighter who now calls Ottawa home constantly attacked the body almost exclusively in the second and third and when he started bringing the attack upstairs, it wasn’t too much longer before Cayetano who had no answers for anything thrown at him, began fading quickly.

Super-middleweight Schiller Hyppolite (7-1 4KO) took his man down to end the second and finished things at 2:39 of the third round with a pair of left hands to the body and send Martin Avila (14-12 7KO) to his 10th knockout defeat and third against Canadian fighters.

After winning his pro debut in less than two minutes, light-heavyweight Pascal Villeneuve (2-0) came on like gangbusters in the opening round versus Fouad Nasri (6-7-1 1KO) who proved to be a solid foe for the duration, forcing the local fighter to the scorecards for the first time where he won 40-36 on all three scorecards.

Jr. Welterweight Tony Luis rebounded from his first career defeat and improved his record to 16-1(7KOs) by winning a 6 round unanimous decision over veteran journeyman Maurycy Gojko (21-37-2, 7KOs). All three judges scored the fight a shutout (60-54) in favor of the 25 year old. The right-handed Luis switch back and forth between the southpaw and orthodox position successfully landing numerous hooks & straight lefts. Gojko was content with pot-shotting Luis and even bloodied him a little bit in the 5th round but Luis’s overall volume punching and constant pressure allowed him to win comfortably on the cards.

Mian Hussain ((6-0) dished out punishment for the duration of his six rounder with Alessio Domarin (2-3) but was forced to the scorecards as the Italian fighter wilted but didn’t fall. Hussain was able to rock Domarin several times during the contest, particularly in the second where he landed some crunching body shots and following up nicely with flush shots upstairs. As the fight progressed, Domarin became more wary of his more powerful opponent and didn’t open nearly as much. As the neared its end, Hussain managed to knock out the mouthpiece of his opponent who then stood upright and defenceless along the ropes where it looked as if it might be stopped but instead was saved by the bell.

Zach Bunce (1-0 1KO) of Las Vegas made his pro debut a successful one as the heavyweight got action underway at the Lac Leamy Casino in Gatineau Quebec. Bunce’s opponent Donald Willis (1-3) retired on his stool at the end of the third round after being knocked down twice in the fight. Bunce newly signed to promoter Eye of the Tiger scored knockdowns at the end of the first and again midway through the third where he landed with an overhand right.

News Flash

Event cancelled, focus now on June 8

After internal discussions, InterBox and Groupe Yvon Michel (GYM) have jointly decided against promoting a boxing event on Saturday, May 25th at the Montreal Bell Centre. Preferring to wait until Lucian Bute recovers from surgery to his hand, HBO has confirmed interest in broadcasting the Bute vs. Pascal bout when the new date is known.

InterBox and the GYM Group will now focus their efforts on the Stevenson vs. Dawson WBC Light Heavyweight event on June 8th. Certain undercard bouts signed for May 25th will be presented on the June 8th card. More details to follow shortly.

InterBox holds the rights to Canada of the May 25th IBF and WBA World Super Middleweight titles Unification bout between Carl Froch and Mikkel Kessler, and will announce shortly its intentions regarding broadcast throughout Quebec.

All tickets already purchased for the Bute vs. Pascal Gala will be honored by the Bell Centre for the rescheduled date.

News Flash

Bute-Pascal postponed

Lucian Bute suffered an injury to his left hand that has forced the postponement of his May 25th bout vs. Jean Pascal. Lucian will undergo surgery this week to remove bone fragments from his hand and recovery is anticipated to take a few weeks.

Motivated like never before, Lucian Bute was in the middle of the best training camp of his career. “I am very disappointed by this injury. I have never been in better shape. My preparation was ahead of schedule until late last week. The fans that paid high ticket prices to see me in action against Pascal deserve to see both boxers at their best. Unfortunately I would be far from my best in my present state. For my own good, I have to take the advice of my doctor and undergo this operation. I feel very sad for the fans” declared Lucian Bute.

“This situation is heartbreaking. Lucian`s preparation surpassed our objectives and now this injury will prevent him from offering his fans a great performance on May 25th. We are all very disappointed with this turn of events but the decision to go straight to surgery was the only one to be made as he could no longer use his left hand adequately in training. In the past, we made the error of not listening to the signs of distress coming from the body of an athlete. We do not want to make these same mistakes again » states head trainer Stephan Larouche.

InterBox president Jean Bedard fully supports his boxer during this difficult time. “This is very discouraging for the team. InterBox and Lucian Bute have been through a lot to offer this fight to the fans, but unfortunately injuries are a part of the sport. We made the decision to postpone the fight in the best interests of the fans and of our boxer, Lucian. We will do everything in our power so that Lucian rehabilitates from this injury as fast as possible so he can lace up the gloves against Jean Pascal”.

InterBox and Evenko will communicate the procedure for refund of purchased tickets as soon as possible.

News Flash

Stiverne's power on display against Arreola

By David Finger,

With the recent completion of Saul Alvarez’s impressive title unification fight against Austin Trout, and the upcoming Floyd Mayweather versus Robert Guerrero fight, it almost feels like the heavyweight division just doesn’t matter anymore. When was the last time that American boxing fans purchased a $50 PPV headlined by a heavyweight champion? But there’s an old adage in boxing: things can change with just one punch. And if there is ever a fighter who can change everything with one punch, it is heavyweight Bermane Stiverne. More


Rose stops Alcine in 12th

Junior UK middleweight Brian Rose (23-1-1, 7 KOs) scored a twelfth round TKO over former world champion Joachim Alcine (33-4-1, 19 KOs) on Saturday night at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool, England. A barrage of punches in round twelve by Rose lead to a referee’s stoppage. Time was :59.



Another quickie for Zewski

By Mariano A. Agmi at ringside

In a welterweight contest, Canadian prospect Mikael Zewski (18-0, 14 KOs) made short work of Daniel Sostre (11-9-1, 4 KOs), dropping the New Yorker twice in round two for a knockout. A right hand to the top of the head dropped Sostre, and a left hook to the head in the follow up barrage caught Sostre for a ten count. Time was 0:49 of round two.


Jeffrey out-brawls Spence

By Rick Scharmberg
Photo by Juan Marshall/JM Photography

“Queen” Ronica Jeffery (12-0, 1 KO) won the interim WIBA super featherweight title with a hard fought eight round unanimous decision over Natasha “The Nightmare” Spence (6-2-1, 5 KOs).

On paper, with scores of 80-72 and 79-73 (twice) in favor of Jeffrey, this bout was not close. The reality was, Ronica had to dig deep to win this one.

After three close rounds that could easily have gone the other way, Ronica seized control in round four. Boxing from the outside didn’t seem to be getting it done, so Jeffrey took it to Spence in the fourth.

Jeffrey came out fired up in round four, and went right after Spence and imposed her will. They traded shots to open the round, which set the tone for the rest of the fight. Jeffery remained inside and mauled Spence. Whenever Natasha tried to hold, Ronica kept punching.

Jeffrey’s energy and pressure started wearing Spence down, not so much by tiring her out, but by causing her punches to lose their steam.

By the eighth and final round, Jeffery was in total control. A series of right – left combinations followed by two hard lead right hands had Spence holding as the bell sounded.

Jeffrey won the traditional “Fighter of the Night” trophy with her effort.


Weights from Dover, DE

By Rick Scharmberg

Ronica Jeffery 126 vs. Natasha Spence 129

Venue: Rollins Center at Dover Downs Hotel & Casino, Dover, Delaware
Promoter: Dover Downs Hotel & Casino
Matchmaker: Nick Tiberi

Dawson Googles Stevenson

By Matt Casavant
Photo Herby Whyne

Light heavyweight champion Chad Dawson (31-2, 17KOs) is used to having to defend his title in enemy territory, however his familiarity with his next opponent, Adonis “Superman” Stevenson (20-1, 17KOs) required some investigation. “Nobody knows you, I had to Google your ass,” quipped Dawson, who clearly wasn’t amused by Stevenson’s claims that the Champion had only beaten men over 40 or when their careers were near the end.

The exchanges at the opening press conference today between the two fighters were quite entertaining and one can only hope the verbal jabs will translate into pugilistic ones when both men meet in the main event of the June 8th Boxing Grand Prix Gala, at the Bell Centre in Montreal. Although the Pascal-Bute Canadian super fight will be taking place only two weeks prior to Dawson-Stevenson, the light heavy championship clash is still expected to garner its fair share of attention as it will take place during the prestigious F1 Grand Prix weekend potentially attracting international fight fans to witness the showdown. click here to read more

Full Report

Vargas back with a bang

By Paul Salgado

Toronto’s Sammy Vargas, inactive for nearly a full year, looked impressive in out powering and out boxing Kitchener’s Julius Bunda in a battle of junior middleweights that saw Vargas sweep every round before scoring a stoppage at 1:43 of the seventh round.

Vargas’s TKO over Bundra was the featured bout of a three fight card at Toronto’s Royal York Hotel for the 2013 Shaw Festival Evening of Boxing fundraiser, now in its 28th year. The co-main event saw Tyler Asselstine score his most important career win over former world title challenger Oliver Lontchi, who was making a comeback after a two year absence. Debuting lightweight, Mohammed Abedeen, meanwhile clinched his first win with a decisive unanimous decision over James Bishop who was also making his first pro start.

Vargas, 153, merited kudos for taking on a larger, harder puncher in Bunda, 153, after such an extended period of inactivity, and while the fight was decidedly one-sided neither fighter disappointed, liberally slinging leather in an all out effort to garner a win inside the distance. The difference was Vargas’s skill and speed which were a full level higher than the willing Bunda, who had his moments but could never really keep pace with Vargas. No doubt, a jarring right hand by Vargas late in the first hampered Bunda whose legs were buckled and never fully beneath him for the rest of the fight. Vargas would launch the same punch early in the second and drop Bunda for a count of eight.

Coupling acumen with his ferocity, Vargas, 22, did not merely headhunt but showed a calculated body attack that worked to optimal effect. Showing patience, vargas let the body work take effect while alternated between flatfooted exchanges and dexterous boxing. By the third, Bundra was fighting on wobbly pins and only occasionally getting punches off with any power.

Surprisingly, almost as if to please the crowd, Vargas let Bunda back into the fight in what proved to be the best round of the night. Both men stood in centre ring and traded with Bunda landing several right hands that a notoriously cement-chinned Vargas took with equanimity. click here to read more


Results from Toronto

Junior-middleweight Samuel Vargas returned from a one year absence and remained undefeated scoring a 7th round TKO victory over Julius Bunda (5-3-2 3KO) in the headline event at the 28th annual Shaw Festival at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto. The Colombian born Vargas who calls Mississauga home has been on a tear since the only blemish occurred with a majority draw in early 2011, the fighter now has five straight stoppages after starting his career with just one in his first eight fights.

Vargas dominated the scheduled ten-rounder pretty much from the opening bell, rattling Bunda with a sweeping right hand to end the stanza. A steady diet of solid body work was served up by Vargas, slowly withering a beleaguered Bunda as the match progressed.

The Kitchener fighter looked as if he was ready to go at the end of the 6th as Vargas raked him along the ropes. The storm kept coming in the 7th with Bunda wilting under the steady barrage and under the steady barrage and unable to answer back with anything meaningful.

Rebounding from his only career loss, Tyler Asselstine (13-1 7KO) got back on the winning track with a 79-73, 78-74 79-73 unanimous decision over former world title challenger Olivier Lontchi (18-3-2 8KO) who was coming off over a two year layoff and now has three successive losses. Asselstine gets back on track and helps make up for a close split decision loss earlier this year to Baha Laham. 

Lightweight Mohammed Abedeen made his pro debut a successful one winning a decisive 40-36 unanimous decision on all three cards over James Bishop to get action underway in Toronto at the 28th annual Shaw Festival. 


Lontchi-Asselstine ready for Shaw

Tyler Asselstine looked in tremendous shape as he weighed in four-pounds heavier than opponent Oliver Lontchi ahead of their contest tonight at the 28th Annual Shaw Evening of Boxing in support of the Shaw Festival of the Arts, Fairmont Royal York, Toronto.

Rising star Asselstine weighed in at 128lbs, with former world title challenger Oliver Lontchi weighing in at 124lbs.

Asselstine is looking to bounce straight back after suffering a split decision loss against Baha Laham in his last outing. The 26-year-old Toronto featherweight boasts 12 wins with seven knockouts and only the single defeat on his record. But, he cannot afford to underestimate his opponent in front of his home crowd.

Montrealer Lontchi, 29, is a former world title challenger and with 18 wins, eight by knockout, two defeats with two knockouts and two draws to his name, will certainly be no pushover.

Also on the bill, Samuel Vargas weighed in at 153lbs as he prepares to take on on Julius Bunda (who also weighed in at 153lbs) over 10 rounds. Vargas has 10 wins with one draw and no defeats to his name and will be looking to make it win number 11.

But, he meets one of the hardest punchers in the division with Bunda, who, despite a record of just five wins with two defeats and two draws, will certainly be a stern test.

The fights take place at the 28th Annual Shaw Evening of Boxing in support of the Shaw Festival of the Arts, Fairmont Royal York, Toronto on April 9.

News Flash

Jean Oklahoma bound for May 10th

Promoters Camille Estephan, of Eye of the Tiger, and Greg Cohen, of Greg Cohen Promotions, are proud to announce they will be teaming up in association with Pitbull Promotions to present the Friday, May 10, broadcast of SHOBOX: The Next Generation emanating from the Buffalo Run Casino in Miami, Oklahoma.

In the night's televised main event, Montreal, Quebec, Canada's undefeated IBF #3-ranked Dierry "Dougy Style" Jean (24-0, 16 KOs) will take on Los Angeles' IBF #7-rated southpaw Cleotis "Mookie" Pendarvis (17-3-2, 6 KOs) in a 12-round IBF eliminator for the mandatory #1 spot at 140 lbs.

The two warriors will also be vying for the right to face the winner of the upcoming Lamont Peterson vs. Lucas Matthysse world title fight on May 18 in Atlantic City.

In his most recent fight, NABF champion Jean stopped Mexican Juan Jesus Rivera in the second round last February in Gatineau, Québec. Pendarvis was last seen beating long-time top contender Michael Clark by five-round technical decision last December in Los Angeles.

In the televised co-feature, undefeated Newark, New Jersey, middleweight John "Apollo Kidd" Thompson (11-0, 4 KOs) will face Georgia via Nassau, Bahamas' also undefeated Taureano Johnson (14-0, 10 KOs) in an eight-rounder between up-and-coming prospects.

"I could not be happier to be working with Camille, one of the most intelligent professional people I've ever encountered in the boxing world," said Greg Cohen. "It's a delight to work with him and Dierry, who I believe will be boxing's next superstar. I'm very grateful to be part of this team."


Martel storms back
Rises from canvas to win CPBC Title

Heavyweight Eric Martel got of to slow start but managed redemption against Ray Olubowale with a sixth round TKO victory in Calgary last night. After dropping three fights in a row, the Quebec City fighter was in major need of an impressive performance and certainly got it against the man who stopped him one year ago at the same “Fight for Kids” event that is held annually in Calgary.

“It was a good fight,” Martel’s trainer Francois Duguay told FightNews, “We lost the first two rounds for sure. Eric came back in the third we were leading the whole round, we were shaking him from one side and then the other and then Ray caught him right in the middle with the right hand and Eric dropped.”

It looked as if “Big” Ray was going to have no trouble defending his CPBC Title for the second time but the setback proved to be only momentary for Martel who managed to turn around the fight for good in the fourth.

“He really wanted this fight,” said Duguay, “He works with juveniles and they look towards him as a role model. He tells them everyday not to give up on their dreams and his dream was to be Canadian champion so he had to back up his word. He was really focused on winning that fight.”

When asked what helped turn the fight around, Duguay answered with one of the oldest adages and most basic instructions in boxing, “Protect yourself at all times.”
“The main problems was that any time the referee ordered ‘break’ or ‘stop,’ Eric was stepping back with his hands low and Ray was catching him every time. He was getting caught for nothing. He made the adjustment and everything was okay after that.

“Eric was in top shape for this one, he had a good preparation for ten weeks. Last time he had a few problems with his life in general but this time he was completely focused. He was listening in the corner, we watched a lot of videos and the plan was to stick to the game plan, he hurt him a couple of times but instead of going wild he was calm and chose his punches well.”

After a bouncing back and winning the fourth and fifth, Martel managed to close the show for good in the sixth. “We won them clearly and were winning the sixth clearly as well when he went down. He got back up but he jumped right back on him again and had Ray on the ropes with his head outside the ring and another count. He jumped in one more time and the referee was forced to stop the fight.

“The more the fight was going on, the more you could see that Eric was in top shape. He wasn’t breathing hard, he was perfect, in top condition. With Ray you tell his energy was coming down every round, so we were closing in every round.”

With both sides each holding a knockout victory, expect too see Martel-Olubowale III, possibly at this time next year. “Ray asked me that in the ring and I promised him we would give him a rematch.”

Martel wasn’t the only one who exacted out revenge Thursday. Michelle Nelson also got her revenge as she managed to turn the tables on Peggy Maerz and winning a ten round decision. Nelson had lost a six round majority decision last year but took full advantage of the full ten rounds in capturing the vacant CPBC bantamweight belt. Reports were that it was a real good fight lots of action with Maerz taking the lead from the bell, but after the 4th it was all Nelson. Maerz now holds a 2-1 lead in what is now a trilogy between the two.


Dan scores on Broadway

By Arvin Nundloll at ringside

Welterweight Ionut “Jo Jo” Dan (31-2-0) battled to a points victory over Damian Frias (19-7-1) in a close but scrappy bout, winning via unanimous decision over 8 rounds on Thursday night at the Roseland Ballrom in New York City. The judges all gave the fight to Dan, scoring it 76-75, 78-73 and 78-73.

Dan produced a solid display of boxing prowess in the sixth round, staggering Frias multiple times before he was saved by the bell. The seventh round fared no better for Frias as Dan stalked him down and continued to unleash all manner of punches. Frias was also warned for excessive holding towards the end of the round 7. Frias saw out the final round and tried to go toe to toe with Dan in an attempt to try and take the round.


Weights from NYC 

Jo Jo Dan 147 lbs. vs. Damian Frias 148 lbs.

Venue; Roseland Ballroom
Promoter Lou DiBella


Weights from Calgary

Raymond Olubowale 264.5 lbs. vs. Eric Martel 254.5 lbs.

Peggy Maerz 114.8 lbs. vs. Michelle Nelson 114.1 lbs.

News Flash

Asselstine vs Lontchi headlines Shaw

Tyler Asselstine looks to get back to winning ways on April 9 at the 28th Annual Shaw Evening of Boxing in support of the Shaw Festival of the Arts, Fairmont Royal York, Toronto.

Rising star Asselstine takes on former world title challenger Oliver Lontchi, looking to bounce straight back after suffering a questionable split decision loss against Baha Laham in his last outing. The 26-year-old Toronto featherweight boasts 12 wins with seven knockouts and only the single defeat on his record. But, he cannot afford to underestimate his opponent in front of his home crowd.

Montreal man Lontchi, 29, is a former world title challenger and with 18 wins, eight by knockout, two defeats with two knockouts and two draws to his name, will certainly be no pushover.

Also on the bill, Samuel Vargas takes on Julius Bunda over 10 rounds for the NABA-Canada super welterweight title. Vargas has 10 wins with one draw and no defeats to his name and will be looking to make it win number 11.

 But, he meets one of the hardest punchers in the division with Bunda, who, despite a record of just five wins with two defeats and two draws, will certainly be a stern test.

The fights take place at the 28th Annual Shaw Evening of Boxing in support of the Shaw Festival of the Arts, Fairmont Royal York, Toronto on April 9.

The evening will also feature George Chuvalo as a special guest.



Frias has plan for Dan

Unheralded Cuban-born welterweight Damian “Devo” Frias (19-6-1, 10 KOs) has an opportunity this Thursday (April 4th) in New York City to turn his career around, if he can upset former NABA champion Ionut “Jo Jo” Dan Ion (30-2, 17 KOs) in an eight-round co-main event as part of the fan favorite “Broadway Boxing” at the historic Roseland Ballroom in midtown Manhattan.
Frias, fighting out of Miami, has only been boxing the past six years. He already has one major upset to his credit having defeated 21-1-1 Henry Crawford (TKO 9) in 2011.

The Romanian-born Ion, who now lives and trains in Montreal, is rated No. 5 by the WBC. Ion’s only losses as a professional have been 12-round decisions to Selcuk Aydin in a pair of WBC Silver title fights.

“I’m looking at this as the most important fight of my life,” Frias said about his showdown with Ion. “He’s rated and I want his spot. If I beat him, it won’t be like when I beat Crawford. After the Crawford fight, it was, OK, what’s next?

“I’m at a good place right now, perfect for this fight. My personal life is going very well and I’ve been in the gym training since August. If the knockout comes, great, but I’ve trained to go the full distance.”

Frias’ manager, Si Stern, believes Frias has gotten his act together and is a dangerous opponent for Ion.

“Damian is a very, very tough kid who is strong and has no fear,” Stern remarked. “He is as tough as tough can be, a gym rat who’s never been stopped. His mind is right going into this fight – physically, mentally and emotionally – unlike for some in the past. He should have a few more wins than he does but he’s fought a lot of guys on the road. This is a very important fight for him because he can turn his career around with a win.”

In his last fight, Frias lost a ten-round split decision (96-93, 92-97, 94-95) to undefeated Kazak lefthander Vitaliy Demyanenko in November.

“I felt I won that fight,” said Frias. “His promoter had his back, I don’t have a promoter. I felt I won that fight and I told him that afterwards in the ring. I was in a good fight against an undefeated guy. Ion is a strong southpaw, similar to my last opponent. This guy steps back and throws a lot of punches. I saw a couple of things he does that I plan to take advantage of. I’m up for this challenge.”


Arreola-Stiverne: Wait is almost over

By Miguel Maravilla

Chris “The Nightmare” Arreola (35-2, 30 KOs) and Bermane “B-Ware” Stiverne (22-1-1, 20 KOs) met with the media Saturday afternoon at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas to hype their April 27 showdown on a special edition of HBO Boxing Before Dark. The bout will take place at the Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, California.

“We respect each other but come fight time we will beat the shit out of each other. I feel with Bermaine’s skills and my skills it will be a Riddick Bowe-Evander Holyfield type of fight,” said Arreola.

Stiverne commented, “There is not much to say. Personally I am not much of a talker. I have been waiting for this a long time…I just want to get it done. I am frustrated but gracious if I have to wait a year. Chris is Chris, whatever he brings mine is better.”
Riverside’s Chris Arreola last fought over a year ago when he stopped Eric Molina in two rounds as he has had over a year of inactivity and is ready to step back in the ring.

“This past year sucks to be waiting especially after fighting five times the year before,” Arreola told

Both fighters are looking to make history as the winner will be the mandatory challenger for the WBC heavyweight title. “I want to be the first Mexican heavyweight to win a world title, he wants to be the first Haitian to win a heavyweight title. It will be a fight,” Arreola promised.

Arreola and Stiverne were scheduled to fight March 9 at the Hangar in Costa Mesa. However an injury suffered by Arreola postponed the fight to April 27. Now the two will finally meet as they look to bring light to the heavyweight division.

“As far as my style it all depends whatever happens in the ring. We have a good game plan but there is a way to execute,” Stiverne said.

“Styles make fights but the fact that he has fire and is motivated, that is scary. Expect combination punches and constant pressure. I know he has that Philly style so we will double up on the punches,” Arreola concluded.


Cook-Vanderpool battle of the ages

On Saturday, June 1st, at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga, Ontario, United Promotions presents a battle of the ages as undefeated 26 year-old Brandon “Bad Boy” Cook (9-0, 5 KO’s), of Ajax, Ontario faces Canadian boxing legend, former world title challenger, Fitzroy “The Whip” Vanderpool (26-7-4, 13 KO’s), of Kitchener, Ontario, for the vacant Canadian Junior Middleweight championship.

“This is a dream come true for me, and an opportunity of a lifetime,” said Cook, who turned pro in 2011, and has honed himself into a punishing boxer-puncher.

“I’ve known Fitz for years, and he actually worked my corner a few times when I was an amateur. I’ve got nothing but respect for him, but I’m coming to win and take that title home with me.”

"Fitz is so experienced,” Cook added. “So I have to be in the best shape of my life to take him deep and break him down.”

After ending a seven-year hiatus last September, the 45 year-old Vanderpool has reeled off two consecutive wins, including a ten-round unanimous decision in early March over 28 year-old Roberto McLellan in Moncton, New Brunswick to set up the showdown with Cook.

“I want that Canadian belt, and Brandon is standing in my way,” Vanderpool said.

“He’s a young, strong kid, with a chance to take down a big name like myself, and win his first title. So I know he’s going to be prepared. There’s no way I’m taking him lightly.”

“They’re hoping I’ve seen better days, and that they expose me as an old-man,” Vanderpool said, before pausing, “That’s not going to happen.”

News Flash

All-Canadian clashes featured on United card

United Promotions June 1st card in Mississauga is taking shape and it looks to be a good one. Joining newly crowned NABF cruiserweight champ Denton Daley who will be in the main event will be the ageless Fitz Vanderpool (26-7-4 13KO) of Kitchener Ontario who will attempt to become two-time Canadian champion at the age of 45 as he battles undefeated Brandon Cook (9-0 5KO) as the pair vie for the vacant junior middleweight belt. It marks the third fight back for Vanderpool who returned last September after a seven year absence and has notched two victories since including a ten round matchup last time out versus Roberto McLellan where he captured the newly created NBA middleweight belt. The move down to 154 and undefeated Cook who is almost twenty years his junior make this the biggest challenge so far for Vanderpool who first captured the Canadian belt in 1997.

Also on the card will be a heavyweight matchup between local Dillon Carman (5-1 4KO) and Sylvera Louis (4-2 1KO) of Montreal. The fight will be pivotal for both fighters as they clamor to the top of the Canadian rankings. Louis hasn’t ducked any of his Canadian counterparts and has knocked holes in a few of his rivals, including Eric Martel who suffered his loss to the heavyweight. Last time out Louis stepped up big time as he challenged fellow Montrealer and former Colombian Olympian Oscar Rivas. One judge saw Louis winning the fight in what was a split decision loss. It could be Carman bringing the power in this one; the Ontario fighter has knockouts in all but one of his wins.

Tickets range from $35-$50 and can be purchased through Ticketmaster.

News Flash

Dawson in training to face Stevenson
By Butch Gottlieb and Mary Ann Owen/
Photo: Mary Ann Owen

WBC light heavyweight champion “Bad Chad” Dawson will be defending his title on June 8th at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada against Adonis “Superman” Stevenson. Dawson was originally supposed to defend his title in a rematch against Jean Pascal but Pascal pulled out to meet fellow Canadian Lucian Bute for the NABF title. The fight has been confirmed by Dawson’s trainer, former world champion Eddie Mustafa Muhammad. “We are working hard and putting in the road work on Mt. Charleston and we are looking for a victory upon fight time,” said Mustafa. His comments on Stevenson? “Very durable. He will have to be able to take a whole lot of punishment because we are going to be dishing it out from round one until the end of the fight!”

George Chuvalo honoured at City Hall
Heavyweight George Chuvalo was honoured with  the Key to the City in Toronto during a special ceremony yesterday at City Hall. Mayor Rob Ford formally recognized Mr. Chuvalo’s extraordinary boxing career and philanthropic contributions with a Key to the City. The 75 year-old fought six world champions and never hit the canvas once in 93 professional fights.—Photo courtesy of The City of Toronto
Pascal Bute kick-off

By Dave Spencer
Photos Herby Whyne

Several hundred supporters from both camps of Jean Pascal and Lucian Bute made their way to the Bell Centre in Montreal Tuesday afternoon as the two former world champions officially kicked off the festivities for the May 25th clash that promises to galvanize the city. The pair will be fighting for Bute's NABF light heavyweight belt won last November versus Denis Grachev with substantial financial penalties if either fighter goes over the 175 pound limit. Promoter Yvon Michel talked of such fights as Frazier-Foreman and Frazier-Ali that were fought for the North American belt, but clearly the bout that will undoubtedly sell out the 22,000 available seats will transcend any title.

The bout featuring two local combatants that have been on a collision course for their entire pro careers will likely eclipse the epic 1980 "Brawl in Montreal" that attracted 46,000 to Olympic Stadium to watch Sugar Ray Leonard suffer his first setback versus Roberto Duran. But unlike the famous predecessor that brought out a definite animosity and hatred amongst the headliners in what Leonard termed psychological warfare, nothing between these modern day warriors yesterday hinted at any animosity between the two.

The only jockeying on this day between Pascal and Bute was that for the underdog position. Trainer Stephan Larouche proclaimed that it was his fighter that was worthy of the number two position but Pascal quickly countered that it should be him with the longer odds.

"This fight obviously has some historical significance," said Kery Davis of HBO who will televise the bout. "I believe this might be the biggest fight in the history of this nation. We thought that this was an opportunity that if everybody was happy, that we were certainly delighted in bringing such an event to our subscribers." Read on for what the principles had to say.

News Flash

Pascal hires Roy Jones

By Matt Casavant

Jean Pascal (27-2-1,16KOs) is making sure he is surrounded by the best team money can buy heading into his showdown versus Lucian Bute (31-1, 24KOs). Already having previously hired strength & conditioning Coach Angel Heredia, Pascal made a surprising hire once again when it was announced at the opening press conference Tuesday afternoon that former P4P king Roy Jones Jr. would be going to training camp with the rest of Pascal’s team. 

Jean Pascal’s head trainer Marc Ramsay stated that Roy had been added to the squad mostly due to his knowledge and expertise of the southpaw stance which Bute utilises. Indeed, having faced numerous left-handed fighters throughout the course of his hall of fame career Jones should be well versed in the southpaw tongue as he has faced a left-handed opponent 13 times in 64 career bouts posting a record of 9-4 in those contests. “He’s a specialist of the southpaw style, been there done for so many years. That’s a great asset for me,” claimed Pascal. continue reading

Lucian Bute and Jean Pascal went face to face this afternoon as they officially kicked off their May 25th fight to be held at the Bell Centre in Montreal and broadcast on HBO. Both fighters will make their way to the United States for their respective training camps with Pascal traveling to Las Vegas and Bute setting up shop in West Palm Beach Florida.--All Photos Herby Whyne

News Flash

Chuvalo to receive Keys to the City

George Chuvalo will receive a key to his hometown during a special ceremony at City Hall.  Tomorrow, Mayor Rob Ford will formally recognize Mr. Chuvalo’s extraordinary boxing career and philanthropic contributions with a Key to the City. 

News Flash

Fistic Film Fest

Hot Docs, North America’s largest documentary festival presents its 20th edition from April 25 – May 5 in theatres across Toronto. Among the selections are a pair of films based on boxing.

Last Woman Standing 

For years Ariane Fortin and Mary Spencer fought side by side on Canada’s national boxing team, winning championships and taking the sport by storm. But only one can be an Olympian, and now they must battle each other. 

Friday, April 26th @ 6:30 PM – TIFF BELL LIGHTBOX 3
Sunday, April 28th @ 12:30 PM – BLOOR HOT DOCS CINEMA
Friday, May 3rd @ 1:30 PM – TIFF BELL LIGHTBOX 2


Only 23, boxing champion Jean-Pierre Bauwens Junior carries the world on his shoulders. The eldest of seven siblings, four of whom suffer from autism, Junior must continue winning to secure a home and a future for his family.

Thursday May 2nd @ 6:00 PM – The ROM Theatre
Friday, May 3rd @ 1:00 PM – The ROM Theatre
Sunday May 5th @ 4:00 PM -- TIFF BELL LIGHTBOX 3


Stevenson avenges only loss in style

Fight report by Matt Casavant/Dave Spencer
Photos Herby Whyne

Adonis Stevenson (20-1 17KO) avenged his only career loss in devastating fashion from the Bell Centre in Montreal as he knocked Darnell Boone (19-21-3 8KO) out cold with a straight left at 2:43 of the sixth round. The victory sets up a scheduled bout with WBC light-heavyweight championship bout with Chad Dawson for June 8th. Boone was over matched but proved to be a tough nut to crack for Stevenson, but the powerful southpaw never stopped cracking. After having Boone down earlier in the round, a left uppercut left Boone hurt and open and the Montreal fighter made no mistake in delivering the final blow.

Patience was a virtue for Stevenson in the match, the powerful southpaw constantly delivered hard shots as Boone lay on the ropes, looking to counter with a big right hand, hoping for the dramatic homerun he scored in the first fight.

It never came. Boone circled the ring and often found himself pinned in the corner with opponent picking his punches effectively. It was one such exchange with Bonne in the corner that he went down for the first time, with Stevenson landing a hard right to the body, helping set up the definitive finish. Full gallery and report click here

News Flash

Beach camp for Bute

Boxing star Lucian Bute will host his upcoming training camp at the Palm Beach Boxing Center in Palm Beach, FL.
Bute, 33-1 (24 KO’s), is one of the biggest ticket draws in boxing and held the IBF Super Middleweight crown for more than four years. A Quebec native by way of Romania, Bute defeated unbeaten Denis Grachev for the NABF Light Heavyweight championship in front of a sold out crowd at the Bell Centre last November.
A 12,000 sq ft facility that is quickly becoming one of boxing’s hotspots, the Palm Beach Boxing Center’s held camps for world champions Devon Alexander, Cory Spinks and Nate Campbell as well as 2008 Olympian Matt Korobov. The gym’s also hosted Andre Dirrell, Kassim Ouma, Riddick Bowe, Jameel McCline and Oleg Maskaev amongst others. click here to read more


Mansour still rocking Detroit City

Saturday night at Wings Stadium in Kalamazoo, MI, promoter Greg Ahrens presented another night of boxing Windsor, Canada’s Ali Mansour needed only 51 seconds to stop Bay City’s Jackie Beard. Beard looked listless and defenseless almost from the start and now having lost badly in his last two outings should consider hanging them up. Mansour now (13-0, 8 KO’s) while Beard declines to (7-11-1, 7 KO’s). It was Mansour's fourth straight fight in the Detroit area and the fourth straight first round knockout.


Rolls extend unbeaten record

Friday night at the Ogden, Utah, Marriott Hotel Ballroom, undefeated Steve Rolls, a super-middleweight from Toronto, Canada, moved to 4-0 by stopping Simon Rucalvaba, South Lake Tahoe, Calif In the the night's co-feature in the fourth round. Rolls used a strong body attack to wear down Ruvalcaba 4-11-2.


Petryck wins in Tacoma

By Lev Jackson

It appears Vancouver’s Dave “The Peruvian Menace” Petryck’s hard luck is over; as he scored a big six round majority decision win over favored once-beaten American Virgil Green Saturday night at the Emerald Queen Casino.

At 5-foot-5, Petryck, 29, pressured his 6-foot-1 foe, putting in good body work in the first round.

From that point on it was the Canadian that carried the fight, with Green, 24, having no response for Petryck’s two punch combination; overhand right, left hook to the body. Click here to read more

Patience was a virtue for super-middleweight Adonis Stevenson Friday in his rematch against Darnell Boone. Seeking to avenge his only career loss, the powerful southpaw came up the middle with a left uppercut that had Boone virtually out on his feet and dropping both his hands, Stevenson wasted no time in following up with a monster left that Boone down and out and the hometown fighter registering his 7th stoppage in a row, dating back to the first time he met the Atlanta fighter. "He found an opening in the sixth round," said Stevenson's trainer Javan Hill. "He hadn't thrown anything up the middle the whole fight and he landed the left uppercut and being perfectly balanced he landed a straight left hand down the middle and the fight was over."--Photo Herby Whyne


 Weights from Tacoma, WA.

Virgil Green 143 vs. Dave Petryk 145

Venue: Emerald Queen, Tacoma Washington
Promoter: Halquist Production


Results from Montreal

By Matt Casavant /Dave Spencer at ringside

Adonis Stevenson (20-1 17KO) avenged his only career loss in devastating fashion from the Bell Centre in Montreal as he knocked Darnell Boone (19-21-3 8KO) out cold with a straight left at 2:43 of the sixth round. The victory sets up a scheduled bout with WBC light-heavyweight championship bout with Chad Dawson for June 8th. Boone was over matched but proved to be a tough nut to crack for Stevenson, but the powerful southpaw never stopped cracking. After having Boone down earlier in the round, a left uppercut left Boone hurt and open and the Montreal fighter made no mistake in delivering the final blow....more to come

Eleider Alvarez now (12-0,8KOs) scored an emphatic 3rd knockout victory over former sparring partner Nicholson Poulard (19-4-1,9KOs) and retains his NABO title successfully while claiming Poulard’s NABA belt. Alvarez continued his climb towards an eventual world title opportunity as he proves to be a force to be reckoned with. The pugilists started the contest cautiously in the opening round with very few punches being thrown despite the noticeable intensity of both fighters. Alvarez started to establish the pace in the 2nd round landing some right hands behind the jab but Poulard maintained an overall solid defense while trying to counter with power shots of his own. However, the power of Alvarez came through in the 3rd round as Poulard pinned to the ropes was on the receiving of a straight jab right hand combination that landed flush. Poulard collapse to the canvas for a few seconds before making it back on his feet albeit in bad shape, referee Marlon Wright deemed Poulard unfit to continue and proceeded to stop the fight at the 2:08min mark of the 3rd round. Alvarez, a Colombian native but Montreal resident may end up being the co-feature of the massive Pascal-Bute event May25th at this very same Bell Centre.

Heavyweight Didier Bence (8-0 2KO) worked his way to a hard earned 76-75, 78-73, 78-73 decision over Jonte Willis (9-5-1 3-KO) of Tacoma Washington. Technical at times, a hug fest at others, Bence was able to score a knockdown in the third with a short hook and scored a monster right hand to severely shake Willis to end the fifth. Willis had his moments earlier in the fight and had his best round in the fourth where Bence was on shaky legs a couple of times, but wasn't able to follow up.

Heavyweight prospect Hughie Fury (1-0, 1KO) made his pro debut a successful one winning by 2nd rd TKO over the veteran journeyman David Whittom now (11-20,1, 7KOs). Fury only 18 years of age, was one of the most touted amateur prospects before turning pro having won gold in the Youth World Championships as recently as this past December. Fury listed as 6’8” on boxrec, used his considerable height and reach advantage in the 1st round outboxing Whittom and keeping him at bay. Fury opened up in the second round and landed a right hand behind the jab that wobbled considerably the once iron chinned Whittom. The resident of Quebec City got up but was on shaky legs something his corner obviously noticed as they intervened and threw in the towel. Hughie Fury is trained by his father Peter and is the cousin of undefeated heavyweight contender Tyson Fury.

Undefeated Sebastien Bouchard (5-0 2KO) pounded out a four round 40-36, 39-37, 40-36 decision over Adam Grabiec (3-7) in junior-middleweight action at the Bell Centre in Montreal. After a bit of a shaky start, Bouchard was able to land his right hand with regularity and had no problem backing up his opponent. The Quebec fighter was able to pinpoint his punches and was never in danger of reprise from his overmatched opponent. 

Junior-middleweight prospect Mian Hussain improved his record to (5-0, 4KOs) by scoring a decisive 2nd rd TKO victory over opponent Basilio Silva (11-7,9KOs) who fails to go the distance for the 5th time in his career. Hussain, a southpaw, landed a few nice left hands in the first round and proved to be much stronger physically than his Dominican counterpart. The straight left found the mark in the 2nd round in even more devastating fashion knocking down Silva early in the round. The 22 year old Laval product wasted no time in attempting to finish Silva blitzing the dazed fighter which resulted in Hussain scoring a straight left as Silva was pulling back. The punch proved to be the knockout blow as Silva went down hard to the canvas with his head bouncing back off the mat forcing referee Jean-Guy Brousseau to stop the action at 1:22 minute mark of the 2nd round. Hussain is managed by Camille Estaphan and is trained by Mike Moffa.

Marc Pagcaliwangan (4-0 4KO) had a quick night as Dominican opponent Jose Fernandez (2-1) came up with an injured right hand at the end of the first round calling an end to the bantamweight bout. The previously undefeated fighter started shaking the right half way through the opening round and there was no hesitation when his corner started removing his glove when he made his way to the corner after an uneventful three minutes.


Shukoori drops debut

By Bob Caico

Pretty Girl Productions of Rochester, NY hosted a seven bout card Thursday night at the Main Street Armory with a very local flare. The main event featured talented middleweight Willie Monroe, Jr. against fellow Rochester native Russell Jordan.
In the first of five four-round contests lightweights Brandon Williams of Rochester and Ahmad Shukoori of Toronto were making their pro debuts. Williams dominated the first two rounds using his speed to score to the body and head. Shukoori came on in the third and landed several head shots to take the round. Williams didn’t disappoint his hometown as he took the last round that earned him a unanimous decision by 39-37 scores on each judge’s card.


 Stevenson comes full circle

By Dave Spencer
Photo Herby Whyne

As far as mistakes go, it was as big as you can make in boxing. And the timing? It couldn't have been worse. 

After a handful of impressive wins, an unbeaten Adonis Stevenson set off for greener pastures for fame and fortune, heading south and hooking up with American promoter Lou DiBella for his first fight on American soil.
But everything unravelled at breakneck speed for the Haitian born Montrealer in oceanside Maryland in April 2010, and despite a dominant first round in which he scored a pair of knockdowns, Stevenson was done in less then four minutes to then 16-15-2 Darnell Boone.
"I put him to sleep," said Boone Thursday in advance of tonight's here to continue reading


Weights from Montreal

Adonis Stevenson 171.8 lbs. vs. Darnell Boone 170.8 lbs.

Eleider Alvarez 174.6 lbs. vs. Nicholson Poulard 173.8 lbs.
WBO NABO light heavyweight title
NABA light heavyweight title

Didier Bence 221.6 lbs. vs. Jonte Willis 225.6 lbs.
Marc Pagcaliwangan 118 lbs.  Jose Adan Fernandez 113.2 lbs.
Mian Hussain 149 lbs. vs.  Basilio Silva 149 lbs.
Sebastien Bouchard 153.4 lbs. vs.  Adam Grabiec 152.6
Hughie Fury 234.4 lbs. vs.  David Whittom 207.8 lbs.

News Flash

Dan to meet Frias

As previously announced, DiBella Entertainment’s Broadway Boxing series returns Thursday, April 4, at Roseland Ballroom in New York City. The stacked 11-bout card will feature a number of DBE’s top young prospects and contenders including WBC #6-rated welterweight Ionut “Jo Jo” Dan Ion (30-2, 17KOs).

Fighting for the second time under the DBE banner will be the former two-time world title challenger Ion. Former NABA light welterweight champion Ion, a native of Romania, now living and training in Montreal, Canada, will square off against Damian Frias (19-6-1, 10KOs) in an eight-round welterweight showdown. Frias should be a solid opponent for Dan, the Cuban born southpaw has never been stopped and provided trouble for more than one contender. In his last fight Frias forced a split decision against 21-0 Vitaliy Demyanenko and two fights before that he stopped 21-1-1 Henry Crawford.


No positives for Cohen
Trupish promoter faced with hard decisions
Muhammad partnership likely over

By Dave Spencer

After a devastating loss to the hands of Deshon Johnson last Friday, previously undefeated junior-middleweight Adam Trupish (11-1 8KO) new promoter Mike Cohen is still taking stock of the situation moving forward.

After being on shelf close to a year, it was expected that Trupish who was headlining in Vancouver would take care of business against an opponent who had lost six in a row, albeit against a good level of opposition. Anything but happened as Trupish was knocked down in the second and never recovered before eventually being stopped in seven.

“Unfortunately I can’t take too much positive out of it,” Cohen told FightNews about the performance. “Adam was an excellent amateur and seemed like he was on his way to being a real contender. I didn’t see it with my own eyes, but from what I was told, Adam couldn’t get out of the way, from anything.” Click here to read more

News Flash

No comment on Pascal's scientist

By Dave Spencer

"The good news is that both fighters agree on any kind of testing," Lucian Bute's trainer Stephan Larouche told FightNews in regards to what drug testing will take for the upcoming May 25th bout with local rival Jean Pascal. "They're working on it right now," said the trainer in regards to what sort of testing will be mandated for the mega fight that is just over two months away.

The method of testing will be key to the credibility of any results from the two participants, particularly now that Jean Pascal has made the move to hire controversial personal trainer Angel Heredia. The present standard in drug testing according to most is either the VADA (Voluntary Anti-Doping Association) or USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency). Hereida is best known in boxing circles for "transforming" 39-year-old Juan Manuel Marquez under the assumed name Angel Hernandez. 
Marquez and his newly found ripped physique were found clean by the Nevada State Athletic Commission which does not perform Olympic style testing and does not test for EPO, synthetic testosterone or HGH. Marquez has since said that for future bouts he would want to submit to VADA style testing.
"I always try to train with the best." Pascal told Montreal newspaper La Presse "He knows his science."

After demanding Bernard Hopkins "Take the test, take the test," the former light-heavyweight champion turned around and partnered with the admitted former steroid dealer. The strength and conditioning coach is best in boxing circles for "transforming" 39-year-old Juan Manuel Marquez under the assumed name Angel Hernandez. Heredia announced the association with Pascal via Twitter, one day after the Montreal fighter signed on to face local rival Lucian Bute. 


Asked if he had any comment on the hiring, Bute's trainer Larouche simply said "No," before pausing and repeating "no".

News Flash

Fish ready to jump

The premier event promoted by Fightin' Fisherman Promotions will be making its debut May 11th in Shediac New Brunswick. The card is filled with local talent including undefeated Chris Norrad expected to defend his Canadian NABA crown, Brandon Brewer, Emile Arsenault, Troy Talbot, Pierre St-Amand, Corey Chase, and Kevin Cormier. Tickets go on sale soon and the event will be held at the Shediac Festival Arena.

News Flash

Bute & Pascal to set up shop in US

After a press conference scheduled for Tuesday of next week, both Jean Pascal and Lucian Bute will be getting down to business and making their way out of the country and setting up their respective training camps in the United States. Pascal and his team are destined for Las Vegas while Bute will be leaving the next day for West Palm Beach Florida.

News Flash

Bute-Pascal square off

Jean Pascal and Lucian Bute meet at centre ice in front of capacity crowd at the Bell Centre, the exact location they will be on the night of May 25th. The pair were introduced to Montreal hockey fans last night prior to the Buffalo Sabres meeting the Montreal Canadiens. photo courtesy of Interbox
Ticket info Bute vs. Pascal

Tickets for this much anticipated mega-fight will go on sale on Thursday, March 28th at 10 AM. Members of the Evenko Newsletter, of Club Cage, and Vidéotron employees will benefit from an exclusive pre-sale period from Tuesday, March 26th at 9 AM until Wednesday, March 27th at 10 PM.

Tickets will be on sale at the Bell Centre Ticket Office, by dialing 1-877-668-8269 or by visiting Tickets will also be available at Club de boxe Champion by calling (514) 376-0980.

Press Conference open to the public

Lucian Bute and Jean Pascal will go face-to-face for the first time on Tuesday, March 26th at 12:30 PM at the Bell Centre during the Official Press Conference to inaugurate this historic bout. This event will be open to the general public. Boxing fans across the Province will be able to witness the beginning of what is sure to be a very interesting 2 month sprint before fight night.

News Flash

It’s on: Jean collides with Pendarvis

The camps of Dierry Jean and Cleotis Pendarvis have negotiated an agreement for their IBF jr welterweight eliminator, thus averting a purse bid. The fight will take place on May 10th at a venue to be determined in the United States and will be televised on Showtime’s ShoBox series. The winner will be mandatory challenger for the winner of the May 18 Lamont Peterson vs Lucas Matthysse IBF world championship showdown in Atlantic City.


Pascal-Bute: The steaks were high

Translated with permission from La Presse/Gabriel Béland 

Montreal, March 19th 2013 – Last Thursday, the fight between Jean Pascal and Lucian Bute was on life support. Friday, it was revived. What happened during this time?

Nothing that a 2-hour steak dinner between Jean Pascal and Jean Bédard couldn’t fix.

“The fight against Bute is off”. Those were the words former Light Heavyweight World champion Jean Pascal was ready to tweet last Thursday. He wrote it out on his phone and was ready to hit the send button.

Negotiations hit a brick wall that day. Pascal was unable to reach agreement on several terms with his promoter, Yvon Michel. “There was no end in sight” remembers Pascal. Click here to read more


Boone ready to KO ‘Superman’ again

Photo: Ozzie Santiago

Upset artist Darnell Boone handed IBF #1 rated Adonis “Superman” Stevenson the only loss of his career and Boone is confident he’ll take down Stevenson again when they collide Friday night in Montreal on Wealth TV and Boone (19-20-3, 8 KOs), who scored a devastating one-punch second round TKO over Stevenson (19-1, 16 KOs) in April 2010, spoke about the fight with his hometown newspaper, the Youngstown Vindicator.

“At first, I was a little disappointed to learn that our fight would not be for the NABA title. Now, it doesn’t even bother me because after I beat him again it’s going to put me in position to achieve my goal, and that is to be a champion,” Boone commented. “It’s a great feeling and it excites me to finally get the opportunity that I have worked so hard for, all this after taking fights that I really should not have taken. I’m just going to follow and execute the game plan of my trainer and team.” Click here to read The Vindicator’s full feature story on Boone-Stevenson.

 Trupish drops first 

After an 11 month absence from the ring, a new trainer, a new promoter and a last minute change in opponent, Adam Trupish (11-1 8KO) succumbed to American Dashon Johnson (14-10-3 5KO) Friday night at the River Rock Casino in Vancouver BC at 2:22 of the 7th round. After a solid first round by Trupish who is now trained by former world champion Eddie Mustafa Muhammad in Las Vegas suffered a knockdown in the second round. After losing six in a row, all to quality opposition and all by decision, it was the window that Johnson needed to get back into the fight. Before the fateful 7th, at least one judge had the visiting fighter ahead who certainly was better than his record and had convincing win over Trupish's original opponent, Paul Mpendo. Photographer Gil Gatchalian was there to capture all the action. Click here for full photo gallery

News Flash

Pascal partners with Hernandez

By Dave Spencer

After demanding Bernard Hopkins "Take the test, take the test," former light-heavyweight champion Jean Pascal has turned around and partnered with admitted steroid dealer Angel Heredia. The strength and conditioning coach is best in boxing circles for "transforming" 39-year-old Juan Manuel Marquez under the assumed name Angel Hernandez. Heredia announced the association with Pascal via Twitter, one day after the Montreal fighter signed on to face local rival Lucian Bute.

Hernandez was implicated in supplying performance enhancing drugs to Olympian star Marion Jones and eventually turned government witness. Hernandez has steadfastly denied any wrong-doing in regards to Marquez instead stating that the fighter was able to increase his strength and power through legal substances.
Pascal had recently stated that mandatory drug testing was a prerequisite of anybody wishing to fight him. He also retweeted a post last week from Hernandez about the prohibitive cost of VADA and USADA Olympic style testing. The estimated cost of VADA testing thought to be in the $5-10,000 range per athlete for a seven week testing period. 


Walchuk drops majority decision 

Hometown favorite "Irish" Joey McCreedy celebrated St. Patrick's Day in style, winning an eight-round majority decision over Canadian-invader Michael "Flash" Walchuk in tonight's "CFC Fight Night" main event, presented by Chicago Fight Clubs Promotions, at Tsongas Center at UMass Lowell. Scores in the contest were 77-75, 76-76, 78-74.

McCreedy (14-6-2, 6 KOs), who picked-up the vacant UBF US-Northeast light heavyweight title, hurt Walchuk (9-9, 2 KOs) in the opening round with a powerful overhand right, but McCreedy suffered a cut over his right eye in the second, and worked his way through the remainder of the fight for a hard-earned victory.

"This was a 360-degree turn from my last fight in Lowell," McCreedy said after the fight. "I credit my training camp, my head trainer Dicky Eklund, strength whole team, including my promoter, manager, dad, mom and girlfriend.

"I thought I had him out in the first round. I hurt him but loaded up with right hands after that for a few rounds. Dicky settled me down, though, and I started throwing combinations."


Trupish KO'd in Vancouver

An upset in Vancouver last night as two-time Olympian and previously undefeated Adam Trupish (11-1 8KO) was stopped at 2:22 of the 7th round, losing to late substitute Dashon Johnson (14-10-3 5KO). The American snapped a six fight losing streak (all by decision) was able to score a knockdown earlier in the fight in the second round and the go on to land a decisive series of right hands over a slumped over Trupish in the 7th, forcing the referee to step in and stop the action.
Heavyweight Jamie Walton (6-4-2) had an easy time with two knockdowns of Mariusz Zastawny (0-2) and scoring a KO victory at 1:56 of the opening round. Alisah McPhee swept a five round matchup with Wendy Roy, winning 50-45 on all three cards.


Weights from Lowell, MA

Joey McCreedy (13-6-2, 6 KOs), Lowell, MA   173 lbs.

Michael Walchuk (9-8, 2 KOs), Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada  173 lbs. 

News Flash

Bute vs Pascal confirmed

InterBox and Group Yvon Michel (GYM) are extremely proud to confirm that the highly anticipated duel between Lucian Bute (31-1-0 24 KO) and Jean Pascal (27-2-1 16 KO) is now signed, sealed and delivered! This huge clash will take place on Saturday, May 25th with details such as the venue and American TV yet to be finalized.

“This fight will mark an historic moment for boxing in Canada. Emotions will be high and the memories will be engraved in the collective memory forever,” declares the president of GYM, Yvon Michel.

“This is the fight that everyone has been waiting for, even the casual fan. It was an honor to help finalize it”, states the president of InterBox, Jean Bedard. “All parties were anxious to reach an agreement and now boxing fans across the World can expect a spectacular show on May 25th,” concludes Jean Bedard.

All others details will be communicated to the public shortly including the first “face to face” between Lucian Bute and Jean Pascal as well as information regarding ticket sales.

IT'S ON!!! Bute vs Pascal!!!

News Flash

Waiting for a sign

With three of the four signatures needed to produce the ultimate Canadian mega-fight, former world champion decided to “Eat and tweet” last night instead of “Dine and sign.” Pascal reported via Twitter he has having dinner with the two principle promoters involved in a fight between himself and former IBF champion Lucian Bute scheduled, Jean Bedard and Yvon Michel. The dinner wasn’t enough to sway Pascal who is in contract negotiations with Michel just yet, instead Pascal produced a picture of a contract signed by Michel, Bedard, Bute but the spot for his own John Hancock left ominously blank and the message, “to be continued”.

News Flash

Stiverne: Arreola fight is personal

“This fight with Arreola became personal for me after the postponement,” says WBC #2 heavyweight Bermane Stiverne, who finally faces #1 Chris Arreola in a WBC eliminator after several delays. “I’ve been going back and forth for so long waiting for this fight to happen that I’m now taking this personally. Time spent with my friends and family has been taken away from me, so it’s good he and I are finally going to get it on in Southern California on April 27.”

Stiverne admits that Arreola is a tough customer, but says he’s noticed something. “I have noticed that all of his opponents seem to fight the same way. They come into the ring with great intentions before falling into his traps. They have a game plan but they seem to forget. They follow the plan for a few rounds and then they let him take over. I will not do that. I’m bringing my ax to the fight and I’m going to chop the tree down.”


Weights from Vancouver

By Lev Jackson
Adam Trupish 157 lbs. vs. Dashon Johnson 160 lbs.
Jamie Walton 202 lbs. vs. Mariusz Zastawny 209 lbs.
Alisah McPhee 124 lbs. vs. Wendy Roy 125 lbs.

News Flash

All Canadian ShoBox
Trupish looks to join Jean

An all-Canadian edition of ShoBox: The New Generation, could be on its way as undefeated Adam Trupish looks to join Dierry Jean for the May 10th edition of the program. A-Bomb will have to be successful tomorrow night in Vancouver but FightNews received confirmation of the additional Canadian content from Dierry Jean’s promoter Camille Estephan and that a location is still being worked out for the red-and-white double-bill. “Many locations are possible, we’re still in talks,” Estephan told FightNews. It is likely at this point that the show, despite its Canadian content, will land on US soil though. Estephan has talked of doing a show in New York in May in the past and one report has suggested the show will wind up in California, home of Cleotis Pendarvis who Jean is scheduled to meet. One natural spot for the fight would have been Verona New York, a favourite of Trupish promoter Greg Cohen and within driving distance of Montreal, but the Turning Stone Casino host’s country star Clint Black that night.

News Flash

Fast & Fury-ous

Look for next week’s Montreal “Fast and Furious” card to become “Fast and Fury-ous” instead. Hughie Fury, (pictured above with father Peter and cousin Tyson) is set for his pro debut on the Bell Centre card set for March 22. The 18-year-old is set to meet David Whittom (11-19-1) and will then join Cousin Tyson Fury next month in April. The younger Fury could be a fixture on future Bell Centre cards according to promoter Adam Harris of Hennessy Sports.


Trupish ready for return

By Lev Jackson/Province

Two-time Canadian Olympian Adam Trupish has faced the world’s best in 250 amateur fights. In 11 pro fights Trupish, 34, is undefeated and his new team sees a world title fight in his near future.

On Friday, Trupish (11-0, 8 KO) will be in the ring at Richmond’s River Rock Casino where he faces American Dashon Johnson (13-10, 4 KO) in a 10-round middleweight main event.

Read more

News Flash

Dan back on Broadway

On Thursday, April 4, DiBella Entertainment (DBE) will return to Roseland Ballroom for the latest installment of its Broadway Boxing series. The 11-bout card will feature a number of DBE’s top young prospects and contenders including former WBA junior middleweight champion Yuri Foreman, 29-2, 8KOs, Luis “Orlandito” Del Valle (16-1, 11KOs) and WBC #6-rated welterweight Ionut “Jo Jo” Dan Ion (30-2, 17KOs). Also appearing on the card in separate bouts will be two of 50 Cent’s fighters out of his SMS Promotions stable, Luis Olivares and Donte Strayhorn.

“Our event on April 4 is possibly the most talent-laden Broadway Boxing card we have ever staged,” stated promoter Lou DiBella. “From top to bottom, this card features an amazing array of talent including former world champion Yuri Foreman and title contenders Jo Jo Dan."

Fighting for the second time under the DBE banner will be the former two-time world title challenger Dan. The former NABA light welterweight champion Dan, a native of Romania, but now living and training in Montreal, Canada, has only two losses as a professional both coming in world title bouts to former WBC welterweight champion Selcuk Aydin. In those bouts, Dan traveled into Aydin’s backyard and put forth a great effort in two equally action-packed fights, only to come up on the wrong end of two very close decisions. Aydin went on to lose his title to 2012 “Fighter of the Year” candidate Robert Guerrero, who just recently defended his championship with a brutal 12-round unanimous decision over Andre Berto.

In his DBE debut in December of last year, Dan scored a devastating fifth-round TKO over Franklin Gonzalez. Rated as the number six welterweight in the WBA world ratings, Dan hopes to secure another title shot sometime this year. Both Dan and Del Valle’s bouts are scheduled for eight rounds against opponents TBA.

News Flash

Fury sets up camp in Lac-Leamy

Before making his much anticipated United States debut, undefeated heavyweight contender Tyson Fury (20-0, 14 KOs) has set-up training camp to sink two-time world champion Steve "USS" Cunningham (25-5, 13 KOs), north of the border at beautiful Casino Lac-Leamy in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada.

Team Fury's home-base is far from the home of this massive Irish-Manchurian but Lac-Leamy has quickly become Tyson's second home. The gorgeous facility is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, offering a premium gaming experience in Canada. On the premises is the stunning Hilton Lac-Leamy Hotel, providing five-star accommodations fit for a boxing superstar such as Fury.

Fury vs. Cunningham headlines an exciting event, co-promoted by Hennessy Sports and Main Events, on Saturday afternoon, April 20, airing live from The Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Their 12-round main event is an official International Boxing Federation (IBF) Heavyweight Voluntary Eliminator for the No. 2 position, pitting No. 8 rated Fury against the No. 12 ranked Cunningham. Also rated No, 4 by the World Boxing Council (WBC) and No. 6 by the World Boxing Organization (WBO), Fury is the reigning Irish heavyweight champion.

"I have had training camps all over the world," the charismatic Fury said, "and so far Casino Lac-Leamy ranks right at the top. I have everything at my disposal here - atmosphere, facilities, and nearby running trails - to get me in the best shape of my career for April 20."

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Jean-Pendarvis in IBF Elimination

Montreal boxer Dierry Jean took one step closer to his dream of capturing a world title with the announcement that he will be involved in an IBF title elimination bout with American Cleotis Pendarvis (17-3-2, 6KOs) ranked 7th. Jean moved to 3rd position of the International Boxing Federation world rankings in the Junior Welterweight division and he will be presented with a golden opportunity to get significantly closer to a world championship title with the fight. The IBF confirmed that #2 Denis Shafikov who announced a move down to lightweight turned down the opportunity to fight as did Pier-Olivier Cote, likely for medical reasons. Amor Khan was deemed unavailable and Victor Cayo who was knocked last week was not eligible. Jean and Pendarvis were therefore the two highest available contenders.

“We are thrilled with this news,” said president of the Eye of the Tiger Management, Camille Estephan. “Assuming he comes out victorious in this duel against Pendarvis, Dierry should be in position to face the current IBF Junior Welterweight champion, Lamont Peterson (31-1, 16KOs), in a maximum delay of 9 months. Even if the belt were to change hands before then, we have a guarantee that the mandatory challenger will have a chance to get their hands on this prestigious title in the agreed upon time limit.”

The respective promoters of both boxers will have until the 22nd of March to come to an agreement on the terms of the bout, according to the rules and guidelines set forth by the International Boxing Federation, otherwise the fight will go to a purse bid.



Interview: Cleotis “Mookie” Pendarvis
"I Just Can't Believe Dierry Jean Can Beat Me"

By James Slater

L.A’s Cleotis “Mookie” Pendarvis says he is getting ready to face unbeaten Haitian-born Canadian Dierry jean in what will be a (still to be finalised) IBF 140-pound eliminator. The tough and ultra-experienced 26-year-old (Pendarvis has sparred with everyone from Oscar De La Hoya to Antonio Margarito, from Shane Mosley to Victor Ortiz) is currently stepping up his morning roadwork to 8-miles a session and “Mookie” is absolutely chomping at the bit for his chance at the big fights.

“It looks like it’s Dierry Jean next, the negotiations have just begun,” Pendarvis (17-3-2, 6 KOs) told “I’ve seen some film of Jean, he looks like a decent fighter, who knows how to get the win. I think this fight will be a good showcase of talent. I’d prefer the fight to be in America (30-year-old Jean, 24-0 with 16 KOs) has boxed just once outside of Canada), but to be honest with you, I’ll fight him anywhere. I want this bad. I just cannot believe that he can beat me. I am the best 140-pounder in the world; I’m better than all the world champions. I’ve just got to get past Jean first, and then I will prove it. Click here to read more


McCreedy-Walchuk collide Saturday

Photo by Frank Ruggiero

Lowell boxer "Irish" Joey McCreedy held an open workout with trainer Dicky Eklund yesterday at Forever Fitness in Chelmsford to promote Saturday night's (March 16) "CFC Fight Night" professional boxing event, presented by Chicao Fight Nights Promotion, at Tsongas Center at UMass Lowell. McCreedy (13-6-2, 6 KOs) headlines the eight-fight card in the eight-round main event against Canadian-invader Michael "Flash" Walchuk (9-8, 2 KOs) for the vacant Universal Boxing Federation US-Northeast light heavyweight title.

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Pendarvis vs Jean in the works

By James Slater

Looks like unbeaten Canadian Dierry Jean (24-0, 16 KOs) will face Cleotis “Mookie” Pendarvis (17-3-2 , 6 KOs) in a final eliminator for the IBF 140 title currently held by Lamont Peterson, who is scheduled to fight Lucas Matthysse in the summer. Southpaw Pendarvis said the following about the opportunity to face the unbeaten fighter from Quebec, Montreal: “I am excited, humbled and welcoming of this eliminator fight for the mandatory position. Where I find myself today is a culmination of all my tireless years in the gym helping prepare some of the top tier talent to get ready for their fights. This is my time. I am ready. I have been ready and look forward to stepping into the spotlight. Thanks to my manager Warren Wilkerson for his continuous support and efforts on my behalf.”

Heavyweights Fury and Cooney

Tyson Fury and Gerry Cooney got together this weekend as both were guests of honour at Montreal's annual Irishman of the Year breakfast. "I would love to get with him and watch him a little bit," said Gentleman Gerry of his modern contemporary. "Most of the guys today throw punches too long....shorten everything up, step off to the right, short right hand so your body's in it. A lot more effective, you're safer, and your career is a lot longer."


Mansour still mowing them down

By Lindy Lindell at ringside
Photos: Bob Ryder

Undefeated Windsor, Canada, heavyweight Ali Mansour (12-0, easily toppled the once tough Dione Craig (4-25-1) with three knockdowns in the first, stopping things halfway through the opening stanza. It was the fourth fight and third successive first round knockout win by Mansour in less than four months since coming back from a three year hiatus.

Expect the torrid pace to continue with another Michigan matchup scheduled for March 23 and yet another for May. Mansour is in hope that a busy schedule inside the ring will get him back to where he once was and where he wants to be moving forward and possibly landing a Canadian title bout in the fall. For forty year-old Craig who once held his own in the past despite the poor record has now been stopped in three of his last four losses after making it to the scorecards in 20 of 21 losses previous.

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Heavyweights get their Irish on

Irish heavyweight’s past and present collide this weekend in as former title challenger “Gentleman” Gerry Cooney and current contender Tyson Fury will join the head table at the annual Irishman of the Year breakfast held at The Sheraton Centreville in Montreal. Fury is presently on North American shores preparing himself for April 20th IBF elimination contest with Steve Cunningham set for New York City.

The breakfast is held annually by the Erin Sports Association, established 80 years ago which each year honours a Montrealer of Irish descent that has contributed to the local community. The fundraiser hosts a 1,000 in attendance and all proceeds benefit local children’s charities.

Joining Cooney and Fury at the head table will be former hockey stars Guy Carbonneau and Ron Harris, Olympic Gold Medalist Nancy Drolet and a host of other local celebrities.

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Walchuk looks to retire McCreedy

Michael Walchuk is in a position to walk into his opponent’s backyard and retire the hometown fighter. The Saskatchewan fighter will be changing coasts next weekend, shipping off to Boston instead of his originally scheduled Canadian title match in Vancouver.

Walchuk will meet local favourite "Irish" Joey McCreedy who is overcoming a double fracture of his jaw. McCreedy has always fought in the boxing shadows of Lowell fighting icons, "Irish" Micky Ward and Dicky Eklund, but now, perhaps, he faces his toughest challenge in a crossroads fight March 16 at Tsongas Center at UMass Lowell.

"This fight is so important to me because, after my last fight, if I lose my career is done," McCreedy explained. "I want it bad and everything's on the line for me.”

McCreedy (13-6-2, 6 KOs), who is trained by Eklund, takes on Canadian-invader Michael "Flash" Walchuk (9-8, 2 KOs) in the eight-round main event for the vacant Universal Boxing Federation (UBF) US-Northeast light heavyweight title.
“I've been working hard, practically killing myself, for the past 10 weeks in camp. I don't want to look back and wonder what if, or what could have been. I've never wanted anything as bad as this fight. Weight has been a problem for me but this fight is at 175 pounds and I didn't balloon in weight after my last fight. I'm on weight now and in great shape. I'm really focused on this fight.”

"Nothing could have gone worse in my last fight. We had a bad training camp without sparring and I had to lose too much weight. Anything that could go bad did go bad. I was disappointed but can't go back and change it. There's nothing worse than losing your hometown. I really wanted to win that fight but everything happens for a reason. That's why I've worked so hard for this fight; I'm ready to rock and roll. I'm going to show everybody that I still have it. Some people look at me as a loser, that I'm washed up, all done. I'm going to show them all that they're wrong. I've been working with Dicky and sparred four weeks, eight to 10 rounds every other day with Peter Manfredo, Jr., who was working for a fight coming up. Peter taught me a lot and I'm not fighting anybody as tough as Manfredo"

Walchuk is a past Canadian middleweight title challenger who has been in against Eleider Alvarez, Nick Brinson and Vladine Biosse. "I saw him (Walchuk) fight Biosse and (Thomas) Falowo," McCreedy added. "He's a tough kid who comes forward and fights. I'm not judging anybody, I learned that lesson the hard way. I'll be ready. I know that I can't lose this fight."

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Trupish to meet Johnson

By Lev Jackson

An opponent change for undefeated  junior middleweight Adam Trupish (11-0 8KO) who returns to action next week at Vancouver's River Rock Casino after an 11 month absence. Out is Paul Mpendo and in is Dashon Johnson (13-10-3 4KO) of California who despite his rather pedestrian record will be a step-up for Trupish over his original foe. Johnson in fact has a decisive decision win over Mpendo in 2010 and has been in training camp with Timothy Bradley. The California fighter has certainly not had it easy of late, losing his last six in a row, the record of his opponent's in those six losses is a combined 74-5-2, with five of the six being undefeated or having just a single defeat. Not making it any easier for the visiting fighter will be that the contest will be fought at the middleweight limit of 160 pounds, far above the welterweight limit he was fighting at just one year ago.


Weights from Detroit

Weights and photos by Bob Ryder

Ali Mansour 252.4 lbs vs Dione Craig 248 lbs

Promoter: Greg Ahrens
Matchmaker: Carlos Llinas
Tickets:,, Sound Board at Motor City Casino Hotel Box Office
First Bell: 7:30 PM


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Stiverne-Arreola rescheduled for April 27

By Dave Spencer 

Montreal’s Eye Of The Tiger Management, manager of heavyweight contender Bermane Stiverne, has announced that Stiverne’s WBC elimination showdown with Chris Arreola is back on for April 27 at a site to be announced. Arreola pulled out of their March 9 citing bronchitis.

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Daley earns Hall pass
Goes 10 for NABF

By  Heather McIssac and Paul Salgado at ringside

“Dangerous” Denton Daley (9-0 5KO) surprised fans when he took this exciting bout the full ten rounds, but there were no surprise when the judges scorecards were read, all 100-90 for Daley who handily controlled Jamaican born Richard Hall (30-12 28KO) the entire fight.

Daley captured the vacant NABF cruiserweight title with the victory, going past six rounds for the first time. For 41 year-old Hall, it marked the fourth loss in a row. click here for full report

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Rose to face ex-champ Alcine

British jr middleweight beltholder Brian Rose (22-1-1, 6 KOs) will face former WBA champion Joachim Alcine (33-3-1, 19 KOs) on April 20 at the Blackpool Winter Gardens in Blackpool, England. Rose said today that he’s ready to step up from the British scene as he hunts World honours and the 28 year old is excited about facing Alcine in front of his home fans. “Anything put in front of me I’ll take and I’m ready for the next chapter,” said Rose. “I want to step on from British level up to World level and we’ll see if I’m ready for that against Alcine. I think I am and so do the team so lets’ do it. “I’m over the moon to land this fight and to get it at home is even better. I get great support in Blackpool and I hope they all turn up on April 20 for a great night.”

Ibrahim Kamal


Results from Toronto
Daley goes 10 for NABF
By Paul Salgado and Heather McIssac at ringside

It was a clean sweep of the scorecards for undefeated cruiserweight Denton Daley (9-0 5KO) who posted three identical 100-90 markers over veteran Richard Hall (30-12 28KO) and capturing the NABF title in the process. It was the first time past six rounds for Daley who remained in control throughout. For 41 year-old Hall, it marked the fourth loss in a row.

Ghislain Maduma (13-0 9KO) remained perfect as the lightweight scored a stoppage win over Josafat Perez (13-5-1 8KO) at :29 of the 10th and final round. A left hook to the body ended things for the Montreal fighter Maduma over Perez who was spent and had nothing left. Maduma captures the vacant WBC Continental Americas title with the victory.

Cruiserweight Chukwunoso Okafor (3-1-1 1KO) suffered his first career defeat losing a 39-37, 39-37, 39-38 decision to the hands of Benito Quiroz (8-2 7KO). It was the first win by decision for Quiroz who was visiting Toronto for the third time. 39 year-old Quiroz has performed well in the Ontario Capital, scoring a TKO win in 2008 and being one of the few to push undefeated Denton Daley to the scorecards.

Welterweight Junmar Emon (5-1 1KO) won a split decision over Jeremy Abbott (3-4 2KO). Emon who had a January jaunt to the Dominican Republic in January where he won a pair of fights in ten days is now 3-0 for the year.


 Daley looking to pass Hall

By Dave Spencer
Photo Dani Graham

Monday marks the beginning of the work week for most, and for undefeated Denton Daley (8-0 5KO), his workday is expected to be busier than most to start the week as the cruiserweight prospect battles Richard Hall (30-11 28KO) for the vacant NABF title at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Toronto tonight. "I know it's Monday which is weird, but today is feeling just like a Friday for me, and tomorrow will feel like Saturday." Daley told FightNews about the rare Monday night clash put on by Bullion Boxing that is part convention and part fundraiser. The four bout card is an annual affair put on as part of a national miners convention held in the Ontario Capital and raises money for "Right to Play", a charity centred around underprivileged youth in Africa.

It is a step up for thirty year-old Daley who has been moving through the ranks quickly since turning pro three years ago and fights for his first championship title belt. "I'm very glad of the opportunity for sure," said Daley about his first scheduled ten-rounder. "The Canadian title is still something I want to pursue just by the fact that I'm Canadian and for as long as I've been involved in boxing, it would be an accomplishment for me, but the NABF certainly has a bit more prestige means a lot more on a bigger scale so I'm definitely glad to fight for this opportunity." click here to continue reading

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Kamal robbed of KO Victory

By all accounts it was the perfect knockout. Thirty seconds into the second round and Elvis Ramirez (5-4) was down and left the building. But last night's win by Ibrahim Kamal (8-0 6KO) in Nicaragua win has been changed to a no contest. Some good investigation by Phil St Martin of Boxrec revealed the change by local authorities and was the one who broke the news to Kamal's wife/manager. Apparently what passes for the local authority found "sugar water" which was deemed illegal and the result changed. The result of No Contest was already up and posted before Kamal had a chance to post to his Facebook page of his victory against the local fighter in what what was only the second time fighting outside of Canada. The charge of "sugar water" was one that denied and something that never ever done by the fighter.


Claggett drops decision

The return trip north to the Alberta Provincial Capital of Edmonton proved to costly one for Calgary super-lightweight Steve Claggett (15-2-1 10KO) who dropped a 77-75, 75-77, 77-75 split decision to the hands of Alexandre Lepelley (11-1-1 3KO) of France who by all reports came to fight made out better than what the scorecards indicated. Claggett who now trains out of Las Vegas was returning to Edmonton and the scene of his first 7 professional fights, the Shaw Conference Centre. The 23 year-old Calgary fighter had rebounded nicely with four wins in the last two years since his only professional loss in a road trip to the Philippines in 2011.

Providing main support for Claggett on the KO Boxing promoted card was light-heavyweight Steve Franjic (10-0-1 6KO) who remained undefeated with a 80-72, 80-72, 79-73 whitewash over light-hitting Gabriel Lecrosnier (14-18-2 1KO) of France.
Rob Nichols (6-1 4KO) handed Jarred Kilkenny (4-1-2) his first loss stopping the heavyweight at 2:46 of the second round. Lightweight Suki Keo (2-0 2KO) did the same thing as he did in pro debut and stopped Dave McQuaker (1-8-1). It took one round longer this time as Keo scored a pair of knockdowns with body shots and ending things at 2:47 of the second round McQuaker has now been stopped eight times in his eight losses, all inside two rounds. Ty McDougall scored a 39-37, 39-37, 38-38 majority decision over Gary Kopas in light-heavy action and Simon Shirt lasted just 24 seconds in his pro debut succumbing to a shoulder injury and making Max Gagne (2-1-1) a winner.


 Kamal scores KO in Nicaragua

Ibrahim "Firearm" Kamal (9-0 7KO) has told fans via Facebook that he posted a 2nd round KO victory over Elvis Ramirez (5-5) in Nicaragua Saturday night.


Vanderpool wins in Moncton

Fitz Vanderpool (26-7-4 13KO) scored a 96-94, 97-93, 99-91 
unanimous decision over Roberto McLellan (6-2-1 3KO) Saturday night at the Lion's Club in Moncton New Brunswick. A former Canadian welterweight champion, Vanderpool now 45 was fighting at middleweight in his second contest after a 7 year absence from the ring. He takes home the relatively new NBA Canadian belt. McLellan who replaced his injured brother Stuart in the contest did some good body work throughout what was a close contest but apparently did little to catch the judges' eyes, particularly the absurd 99-91 tally. 

Also winning on the night was junior-middleweight Frank Cotroni (7-1 4KO) of Montreal who banged out a 97-93, 99-91, 99-91 decision over Rory Coveney (10-2 4KO) of Edmonton. Cotroni did some solid body work along the way coupling a heavy right hand with active ring movement winning a fight that was well deserved but closer than the scorecards indicated. 
Cotroni's stable-mate Glisandy Mejia (3-2 2KO) didn't fare nearly as well as the Montreal based fighter was a victim of a solid knockout via hometown fighter middleweight Brandon Brewer (6-0-1 3KO). After a fairly close first round where Brewer was turned southpaw, the Moncton fighter pushed the action in the second and did some solid body work that paid huge dividends as the round ended. Mejia lay on the ropes with his hands down and Brewer pounced on the opportunity, scoring the KO win at 2:56 of the second round.
Cruiserweight Frank White (8-7-2 5KO) returned to the win column as the former Canadian champion dominated Sandy Robb (9-1-1 5KO) with a 80-72, 80-72, 80-73 decision. White who hadn't won since 2009 worked well and never let Scottish born Robb to get off on his punches.
Things didn't go so well for another former Canadian champion, 50 year-old Ron Savoie (7-8-3 4KO) who has been on the comeback trail since 2011 after a 13 year absence. The former Canadian Super-middleweight Champion of 1995, was 1-1-2 since lacing them up again and was trying to avenge a draw he had against Ron Maillet Jr. (2-5-1) last time out. Maillet landed some big shots along the way but didn't have the power or wherewithal to do any telling damage along the way. Maillet who was 21 years younger scored a narrow 77-76, 77-75, 78-74 in a close fight.
In the opening bout of the evening, light-heavyweight Marshall Norrad scored big with a left hand counter and Denis Martin down to his knees for a count of ten at the 1:55 mark of the opening round.


Weights from Moncton

Roberto McLellan 157.8 lbs. vs Fitz Vanderpool 158.8 lbs.

Rory Coveney 153.6 Frank Cotroni 153.8 lbs.

Sandy Robb 195.2 lbs. Frank White 194.4 lbs.

Ron Savoie 153.2 lbs. vs Marcel Maillet 151.8 lbs.

Brandon Brewer 159 lbs. vs. Glisandy Mejia 159 lbs

Denis Martin 174 lbs. vs Marshall Norrad 170.8 lbs.


Daley fights Monday for NABF
Boxer goes for Gold in Bullion Event

By Dave Spencer @fightnewsCanada

Undefeated Denton Daley (8-0 5KO) continues his ascent in the cruiserweight ranks in a rare Monday night card at the Ritz Carlton ballroom in Toronto Ontario. The 30 year-old Daley will be competing for his first title belt as he battles veteran former WBA (interim) champion Richard Hall for the vacant NABF title.

The four bout card will be the second annual show put on by Bullion Boxing that helps raise money for “Right to Play”, a charity that supports children in third world countries and gives them the chance to enjoy and participate in sports. click here to continue reading


 Canadian clashes in Lion's Den
Young-old, Near-Far featured on Moncton card

By Dave Spencer

Brothers replacing brothers, 50 year-old former Canadian champions, five of ten Canadian provinces represented and a undefeated displaced Scot who can't isn't allowed to fight in his home country. Saturday's card at the Lion's Club in Moncton New Brunswick certainly has a little of everything including six evenly matched and competitive bouts.

The main event features 45-year old former Canadian welterweight champion Fitz Vanderpool (25-7-4 13KO) in his second fight into a final curtain call after a seven year retirement in a career that ended in three successive knockout defeats to world-class opponents. Vanderpool's opponent will be one of William's Lake BC McLellan brothers, although not the one who he originally signed on for. Vanderpool will be fighting Roberto McLellan (6-1-1 3KO) after older brother and original opponent Stuart had to bow out due to injury. click here to continue reading

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Cave for NABA

Halifax Herald is reporting this morning that Canadian super-bantamweight champion Tyson Cave (19-2 5KO) finally has a date and an opponent finalized for his next fight. After a pair of dates fell through, Cave is now set to face-off against veteran Jose Saez (22-14-6 12KO) of Argentina on April 20 at World Trade and Convention Centre in Halifax. It will be the third visit for the Argentine fighter who pushed both Steve Molitor and Baha Laham the distance. Up for grabs will be the vacant NABA super-bantamweight belt. Click here for complete Herald story.


Cotroni ready for east bound & pound

By Dave Spencer

They've shared the stage together once before, appearing on the same show in Montreal, but for the most part both Frank Cotroni (6-1 4KO) of Montreal and Rory Coveney(10-1 4KO) are fighters that have enjoyed the amenities of home whenever they have laced on the gloves. Both junior-middleweights will be brought out of that comfort zone Saturday night as both are heading east to meet each other in Moncton New Brunswick in a Last Round Boxer card. "The way I see it is it's East versus West," Cotroni told FightNews shortly before packing up and heading east where he will meet Coveney as part of a six bout card at the Moncton Lions Club. "He's from the West, I'm from the East, that the way I see it. We got to keep that belt on the east side."

While the Montreal fighter makes a good case for himself, he is still far from a local and will have to battle inside the ring not only for supremacy inside the ring but for fan support outside it. If he is anything resembling the fighter who has has amassed 6 wins in a year-and-a-half since turning pro, he should be able to make a good case for himself. continue reading

News & Notes

News & Notes

Jean Pascal has once again returned to Las Vegas for the second time in a month to get some work in under the tutelage of trainer Roger Mayweather. While it is not 100% who the former WBC champion will be facing in May, Chad Dawson or Lucian Bute, don’t read too much into the Vegas junkets at this point. Pascal will be with long time trainer Marc Ramsay once the bell rings on May 25th. At this point training camp hasn’t actually opened and the former champ who again is coming off injury is just getting some work in.

Pascal is not the Montreal boxer renewing recent acquaintances inside a faraway ring. Number one ranked (IBF) Adonis Stevenson is presently in Detroit training at the Kronk and sharing the squared circle with Donovan George. Both fighters return March 22 in their respective home towns. Stevenson who stopped George in the final round last time out will be trying to correct the only black mark on his record in battling Darnell Boone while George who is making a move to middleweight will be in against former title challenger David Lopez in Chicago.

Co-featured on the Stevenson card will be an all-Montreal match-up between Eleider Alvarez (11-0 7KO) and Nicholson Poulard. Poulard (19-3) was supposed to have originally appeared in Chicago on the same date and has been the source of lot of speculation since his win over then undefeated Lionell Thompson but so far has not had any big fights materialize. A win over undefeated Alvarez would be huge for the 35 year-old. Alvarez meanwhile has had a tough time finding people to face of late. Trainer Marc Ramsay explained, “Everybody says yes and after they watch tapes I get a call the next day saying they can’t make it. Right now it is difficult because the level of opponent we need just say no or price themselves out of contention.”
Others on the card will be Didier Bence Mikael Gadbois, Sébastien Bouchard, Marc Pagcaliwangan and Mian Hussain.


Return of The Dragon

Fast rising Chinese-Canadian welterweight prospect Steve 'The Dragon' Claggett (15-1-1, 10 KOs) will fight in his home province of Alberta, Canada for the first time in nearly a year this Saturday, March 2nd when he faces once beaten Alexandre Lepelley (10-1-1, 3 KOs) of France. The bout will take place at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton as the main event of KO Boxing's "Triple Threat" card. It will mark the 2013 debut for 23-year old Claggett who has spent a year as a permanent fixture at Las Vegas's renowned Mayweather Boxing Club.

"My time down here in Vegas has done so much for me," Claggett said this week. "Not just as a fighter but as a person. I've grown a lot. I've had the chance to train with guys that I used to watch and idolize when I was younger. I've constantly upped my level of training over and over and I'm still going up. Coming to train in Vegas was the best decision I could've made for my career. The Mayweather Gym is awesome, filled with good people and friends, and it feels like home now."

While Boxing is booming in Eastern Canada, Claggett grew up learning his craft with long-time coach and friend Eric de Guzman of Teofista Stables in Calgary, Alberta, some three thousand kilometers from the pugilistic hotbed of Montreal. In 2012, instead of looking east, the young Canuck packed up and moved south of the border to Las Vegas where he immediately began to turn heads at what has quickly become one of the most well known boxing gyms in the world.

"He's not like the typical Canadian fighters that I've seen," ace trainer Roger Mayweather said of the young Canadian. "He's got some slickness to him. I know because I've seen him spar some top guys down here and he's done very well."

The culture at the gym has done wonders for Claggett who routinely spends months at a time working with and training alongside some of the best fighters in the world. Under the watchful eye of veteran trainer Tony Martin, Claggett has spent months sparring five time world champion Zab Judah who now seeks him out as his primary sparring partner when preparing for a fight.

Celestino Caballero, Jessie Vargas, Urbano Antillon and Kofi Jantuah are just a few more of the name Claggett has spent a great deal of time locking horns with in his time spent maturing south of the border. World champions and top contenders are just part of the crowd at the Las Vegas stronghold, but none compare to aura and example set by the gym's owner and most famous resident.

"I've sparred in front of Floyd," Claggett said. "I was sparring a Commonwealth Champion and when I climbed out of the ring at the end he said 'Great work'. The pressure that comes with that kind of audience is similar to being in a real fight but at the end of the day it has helped me become more and more calm come fight night."

The proof has been in the pudding, and the hard work and dedication has already began to payoff. In his last outing on Oct. 19, 2012, Claggett took a step up and accepted the biggest fight of his life coming in as the opponent to highly touted southern California welterweight Ricky Duenas in his hometown of Ontario, just outside Los Angeles. The once-beaten knockout artist was being courted by Thompson Promotions and was a heavy favorite going into the bout against Claggett, who many of the Los Angeles area fans and media were unfamiliar with.

Duenas caught Claggett in the first round with a shot that knocked him down for the first time in his life, but the Canadian showed great poise and heart to rise and come roaring back. In the second the Canadian flattened the local fighter with a huge right hand and completely took over the fight. Claggett punished Duenas for two more rounds, decking him in the fourth with another plumb of a right that ultimately caused the hometown corner to throw in the towel.

The win really put the Canadian on the map as nearly every major boxing media outlet was on hand to praise the surprise winner of that evening's main event.

Claggett spent the duration of 2012 working in Las Vegas, and in the new year returned to camp with Zab Judah as he began to prepare for his (now postponed) bout with Danny Garcia.

When the opportunity to return home to Alberta came up, Claggett jumped on it.

"Coming home is always fun," he said. "Things change and I've been away for a while but sacrifice is part of the plan. Everyone coming to the fight in Edmonton on March 2 should expect a whole new fighter. I'm going to showcase new skills, more speed, better defense and my power has really developed in the last year. I feel like I'm representing the Mayweather Boxing Club so I'm coming to win. Nothing but that result is acceptable."

Promoted by KO Boxing, "Triple Threat" is scheduled for Saturday, March 2nd, 2013 at 07:00 p.m. MST at the Shaw Conference Centre (9797 Jasper Ave. NW) in Edmonton, Canada. The card is also set to feature fast rising Canadian light heavyweight Steve Franjic and local favorite Suki Keo in addition to several other exciting western Canadian fighters.

News Flash

Arreola-Stiverne postponed again

Yet another 2013 boxing postponement. Heavyweight Chris Arreola has reportedly pulled out of the March 9 WBC eliminator against Bermane Stiverne citing to bronchitis. The bout will be rescheduled for the third time. Time is ticking away for both combatants, Stiverne defeated fought Ray Austin in June of 2011 in what was supposed to have been a WBC elimination fight, he’s been on the shelf since with just one stay-busy fight versus 13-10 Willie Herring last April. Meanwhile it has been more than a year for Arreola who had under three minutes work last February in a knockout victory.


Park drops first

By Mariano A. Agmi at ringside

In a female bout Thursday night at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City, Brooklyn flyweight Keisher McLeod (6-2, 1 KO) won a workwomanlike 6 round unanimous decision over Jacqueline Park (1-1) of Burlington Ontario. Scores were 59-55, 58-56 (2x).

News Flash

Abregu-Decarie on April 27 in Argentina

By Gabriel F. Cordero

Welterweight contender Carlos Abregu (34-1, 28 KOs) will face fellow contender Antonin Decarie (27-1, 8 KOs) on April 27 at Velez Sarsfield Stadium in Argentina on the card headlined by Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez and Martin Murray for the WBC middleweight crown.
Abregu, who upset top rated Thomas Dulorme in his last fight, is the reigning WBC International and South American champion. The event will be broadcast on HBO.

News Flash

Fonfara-Poulard ESPN2 showdown cancelled

By Przemek Garczarczyk

Current IBO light heavyweight champion Andrzej Fonfara (23-2, 13 KO) will not fighting Canada’s Nicholson Poulard (19-3, 9 KO), older brother of former champion Jean Pascal, on March 22 on ESPN2 “Friday Night Fights” event because of a renewed hand injury. “(Fonfara) has evidence of post traumatic carpal boss, likely due to a fracture of the base of the middle metacarpal that has not completely healed,” wrote Dr Terry R. Light. Best case scenario for the “Polish Prince” will be a four week break from training if the symptoms respond to steroid injections, worst will be approximately a three to six month break, if the right hand of the IBO champ will need surgery. “Andrew’s health is our number one priority. He’s just 25 years old, and he will step into ring only being 100 percent healthy to be ready to defend his title and fight for all the belts in light heavyweight division,” said Team Fonfara spokesman Max Fonfara. The “Polish Prince” has won 10 of last 11 fights by KO – most of his KO’s were a product of his right hand power


Weights from New York City

Keisher McLeod-Wells 109 vs. Jacqueline Park 110

Venue: Roseland Ballroom, New York City
Promoter: DiBella Entertainment


Time is right for Bute-Pascal

By Dave Spencer

After years of jabs and verbal sparring, it looks like the largest fight in Canadian history between domestic rivals Lucian Bute and Jean Pascal is now imminent, if not immediate. With both fighters approaching the back nine of illustrious careers, it has been decided that now is the time that both freight trains will finally collide inside the ring. Both are former world champions one fight removed from losing their titles and both had mediocre results in what were supposed to be comeback or tune-up fights.

“This fight is bigger than any belt,” Bute’s trainer Stephan Larouche told FightNews about the matchup. “To tell you how big the fight is, we had ESPN here for Stephane Ouellet and Davey Hilton (referring to the 1998 tilt that sold out the Bell Centre), now we’re moving to HBO so it gives you the kind of credibility that’s behind that fight.”

Pascal’s promoter Yvon Michel said the deal for the bout is already in place and will know in the next few days as to whether it will be May 25th or in the fall. click here for more

News Flash

Bute ready anytime

By Dave Spencer

After being on the backburner for the better part of their careers, the wheels of a potential clash between local rivals and former champions Jean Pascal and Lucian Bute have been suitably greased to the point where the mega-fight will take place sooner rather than later. “We’ve not signed any contracts yet, I haven’t seen any numbers. How close is it? This is between the promoters right now.”

The former IBF super-middleweight champion and his Interbox promoters tried to put the brakes on and slow down what has become a runaway train with a May 25th bout between the Romanian born Bute and former WBC light-heavyweight champion Jean Pascal. “Right now we’re just hearing numbers, (Pascal’s promoter) Yvon (Michel) is mentioning numbers, 2 million, 3 million, but on our side we haven’t heard anything as of yet,” said Bute’s trainer Stephan Larouche.

“We know our rematch with Carl Frosch has been postponed,” Bute told Fightnews, “I felt it was the right time to do a rematch in the fall was better timing. I made it known that if that didn’t I would like to fight Jean Pascal in the fall.” click to read more

News Flash

Bute vs Pascal?
10 out of 10 says Larouche

By Matt Casavant

Waves were made over the weekend when Interbox president & Lucian Bute promoter, Jean Bedard made it known via his twitter account that Bute (31-1, 24KOs) was ready to challenge Jean Pascal (27-2-1, 16KOs) at anytime. This sparked headlines largely due to the fact Interbox had rarely if ever acknowledge in the past the possibility of a Bute-Pascal fight, one that has been mauled over by fight fans in this province and country for quite some time now.

It’s also been announced that Lucian Bute will be fighting on the undercard of the Pascal-Dawson light-heavyweight championship rematch May 25th at the Bell Centre. Bute’s next opponent is unknown at the moment, however one name that has been mentioned as a potential candidate is the veteran Sakio Bika (31-5-2, 21KOs), who Bute defeated back in 2007 via decision. In fact Jean Bedard and Bute’s trainer Stephan Larouche were in attendance this past Saturday in Atlantic City, in part to witness the Sakio Bika-Nikola Sjekloca (25-1,7KOs) Super Middleweight WBC Final eliminator showdown. Bika emerged victorious with a convincing albeit boring beatdown over Sjekloca, presumably rendering the thought of a Bute-Bika rematch less enticing for the boxing powerhouse HBO network. caught up with Stephan Larouche last week prior to the Bika-Sjekloca fight, as Larouche raved glowingly about the possibility of a Bute-Pascal fight happening sometime in the future... 

Fightnews: On a scale of 1 to 10, where would you rank a potential Bute-Pascal fight happening sometime down the road?

Larouche: 10 out of 10! I think if you look at Jean Pascal, you look at Carl Froch, when they fought it was a really good fight, I think Froch got the edge by the end of the fight and I think if there’s no Carl Froch (rematch), who would people like to see and who would Luican like to fight? No one else than Jean Pascal. Even here in Montreal, big show, big setup. Lucian would love to do it!

Fightnews: So the fight fans in this province can finally expect a Bute-Pascal fight to come to fruition?

Larouche: I think that if Lucian fights Jean Pascal in Quebec, boxing will win; boxing will be the winner out of it. It’s going to be bigger than our sport, it’s going to be the talk of the town, it’s going to be huge, amazing! I don’t know if the Bell Centre is going to be big enough, maybe the Olympic Stadium. It has to be well promoted and I think it would be an amazing fight, maybe one fight, maybe a rematch, maybe a rubber match!

Fightnews: Any part of you hoping Bute can shut up some of the criticism Pascal has given him?

Larouche: Well you know Jean likes to talk and this is Jean’s trademark. You have to respect that he’s always been like this; he’s that type of guy. Lucian is a quiet man which makes it an even better fight, a better promotion.

For the entire Stephan Larouche interview click here to Matt Casavant's After the Bell program heard each week


Results from Gatineau

Number one ranked (WBC) super-lightweight Dierry Jean (24-0 16KO) made short work of Juan Jesus Rivera (25-10 16KO), stopping Mexican Juan Jesus Rivera at 2:54 of the second round. Rivera who came in seven pounds heavy for the NABF super-lightweight contest was clearly the bigger man in the ring, but Jean proved he was the much faster man as the Mexican had no answer for the rapid fire shots coming his way. A right hand and counter left hook had Rivera touching down a glove to end the first and Jean landed a howitzer right to put Rivera down for a second time as second was drawing to a close. Rivera managed to pull himself up but referee Michael Griffin called the bout moments later as the fighter continued to eat leather and not respond.

In a lackluster affair, welterweight Ahmad Cheikho now (9-4-2, 5KOs) won an 8 round Unanimous Decision over Giuseppe Lauri (53-11, 31KOs), scores were 79-71 twice and 78-72. Cheikho usually known for his offensive style elected to move and box the 36 year old Lauri. The fight was often marred by clinches and both fighters saw themselves get taken a point away by referee Steve St-Germain. The Italian Lauri, lost a point in the 5thround for hitting Cheikho behind the head. The 30 year old Cheikho was strip of a point in the 8th round for shoving his opponent to the ground. Ultimately, Lauri did not throw nearly enough punches to challenge Cheikho and the Montreal resident who occasionally switched to southpaw was content in pot-shotting his way to victory. Boos were heard at the conclusion of the contest.

A gutsy and determined eight round effort by light-heavyweight Andy Gardiner (7-0 3KO) who went eight rounds for the first time and walked away with 80-72, 78-74, 77-75 decision over Konsatantin Piternov (13-3 4KO) of Russia. The Winnipeg fighter who now calls Ottawa home was forced to fight most of the contest with cuts over both eyes but was the aggressor throughout the contest, pushing the action forward, doing his work as Piternov lay pinned on the ropes, and getting out and reloading. Piternov did more running and was trying to time the local fighter over the course of the final two rounds but Gardiner remained strong, with what was a mature effort, not over committing and needlessly making it a war. Gardiner looked as if he was going to end things early as he laid the leather on heavy but an opportune spitting of the mouthpiece by the Russian ensured the bout.

Local product Pascal Villeneuve surely made his pro debut in front of his hometown crowd a memorable one, as he obliterated his opponent Nuno Lagarto (4-10,2KOs), scoring 3 knockdowns en route to a 1
st round TKO win. The light-heavyweight Villeneuve went straight after Lagarto, landing a jab, straight right hand combination alongside the ropes that rocked Lagarto and sent him down to the ground for the 1st time. The second knockdown came shortly after, as Villeneuve threw a flurry of punches ending with a right to the body that dropped Lagarto. Villeneuve clearly sensing his opponent ready for the taking, unloaded a crushing right hand that dropped Lagarto face first bringing the fight to an end due to the 3 knockdown rule in effect, much to the delight of the boisterous crowd. Official time of the stoppage was at 1:22 of the 1st round.

Super-middleweight Schiller Hyppolite (6-1, 3KO) rebounded nicely from his only career defeat with a TKO victory at 2:51 of the third round over Hassene Azouz Neffati (8-5-1 5KO). A counter left hook from Hyppolite started the damage in the second round that his French opponent stunned and eventually going down to his knees from the ensuing onslaught. Hyppolite managed to further the pressure in the third and as Neffati went down a second time his corner stopped the fight.

Brandon “Bad Boy” Cook improves to (9-0, 5KOs) with a 3rd TKO win over Raul Saiz (8-8-1,7KOs) after Saiz refused to answer the bell for the 4th rd. From the outset Cook came out with a sustained attack to the body of Saiz, who had not fought in close to 3 years. Numerous left hooks to the body of the southpaw Saiz, clearly took its toll as the Spaniard was unable to counter Cook’s volume punching attack and quit on his stool at the end of 3rd. 
Francis Lafreniere (3-3,2, 2KOs) scored a highlight reel knockout in the 1st round over previously undefeated  Polish fighter Pawel Seliga (4-1, 1KOs). Seliga, an Adrian Diaconu look alike, was very aggressive from the opening bell and applied steady pressure to Lafreniere who elected to fight Seliga in close quarters. After a heavy dose of punches from Seliga, the Coteau-Du-Lac product Lafreniere countered with a nice left hook to the body followed by a devastating left hook to the head that sent Seliga to the canvas. Referee Mike Griffin stopped the bout at 2:05 of the 1st round as Seliga was noticeably wobble trying to make it back to his feet.

Welterweight Mian Hussain (4-0 3KO) went to the scorecards for the first time and scored an easy 40-36 decision over Sylwester Walczak (3-4-1) of Poland. Hussain came out strong to start the fight and was landing solidly and putting his punches together but action slowed as this one went on. The taller Pole who was wobbled by a right hook to end the second was able to back-pedal just enough and had the earmuffs on to force this one to the scorecards where the Montreal fighter won easily.


Weights from Gatineau 

Dierry Jean 139.4 vs. Juan Jesus Rivera 147.4
Ahmad Cheikho 149 vs. Giuseppe Lauri 149.6
Andrew Gardiner 174 vs. Konstantin Piternov 175
Francis Lafreniere 159.6 vs. Pawel Seliga 157
Brandon Cook 158 vs. Raul Saiz 156.2
Schiller Hyppolite 166.7 vs. Hassene Azouz Neffati 161
Mian Hussain 150.7 vs. Sylwester Walczak 146
Pascal Villeneuve 174 vs. Nuno Lagarto 174

Hilton Casino Lac-Leamy in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
Promoter: Eye of the Tiger Mgmt
TV: WealthTV and


Jean: I'm expecting a late knockout

By Matt Casavant
Photo Herby Whyne

Jr. Welterweight contender Dierry Jean (23-0, 15KOs) will be back in action Saturday night at the Hilton Lac Lemay Casino in Gatineau versus Juan Jesus Rivera (25-9-,16KOs). Jean was scheduled to face veteran Cosme Rivera but visa issues forced Jesus Rivera to come in as a late replacement. caught up with the Canadian product Jean earlier this week, as he discussed preparations for his fight versus Rivera as well as discussing his future plans that could include a WBA Interim title shot in April. click here to continue reading

News Flash

Rumble at the Ritz
A Canadian Premiere with boxing legends
Sugar Ray Leonard, Jake « Raging Bull » LaMotta, Leon Spinks and Joe Cortez

Montreal (Quebec) February 14, 2013 – Canadians are about to live a moment of history! On March 27, in the great presence of Sugar Ray Leonard, Jake “Raging Bull” LaMotta and Leon Spinks, 200 VIP’s will enjoy an unforgettable evening of entertainment, live fights and exquisite culinary experience with legendary boxing icons & Top Montreal chefs at the Ritz-Carlton Montreal. A memorable evening in the prestigious Oval room to celebrate The Future of Boxing collector’s edition book launch by author Alexandre Choko.

Chefs Éric Gonzalez of L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel, Marino Tavares of Ferreira Café, Renato Ferrante of Da Vinci Ristorante and Patrick Bermand of Patrick Bermand Restaurant in Mont-Tremblant, will compete in the kitchen, refereed by International Boxing Hall of Famer Joe “Fair but Firm” Cortez. Once the crowd has elected their best chef, the oven gloves will come off and the chefs will actually fight in the boxing ring. Iconic boxing items worn by Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard from the estate of their famous trainer Angelo Dundee will be sold during a live auction. Profits from the auction will proudly be donated to the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Each VIP guest who will purchase a table, will also get two additional exclusive passes to an exclusive pre-event cocktail hosted by Sotheby's partner Liza Kaufman in collaboration with the author Alexandre Choko and Andrew Torriani of the Residences at the Ritz-Carlton Montreal. The cocktail will be held in the newly completed residence suite where guests who purchased a table for the event will have a chance to mingle with boxing legends of the evening!

The Future of Boxing is an amazing book filled with memorable pictures and exclusive one-on-one interviews with famous, influential, and controversial figures. Together for the first time in one book, boxing legends such as Julio Cesar Chavez, Oscar De La Hoya, George Foreman, Evander Holyfield, Vitali Klitschko, Jake LaMotta, Leon Spinks, Lennox Lewis, Sugar Ray Leonard and Mike Tyson discuss the sport they love, its past, present and future with more than 55 exclusive interviews. The book features more than 600 photos of boxing greats, iconic moments and dramatic triumphs. It also includes brief biographies of each interviewee and first-hand accounts from the greats themselves on the competitive world of professional boxing. Readers will meet them as they are today and discover what they have to say about their lives and careers, as well as their thoughts about the future of boxing. Choko’s intimate knowledge of life in the ring helped create an authentic bond between subject and interviewer that led to dozens of revealing moments.

Reserve your seat for this sweet science starry night… it will be an unbeatable evening!

Tickets available as of today!

Event is on Wednesday, March 27, 2013 | Red Carpet Cocktail at 6pm followed by dinner at 7pm

To purchase tickets, please contact Laura Mora at Conservus or 514 284-2246 # 328

Capital Punishment
Gardiner and Villeneuve give card local flavour

By Dave Spencer

It’s been a long time since Ottawa boxing fans have had one of their own to cheer. Not since the days of Canadian champions Conroy Nelson and Gaetan Hart ruled the day in the 80’s have Capital Region followers had one of their own to hang their hat on.

This Saturday’s card at the Lac-Leamy Casino in Gatineau, the first in what hopes to be an ongoing concern, should be the first step in a return to glory for the Nation’s Capital, an area that boasted the only world title fight held in Canada in the 90’s when Otis Grant defended his WBO belt in 1998.

Winnipeg transplant Andy Gardiner (6-0 3KO) and debuting light-heavyweight Pascal Villeneuve lead the local contingent that was originally scheduled to have included Tyler Asselstine who used to train in Ottawa before the now Toronto based fighter got bumped to an ESPN co-feature broadcast from Montreal last week.

“This is something that didn’t exist until recently,” .....continue reading

News Flash

Stevenson headlines Fast & Furious

Group Yvon Michel released the schedule for the upcoming Fast and Furious card set for Friday March 22. Headlining the evening will be Adonis Stevenson (19-1 16KO) who will be trying to avenge the only loss of his career before a possible title shot in June. The hard-hitting Stevenson will be trying to set things straight with Darnell Boone (19-20-3 8KO) who upset the local fighter in 2010 with a second round knockout. Since then the 35 year-old has rattled off six successive wins by knockout and worked his way to the #1 and mandatory position in the IBF.

In the evenings co-feature, fast-rising light-heavyweight Eleider Alvarez (11-0 5KO) will be defending his NABO title against an opponent to be named soon. Alvarez has knocked off some high quality opposition in recent fights including former European champion Danny McIntosh and Shawn Hawk who competed for a world title in his last fight.

Heavyweight Didier Bence (7-0 2KO) escalates to his first 8 round bout after his victory last week against Joey Dawejko. Lightweight Michael Gadbois (9-0 2KO) will have little time to heal from his blood and guts debut performance at the Bell Centre along with Marc Pagcaliwangan (3-0 3KO) who is also returning. Sébastien Bouchard (4-0 2KO) and one other bout will round out the card.

News Flash

Pucek-Larcinese off
Moar-Walchuk in Jeopardy

The scheduled Canadian Featherweight title rematch between champion Sarah Pucek and Lucia Larcinese scheduled for March 15 at River Rock Casino is off according to the Montreal challenger. Less than a week after signing a contract to reprise their matchup of December where Pucek won a unanimous decision, Larcinese informed FightNews that the bout was off. The Montreal fighter had fought hard for a rematch in a bout she believed she had won the first time and was happy to have an opportunity for redemption.

“It sucks big time,” said Larcinese who said she will make attempts to make the fight in Montreal.

Also off the card for the time being is the headline bout, another rematch for a Canadian belt, Junior Moar versus Michael Walchuk. Moar who had won the light-heavyweight belt two years ago and not fought since. Moar is believed to have been looking for more money and still in negotiations for the contest. He has advised his Facebook followers not to buy tickets to see him at this point but would know for sure within the next few days.

As of now, no word whether Rumble at the Rock IX will still go ahead will go ahead without him.

Update: Fight is now off according to Moar


Spence drops first

By Rick Scharmberg
Photo Juan Marshall/JM Photography

Melissa “Little Miss Tyson” St Vil (4-1-2) took a majority decision over previously unbeaten Natasha “The Nightmare” Spence (6-1-1, 5 KOs) in an action-packed eight round super featherweight bout.

St Vil weighed in six pounds over the 130-pound limit, and was forced to shed a few pounds the night before the fight, but her energy level did not appear to be affected.

St Vil, the shorter of the two, opened with a right to the body, and Spence countered with a left hook to the head. Perceived as the harder puncher, Spence tried to impose her will with several more left hooks during the round. click here for more

Full Report

Bizier dominates Campbell

By Dave Spencer
Photos by Herby Whyne

Welterweight Kevin Bizier (20-0 14KO) pounded out a cautious yet sustained attack over Nate Campbell (36-10-1 26KO) finally forcing the former undisputed lightweight champion to throw in the towel at the end of the 8th round as the headline event at the Ball Centre in Montreal and broadcast on ESPN’s Friday Night Fights. Bizier was able to score to the body while keeping Campbell who took the fight on short notice on the ropes for most of the night. Bizier retains the NABA welterweight title and captures the IBF Intercontinental belt to go along with it. After the fight, Campbell said he’s going back to 140lbs in the future.

For the 40 year-old Campbell who began his thirteen career as a super-featherweight, he was simply too small to fend the local fighter off. Bizier was not overly physical in the contest but much of the bout was fought at close corners with lengthy clenches helping not only to negate Campbell's right hand but wearing him down at the same time. Click here for full report and photo gallery


Results from Montreal

Welterweight Kevin Bizier (20-0 14KO) pounded out a cautious yet sustained attack over Nate Campbell (36-10-1 26KO) finally forcing the former undisputed lightweight champion to throw in the towel at the end of the 8th round as the headline event at the Ball Centre in Montreal and broadcast on ESPN's Friday Night Fights. Bizier was able to score to the body while keeping Campbell who took the fight on short notice on the ropes for most of the night. Bizier retains the NABA welterweight title and captures the IBF Intercontinental belt to go along with it. The 40-year-old Campbell, who took the bout on seven days’ notice, did not come out for round nine citing a back injury. Campbell said he’s going back to 140lbs in the future.

Baha Laham(11-0-1) won a ten round war with Tyler Asselstine (12-1). Scorecards read 95-95, 96-94, 95-95.

Lightweight Michael Gadbois (9-0 3KO) fought a gutsy fight and managed to remain undefested with a 56-56, 57-55 57-53 majority decision over Krysztof Rogowski (5-1) of Poland.

Didier Bence walked away with a narrow 58-56 (x3) over a very game Joey Dawejko (7-2-2 3KO) who definitely had his moments in a very close and competitive fight that saw the the visiting fighter from Pennsylvania remaining competitive throughout. Dawejko showed surprisingly quick hands and was able to score nicely to the body in the first round. Bence seemed out of sorts for much of the fight and his punches didn't seem to have too much effect but his Pennsylvania opponent was guilty of not following up with anything when he did land. A draw may have been more of a just result.

In what was a last minute addition to the card, Steve Harvey (3-1) escaped with a split decision victory over Stephane Tessier (3-30-2) with a 39-37, 37-39 39-37 scorecard. Usually a cruiserweight, Harvey entered the ring at 221.6 pounds in a bout made at 11pm Thursday night. Harvey was the busier of the two but Tessier who seemed unfazed by the attack seemed to do more damage with his limited attack where he landed telling blows each and every round. Harvey who broke his jaw in his last fight was bleeding from above the left eye to end things had fans booing the final decision. 

Super-middleweight Steve Rolls (3-0 1KO) had little trouble cruising to a four round 40-36 (x3) unanimous decision over winless Ahmad Selemani (0-8) opening action at The Bell Centre in Montreal. Rolls was very accurate and deliberate with punches that had no problem finding the target on an opponent who provided a target but not much else. Rolls finished off putting his punches together in the final round as he easily cruised to victory.


Bizier/Ramsay handle change up

By Dave Spencer

Late changes in opponents have always been part of boxing, but when undefeated Kevin Bizier was faced with a change from a tall lanky southpaw to an orthodox fighter who was four inches shorter, thirteen years senior and a former unified world champion who to this point in his has refused to let up, you can call it a major change, you can call it a tall order but trainer Marc Ramsay believes his charge is ready for the challenge.

Bizier faces veteran 5'7" Nate Campbell tonight after preparing for 5’11” left-hander John O’Donnell who dropped out less than two weeks ago. But the important thing according to the trainer is that he is prepared, better prepared than he has been to this point in his career. “The most important part of the transition is that he’s never had a training camp like this before,” said Ramsay who often has as many as six boxers on a single card but tonight is working solely with Bizier. “It’s the first time in a couple of years I only had a couple of boxers in the gym and I had a lot of time to just be with him and focus on Kevin. We did a very good training camp and his physical shape was very good and at the end of the day it was easy to come back to an orthodox boxer than it would have been to do the opposite.

“For sure there is some adjustments. We have to run a few coordination exercises to make sure Kevin reprograms his brain but in Montreal we have a lot of guys who have a similar style as Nate Campbell that we can use for sparring to make sure Kevin realizes what he is going to face in there Friday night.”

Campbell who turns 41 in a month looked as if he was definitely on the back nine after losing four of five after a failed attempt at a WBO title ended early and was ruled a no contest. “He looks like he’s still in great shape, he looks like a guy who takes care of his body,” said Ramsay, “He doesn’t look like a guy who is forty and he still has a very big right hand you have to be careful of. He just surprised two prospects last year; he’s the type of fighter you have to be focussed on at all times. You have to be ready for everything while trying to impose your style and your fight.”

Campbell has always been a bit of an enigma inside the ring, sticking his chin out against Robbie Peden for a free shot and paying the price. Being written off only to come back and win the unified lightweight championship. Losing all three belts on scales in his first defence after being two pounds over and then winning the fight anyway. Losing four of five and then beating two prospects in their hometowns, he can be a hard man to figure out at times.

“It’s the same thing in the ring,” said Ramsay, “He can bring everything or you never know if he’s going to be at his best and not be there. If you look at his last couple of performances he was a lot more stable. Even when he lost to Danny Garcia, he provided excellent opposition. I think it’s a good step up. He may have lost a little bit of speed but he still has the same power he did years ago and he just finished knocking out Victor Cayo in his hometown.

“He’s the kind of guy who can surprise a prospect if he’s not well prepared, but we’re well prepared.”

News Flash

Harvey added to card
With the late cancellation of the Joachim Alcine bout for Friday's Fast and Furious card in Montreal, a late replacement fight featuring cruiserweight Steve Harvey (2-1) has been added to the bill. Harvey who has been out with an injury since suffering a split decision loss in August will be put in with trial-horse Stephane Tessier (3-29-2). Ironically the Alcine bout that was nixed because of a weight difference of less than 11 pounds will be replaced by a contest where the two combatants will likely differ between 35 to 40 pounds.


Weights from Wilmington, DE

By Rick Scharmberg

Melissa St. Vil 136 vs. Natasha Spence 130

Venue: Chase Center on the Riverfront
Promoter: Champs Management

News Flash

Alcine bout scrapped for Friday

By Dave Spencer

Dropping down in weight often proves costly to a fighter, Thursday in Montreal former world junior-middleweight champion Joachim Alcine (33-3-1 19KO) tipped the scales at 151.6 pounds, the lightest he’s been in over ten years and paid dearly with the cancelation of his scheduled eight round fight with David Toribio (19-14 12KO) who came in heavy at 162.4 pounds, well above the contract weight that had been adjusted upwards a couple of times to accommodate the Florida fighter.

Promoter Yvon Michel tweeted news of the cancelation Thursday evening stating that 10.8 pound weight differential exceeded the 10 pounds that is permitted by the Quebec Commission. ABC guidelines recommend 7 pounds but ABC President Tim Lueckenhoff told FightNews that it is only a guideline for Commissions governing the fight. Washington State for matters of comparison allows 11 pounds. continue reading


Bizier unfazed by opponent change

By Matt Casavant @Mcaz
Photo by Herby Whyne

Media and onlookers had the opportunity to witness a prime and ready Kevin Bizier (19-0, 13KOs) Tuesday, at the GYM public workout in preparation for his battle against former unified titleholder Nate Campbell (36-9-1, 26KOs). Bizier was expected to face awkward southpaw John O’Donnell up until about 2 weeks ago when O’Donnell withdrew due to a fractured hand forcing Campbell, an orthodox pressure fighter, to step in as a replacement.

Could the opponent switch on short notice create problems for Bizier? If so, the undefeated welterweight did not appear to be too bothered about the switch: “In a last minute situation, it’s easier to go from facing a left hander to a right hander. We have a boxing strategy similar to when we fought Tyner; strong defense, throw punches at the right time and be disciplined throughout the fight.” Click to read more

Boxing News

Boone then June for Stevenson

By Matt Casavant

It appears as though the ongoing saga between the IBF and super-middleweight contender Adonis Stevenson (19-1,16KOs) is finally coming to a close. After weeks of uncertainty as to when Stevenson, the number one ranked contender with the IBF at 168lbs would get his title shot Yvon Michel (Stevenson’s promoter) announced Monday at the GYM headquarters in Montreal, that Adonis will be fighting for the vacant title sometime in June.

The IBF title is currently held by Carl Froch (30-2, 22KOs) who will be facing WBA titlist Mikkel Kessler (46-2, 35KOs) in a title unification showdown May 25th in London.

The IBF had previously stated that Froch-Kessler II could not take place later than April 27th if Froch wanted to maintain his title belt. However, it appears an agreement was reached between Yvon Michel and all parties involved allowing Froch-Kessler the opportunity to unify titles on May 25th as long as the winner vacates the IBF title immediately.

So why doesn’t Froch just go ahead and vacate now instead of paying sanctioning fees for a title he will have to relinquish? Continue reading


New beginning for Bence

By Matt Casavant

The only other fighter present at the public workout was GYM heavyweight prospect Didier Bence (6-0, 2KOs) who will be fighting American Joey Dawejko (7-1-2, 3KOs) in a six round battle. It was the first time the media got a glimpse of Bence since he started working with former Steve Molitor trainer Chris Johnson in Ontario.

Bence formerly known as “Big Daddy” made sure that the media was aware of his new alias by shouting confidently “I’m Big Body now”. A new found bravado in Bence was noticeable and the change of scenery appears to have revitalized him somewhat: “The training was awesome; I trained with Chris for a month. We watched tapes all day, I’m chilling with Chris, I’m going home with him watching tapes, studying,” detailed Bence. When asked about his reasoning for leaving his previous trainer Marc Ramsay in favour of Chris Johnson, Bence was quick to point out that the decision wasn’t personal and that he is still friends with Marc, “I need somebody who can push me hard to my limit, that’s why I went with Chris Johnson,” explained Bence.  click here for more


Weights from Montreal

Kevin Bizier 146.6lbs. vs.Nate Campbell 146.2lbs.
NABA welterweight title

Tyler Asselstine 131.4lbs. vs. Baha Laham 134lbs.

Joachim Alcine 151.6lbs. vs. David Toribio 162.4lbs. 

Michael Gadbois 134.6lbs. vs. Krzysztof Rogowski 130.2lbs.

Steve Rolls 168lbs. vs. Ahmad Selemani 167.4lbs. 

Didier Bence 219.4lbs. Joey Dawejko 249.2lbs. 

Marc Pagcaliwangan 120.8lbs. vs. Laszlo Fekete 121.4lbs. 

Location: Bell Centre Montreal
Promoter: GYM Group Yvon Michel
First Bell: 7pm
Television: ESPN2 (TSN2-midnight)

Boxing News

Bizier set for centre stage

The stage is set for the third installment of Fast & Furious 3.0, co-presented by Mise-O-Jeu and Videotron, this Friday night (Feb. 8) at Bell Centre.

Unbeaten in 19 professional fights, hot Quebec prospect and WBA #5 rated welterweight Kevin Bizier (19-0-0, 13 KO) takes on wily former unified world champion and IBF # 9 ranked contender, Nate "The Galaxy Warrior" Campbell (36-9-1, 26 KO), for Bizier’s NABA title and the vacant IBF Inter-Continental belt. This main event battle, airing live in the United States and Canada, respectively, on ESPN2 Friday Night Fights and TVA Sports, could be the turning point in the popular French-Canadian boxer’s career.

In the co-feature, Montreal super featherweight Baha Laham (10-0-1, 4 KO), who was scheduled to fight next week, jumped at the opportunity offered to be showcased on American television, fighting 26-year-old lefty Tyler Asselstine (12-0-0, 7 KO), of Ottawa, in a fight that promises to be explosive and entertaining. click here for more

News Flash

Jean-Rivera set for Lac-Leamy

Dierry Jean (23-0, 15 K.-O.), who was once known as the best kept secret of Quebec boxing, will no longer be so. Indeed, the world's best of the WBC will have the opportunity to demonstrate the extent of his talent outside the metropolis where he will defend his NABF title on February 16th at the Hilton Casino Lac-Leamy in the final of the inaugural gala of the Fight Club 2013 series.

This confrontation is important for Dierry Jean who is in preparation for a possible battle for the title currently held by Danny Garcia. In fact, he will face the Mexican Cosme Rivera (35-15, 25 Ko) in a 12-round duel that promises a lot of action. “Veteran of his division, Rivera will be a competitive opponent for Dierry who will no doubt be able to dazzle us with his performance”, says president of the Eye of the Tiger Management, Camille Estephan.

In the semi-finals, Montrealer Ahmad 'The Boss' Cheikho (8-4-2, 5 Ko) will face a major challenge for he will be competing with an established athlete as well. He will face a former champion of Europe, the Italian Giuseppe Lauri (53-10, 31 Ko).

Other confrontations will take place including those involving local athlete Pascale Villeneuve, who will be making his professional debut and Andrew Gardiner (6-0, 3 Ko), who will face the tough Russian Konstantin Piternov (13-2, 4 Ko). Schiller Hyppolite (5-1, 2 K.-O.), Mian Hussain (3-0, 3 Ko) and Brandon Cook (8-0, 4 Ko) will also be on the program. In short, spectators in attendance will certainly be impressed with the quality of the duels showcased for this edition!

Tickets are still available on the Admission Network starting from $60 or at the boxing club at 15 Eccles Street in Ottawa. The Gala will also be broadcast simultaneously on Wealth TV in the United States as well as on the Fight Network in Canada. For more information, please visit or call (514) 632-5666.


Canadian collision course

By Dave Spencer
Photos: Herby Whyne

Undefeated Canadian rivals Baha Laham (10-0-1) and Tyler Asselstine (12-0) take centre stage this Friday as the co-feature for the GYM promoted Fast and Furious card at the Bell Centre in Montreal and broadcast live on ESPN Friday Night Fights. Asselstine was originally to have met Joel Diaz who pulled out with an injury late last week. Enter Laham who was in preparation for a fight on February 16, the same card actually that Asselstine was originally supposed to be featured on.

FightNews had the opportunity to talk to both fighters in advance of this all important match-up. Read to find out what each one had to say

News Flash

Halifax card delayed

The Halifax card originally set for February 21st has been rescheduled for June 15th 2013 according to promoter Garland Johnson. “Sam Vargas is still on the card and hopefully Dillon Carman,” said Johnson, “New opponents will be chosen for them.” Johnson cited medicals not being done in time as the reason for the postponement.


Ntetu remains undefeated

 By Jean-Luc Autret/

The two light-heavyweights boxers didn't waste much time studying each other, getting the action started from the opening bell.  In the first round, the Manitoban connected to the jaw with a good left hook, but Francy Ntetu (9-0-0, 3 KO's) is undeterred and continues his attack.

The local favorite took control of the fight from the second round. Ntetu was more aggressive and regularly doubling up his jab, dominating the action against Walchuk. In the fourth round, Michael Walchuck (9-8-0, 2 KOs), is shaken by the hooks delivered by Ntetu.

After being shaken after a right to the ear, Walchuck drops to one knee. Ntetu pounces on the opportunity not allowing his opponent to recover and forcing the referee to stop the bout at 2: 11 of the fifth.

This is a major victory for the protege of Michel Desgagné. While we expected a decision, Ntetu was able to be aggressive at the right time. The victory and the way Ntetu executed it should makes things easier for boxing and organizers in the area and the next event planned in May.

Post-fight comments

"My last fight against Hyppolite (Schiller) made me grow. This time, I prepared for the KO, I'm glad I took my time. In the fourth, I felt that I had him hurt and I was determined to finish it. Pierre Bouchard's advice helped me to put good shots get a KO. We are planning a second gala in May. I do not know my opponent, but I'm open to face Hyppolite, but I'd like to make it 8 or 10 rounds. "

Maduma scores 8th KO

In the first round, the of reach Gyorgy Mizsei Jr. (10-3-0, 6 KOs) forced Ghislain Maduma (12-0-0, 8 KOs) to box at a distance, but it did not prevent him from using his speed reach the target.

In the second round, Maduma worked diligently to find a way to consistently reach his rival. The Hungarian soon realized that it was better to protect himself and stay away to last as long as possible.

In the third round, Maduma was reaching the target more and more often, his combinations, especially with his left hook to the head, being successful.

Mizseli had a hard time keeping up the pace, his knees bucking at the end of the fourth, and finding himself on the floor to start the fifth. Maduma continued to unleash his barrage, keeping up the pressure to attempt to finish things. Finally, a third knockdown at 1 min 30 fifth round ends the contest.

The boxer just 19 years old helped raised the reputation of Hungarians in the boxing world of Quebec. If his counterparts had half his courage and determination, we would have had many more competitive fights.

The next challenge for the Mike Moffa protege will take place at the Ritz Carlton in Toronto on March 4. In a fight for the WBC Continental Americas, "Mani" will have the opportunity to improve his 26th ranking in the WBC.

Post-fight comments

"I am very satisfied with my fight, I watched videos of him and I knew what to expect. This is a very good preparation for my next fight in Toronto. He was a brave fighter, I saw that I was hurting him, but he came back every time I even thought his corner might call it. "

Gonzalez successful pro debut

Curtain-raiser John Alejandro Gonzalez took his time in the first round, but managed to put a few shots to the delight of the crowd. The beginning of the second round is in favor of Michel Tsalla beginning, but gradually the hometown fighter gets back into the fight. Advised in his corner by Pierre Bouchard and his coaches and Michel Hubert and Malaison Desgagné, Gonzalez was able to make the necessary to win his first fight as a pro. After four rounds, the three judges handed out cards 40-36, 38-38, 40-36 in favour of Gonzalez.


Brewer, Wilcox post victories

Brandon Brewer (5-0-1) and Steve Wilcox (6-0) both remained undefeated as boxing returned to the Lion's Club in Moncton New Brunswick Saturday night. Junior-middleweight Brewer won a convincing unanimous decision as the local fighter won every round Ted Reno (3-5-2). Lightweight Wilcox managed to score his third stoppage in six contests as he scored a fourth round TKO over David Kis (8-6-2) of Hungary who lost his fourth in a row. Light-heavyweight Travis Connors (6-2), lightweight Corey Chase (1-0), heavyweight Troy Talbot (2-0) and middleweight Annie Mazerolle (2-0) were also all winners on the night.

News Flash

News & Notes

By Matt Casavant/Dave Spencer/Lev Jackson

Asselstine looking for new opponent
Chalk up another hand injury as undefeated Joel Diaz is off next Friday February 8th card in his anticipated co-feature bout scheduled against Tyler Asselstine. The bout to have been shown on ESPN Friday Night Fights. “The story is he was running down a hill and slipped on some ice and sprained his wrist,” said Asselstine’s manager Lee Baxter.
“I think when these guys got a look at what Tyler’s all about he conveniently got hurt,” said Asselstine’s promoter Adam Harris of Hennessy Sports. “We can’t wait to get this guy into the ring at another time, but we’ll be moving onwards I guess.” With a week to go, Harris is scrambling to find another opponent on a card that has lost more than a few key components since being announced. Scratched from the docket are David Lemieux, John O’Donnell Kevin Lavallee and now Diaz. “We’ve already got a couple of names we’re working on,” said Harris. “Through this whole process, I don’t there’s been a name we’ve turned down. We will be the co feature of the show.” DS

Gadbois steps in for Lavallee
Kevin Lavallee is out and Mick Gadbois is in for next Friday’s “Fast and Furious” card at the Bell Centre in Montreal. Lavallee is officially out with the flu while undefeated Gadbois (8-0 3KO) will step in and go against the same opponent, 5-0 Krzysztof Rogowski of Poland. DS

Mansour Stays Busy
Heavyweight Ali Mansour (11-0 6KO) returns to action March 7 at the Motor City Casino in Detroit. The Windsor fighter who has been busy since returning recently was rumoured to have been on the February 23 Showtime card but was able to secure himself another fight that will be his 4th in three months. DS

And then there were three
Looks as if tomorrow’s card in Chicoutimi is now down to three fights. Eric Barrack bowed out earlier this week against Stephane Tessier and now it looks as if the Steve Lantagne vs. Emanuel Guzman bout is gone too. DS

The Chicoutimi card that boasts Francy Ntetu in an all-Canadian match-up against Michael Walchuk also will feature lightweight Ghislain Maduma (11-0). If the Congo born lightweight comes away unscathed Saturday, look for him not to waste any time in getting right back into the ring. According to Phil St Martin of Boxrec, Maduma will be going against Eduardo Torres (12-0) of Mexico. 

Moncton headliner scratched
Scratched for the February 2 card in Moncton will be the Fitz Vandepool vs Stewart McLellan bout. DS

Rivas down
GYM Heavyweight prospect Oscar Rivas’s career could be in jeopardy as he has suffered a serious eye injury during a sparring session a few weeks ago. Further evaluation from an eye specialist will be conducted but at the moment there is a cloud of pessimism over the injury and status of the undefeated prospect’s career. Rivas also suffered an injury to his retina back in Colombia during his amateur career. M.C.

Decarie still looking
Still waiting for word as to when and who Antonin Decarie will be fighting next. A fight has been discussed for Decarie was against the Argentine Carlos Abregu. The fight could have serve as a potential undercard clash to the April 27th HBO Main Event in Argentina between Sergio Martinez and Martin Murray. Decarie’s promoter Yvon Michel has said that negotiations for that fight have stalled and other options are being explored. M.C.

More of Moar
Should Moar beat Walchuk again March 15 at the River Rock Casino he will face Joey Vegas in Uganda for the WBC International belt. Sarah Pucek rematch with Lucia Larcinesse is a possibility but nothing signed yet. L.J.

News Flash

Cave shipping up to Boston

LOWELL, Mass. (January 31, 2013) -- Chicago Fight Clubs Promotion is bringing professional boxing back to Lowell, Massachusetts - home of "Irish" Micky Ward and Dicky Eklund - on Saturday night, March 16 to kick-off St. Patrick's Day weekend, at Tsongas Center at UMass Lowell.

"CFC Fight Night" will be a reunion, of sorts, for people involved in the award-winning movie, "The Fighter," which portrayed the lives of the Ward and Eklund brothers. Lowell fan favorites "Irish" Joe McCreedy and Sean Eklund, whose uncles are Micky and Dicky, will be showcased at home in Lowell for the second time as professionals. Dicky trains both fighters.

McCreedy (13-6-2, 6 KOs) will be fighting for the vacant United States Boxing Organization ("USBO") light heavyweight title against an opponent to be determined in the 10-round main event. Eklund (11-4, 2 KOs) will be fighting in the eight-round -co-feature.

Three other Lowell boxers -- light heavyweight Ricky Sylvester, junior welterweight Noun Soriya and bantamweight Mike Martin - will all be making their pro debuts.

World-class bantamweight Tyson "Prince of Hali" Cave (19-2, 5 KOs), fighting out of Nova Scotia, Canada, will make his United States debut, while former world welterweight champion "Vicious" Vivian Harris (29-9-2, 19 KOs) returns from his brief retirement to fight for the first time in New England.

""We packed the house on a Wednesday night (May 9, 2012 in first pro card held there in seven years) with Joey and Sean (CFC promotes both fighters) on top of that card," Chicago Fight Clubs Promotion president Cynthia Tolaymat explained. "That was an incredible turnout, especially for a weekday, and a tribute to the passionate boxing fans in Lowell and surrounding towns. We're really excited about going back to Lowell. We've been contacted by so many fighters in the area and are pleased to put three pro debut fighters on the card. Fighters from there are unlike those from other places. They just want to get in the ring and fight. They don't care who they're fighting, even if it's a friend or stable-mate. They just want to fight and fans appreciate watching guys like that. The fighters there are very competitive and fans love the sport of boxing. We're expecting a big, loud crowd and we're in a larger arena, Tsongas Center at UMass Lowell."

News Flash

Bizier meets Campbell

MONTREAL (January 31, 2013) – As previously announced, Fast & Dangerous Series 3.0 is back at the Bell Centre on February 8 as talented Quebec fighter Kevin Bizier (19-0-0, 13 KOs), rated No. 5 in the world by the WBA, defends his North American Boxing Association (NABA) welterweight championship in the biggest challenge of his career.

Originally, Bizier was scheduled to fight 27-year-old Englishman John O'Donnell (27-2-0, 11KO), promoted by Hennessy Sports Canada group’s Adam Harris, but he broke his left hand in training last weekend. He has been replaced by former unified IBF, WBA & WBO (2008-2009) world champion Nate "The Galaxy Warrior" Campbell (36-9-1, 26 KOs) in the 12-round main event. Despite being 40 years old, Campbell continues to have great success in the ring. In 2010 and 2011, he extended future world champions Victor Ortiz and Danny Garcia to modest wins in 10-round bouts points decisions. In his last two fights, both on the road in 2012, Campbell knocked out aspiring world champion Victor Manuel Cayo in the Dominican Republic, and won a unanimous decision over boxer Vladimir Baez in Poland. Read more

Bence-DaWejko at Bell

Heavyweight prospect Joey DaWejko (7-1-2, 3 KOs) makes a quick return to the ring as he will face another undefeated fighter in Didier Bence (6-0, 2 KOs). The 6-round bout promoted by Yvon Michel's GYM Promotions in association with Boxing 360, will take place at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on February 8.

DaWejko fought four hard rounds against Jarrell Miller (4-0-1, 4 KOs) in his last outing. The bout ended in a draw with DaWejko winning the final two rounds. Miller was deducted two points for excessive shoving.

With the Miller fight behind him, DeWejko now looks forward to facing Didier Bence on his home turf.

"Miller was a tough fight as I was up against another undefeated opponent, but I showed I can compete with the bigger heavyweights," said Dewjko. "He was using his K-1 tactics to put me in awkward positions and it cost him a couple of points. Maybe sometime in the future Miller and I can fight again if he chooses to stay in boxing."

"My whole focus is on Didier Bence and how I'm going to prepare for this fight. Again, I'm facing another undefeated fighter in his own backyard and I'm confident I'll come out victorious. I'm a throwback fighter who likes to take on the toughest challenges out there. Every time I step in the ring I'm learning something new about myself and I'm gaining more confidence with each fight. I'm looking forward to February 8th."

Mario Yagobi of Boxing 360 stated, "Joey has had two tough fights in a row against very formidable opponents. Miller is a K-1 fighter and his constant shoving proved to be detrimental in his fight with Joey, but we can look into doing the rematch on a later date. Right now Joey is going to take on Bence in Montreal with the hopes of improving his record. DeWejko is showing that he has the heart and desire to compete with anyone in the heavyweight division."

News Flash

Halifax card coming together

Boxing returns to Halifax as a four fight card is scheduled for Thursday February 21st at the Metro Centre. Scheduled in the main event will be Toronto heavyweight Dillon Carman battling Adil Atmari of Morocco. Both big men sport identical 5-1 records. Promoting the event at the World Trade Convention Centre will be Ringo Promotions. Undefeated welterweight Samuel Vargas is also a possibility as the night’s co-feature and is awaiting confirmation.

News Flash

Cambell to step in against Bizier

By Dave Spencer

With undefeated welterweight Kevin Bizier (19-0 13KO) in need of an opponent for his headline fight next Friday night at the Bell Centre in Montreal, it looks as if the name of former undisputed champion Nate Campbell (36-9-1 26KO) has surfaced to the top of the heap.

Veteran Montreal boxing writer Daniel Cloutier first broke the name and Fightnews was able to reach the Florida based boxer for confirmation this morning by text.
Earlier this week original opponent John O’Donnell fell through with a reported hand injury leaving Bizier’s GYM promoters scurrying to find a suitable opponent for the ESPN Friday Night Fight headline slot.

Forty year-old Campbell had a good 2012 as ‘The Galaxy Warrior’ became a ‘Road Warrior’ notching victories in the Dominican Republic and Poland against hometown fighters Victor Cayo and Kryzsztof Szot. Previous to that Campbell had lost four of five.

The fight is scheduled for 12 rounds and will be for Bizier’s NABA welterweight belt.


News & Notes
More hands down for ESPN Main Event

By Matt Cassavant

The injury bug that plagued several Groupe Yvon Michel fighters and events in 2012 seems to have carried over into the New Year. The latest casualty is the February 8th Fast & Furious main event as John O’Donnell (27-2, 11KOs) has pulled out of his welterweight clash vs. Kevin Bizier (19-0, 13KOs) due to a significant hand injury.

This is the second time that the GYM and ESPN Friday Night Fights main event has fallen apart due to injury. Initially, Canadian middleweight knockout sensation David Lemieux was expected to headline the card against Colombian Jose Miguel Torres, but that fell apart due to Lemieux suffering a hand injury of his own. GYM has apparently found a replacement for O’Donnell and has submitted that potential candidate for review to ESPN who is expected to make its ruling on whether or not the replacement candidate is suitable for their broadcast standards within the next 24 hours.

Things not going according to plan is nothing new for Bizier, who is coming off a 2012 year that he believes was the most frustrating of his professional career. The rugged undefeated Quebec contender ended 2011 by winning a minor title in his fist 12 round bout by impressively defeating battle tested Lanardo Tyner and appeared to have momentum on his side going into 2012. However, 2012 proved to be challenging as Bizier was on the shelf for the first 9 months, a hiatus caused by various reasons mostly resulting from numerous GYM schedule changes (most notably the Pascal-Cloud cancellation). In a downtown Montreal press conference last week, Bizier who was just 48 hours removed from becoming a first time father, seemed rejuvenated while talking to reporters about the prospect of fighting on ESPN and was looking forward to what he expected to be his most difficult technical fight versus the southpaw O’Donnell. Bizier will now have to adapt in the face of extenuating circumstances once again and most probably alter his game plan as he awaits a new opponent with less than 2 weeks away from fight night.

Ti-Joa returns

Some have speculated that veteran Joachim Alcine (33-3-1, 19KOs) scheduled to fight on the undercard portion of the February 8th GYM gala in a 8 round bout vs David Toribio (19-14, 12KOs) could potentially step in and replace O’Donnell in the ESPN main event. The prospect of Alcine fighting Bizier later this year is a possibility, but unlikely to happen on two weeks notice. GYM still has Alcine under contract for two more fights and a local showdown against Bizier would certainly make sense, especially in Quebec City, but two weeks would not give Alcine enough time to drop the necessary weight as Bizier wants to stay at 147lbs in order to climb the world rankings. There also seems to be little interest from ESPN in Alcine.

Hold on Superman's flight pattern

In what has turned into a reoccurring theme, Adonis Stevenson is expected to find out by the end of the day whether or not he will be fighting for the vacant IBF title next time he enters the ring. As the IBF needs to receive the contracts from the Kessler-Froch rematch today in order to sanction and grant Carl Froch’s desired extension. According to Yvon Michel, Adonis could be fighting a stay busy fight in March if Froch is allowed to keep his title...

News Flash

Bute on the shelf for six weeks

Interbox announced Monday that former IBF super-middleweight champion Lucian Bute underwent surgery to remove extensive tissue just under the eye brow. The fighter won’t be able to do sparring for the next 6 weeks. The Romanian fighter was rumoured to be making a return in May, Interbox will be holding a press conference tomorrow to shed light on fighters plans moving forward.


Luis drops first

By Bob Caico at ringside
Photo: Boxing Bob Newman

Jr. welterweight Jose Hernandez (14-6-1, 6 KOs) of Fort Worth, Texas upset previously unbeaten Canadian Tony Luis (15-1, 7 KOs) with an eighth round TKO. Hernandez dropped Luis in round eight and finished him with his follow-up barrage. Time was 2:47. You could count on one hand the jabs thrown by either fighter as they stood toe-to-toe throwing power punches. Both fighters took turns shaking up the other but the consistent counter left hooks by Hernandez was doing the most damage. Hernandez took the fight on one week notice without any hesitation, “When they made the call and it was on TV we took it, the opportunity was there,” said trainer Richard Best. 

Fighting inside and not using his jab was the plan from the beginning for Hernandez, “My plan was to come in here and destroy the guy, get him going backwards, I had to take him out because if it went ten rounds they would have stole it from me,” said Hernandez. The defeat left Luis stunned as he had recently signed with Greg Cohen Promotions and was making his American debut. “He was a tough tough fighter, he took a good shot and he countered everything whether he got jarred or not,” said Luis. The scores were split separated by one point on each scorecard showing how competitive the bout was.

News Flash


Bermane Stiverne Ready For Chris Arreola – Predicts KO Win

By James Slater

34-year-old Haitian-born Canadian Bermane Stiverne faces proven contender Chris Arreola in a WBC heavyweight eliminator on March 9th, and the man known as “B.Ware” (who was a no-show at the official press conference last week) is convinced he will not only win, but win in style.

The 6’2, approx 240-pounder is itching to get at Arreola, feeling this fight should have happened “a long time ago.”

“Chris Arreola has already fought for the world title and you’ve gotta respect that, and yes, he is a good fighter, a tough cookie,” Stiverne says. “But he’s never faced anyone like me before. My speed will beat him, no doubt. The fight will definitely end with a KO – in my favour!” (more…)

News Flash

Jean joins FightClub

The February 16th card at the Lac Leamy Casino in Gatineau Quebec is taking shape as undefeated super-lightweight Dierry Jean (23-0 15KO) will be headlining and expected to defend his NABA belt, one of two North American belts the talented fighter possesses.

Jean the #1 WBC rated super-lightweight will be part of promoter/manager Camille Estephan’s FightClub series in what looks to be an action packed card. Jean scored an impressive 11th round stoppage in his last fight in October over Mexican Ivan Cano and looks to build on the momentum he created when he nabbed top spot. A successful outing a defence of his NABA should help propel the Haitian born Montrealer up the ladder of the WBA where he currently sits at #14.

Joining Jean on the card will be Ahmad Cheikho who is set to meet Giuseppe Lauri and Andrew Gardiner who will be fighting eight rounds in his adopted hometown and is scheduled to go against Konstantin Piternov of Russia. Also expected to appear are Baha Laham, Brandon Cook, Schiller Hyppolite, Chris Plaitis, Pascal Villeneuve and Mian Hussain.


Luis leads way for Ontario boxers
Asselstine, Gardiner, Daley, McGuinness all facing pivotal fights

By Dave Spencer
Photo Heby Whyne

While it has been Quebec that has traditionally fuelled the Canadian boxing engine, a handful of the province’s cross-border rivals from Ontario are facing pivotal showcase fights in the very near future. Starting tonight with super-lightweight Tony Luis who will be featured on ESPN's Friday Night Fights, Ontario pugilists are stepping up both profile wise and competition wise in what will be huge contests for a number of fighters.

Luis of Cornwall Ontario along with Tyler Asselstine, Logan McGuinness, Denton Daley, and Ottawa based Andrew Gardiner all face pivotal battles in the next month that will go a long way in telling just where they stand moving forward.

When 25 year-old Tony Luis (15-0 7KO) signed with American promoter Greg Cohen last year, it was exactly for fights like tonight's contest with Jose Hernandez that the undefeated fighter needed to jump-start his nearly five year old career; a national television appearance in a co-starring role against a formidable opponent in Jose Hernandez. click to read more

News Flash


Super Channel, Canada’s only national English pay television network and SHOWTIME Sports® are pleased to announce an exclusive deal that will make Super Channel the home of SHOWTIME boxing events in Canada. Under this agreement Super Channel will air live SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING and ShoBox: The New Generation telecasts through 2014 to viewers in Canada.

The first SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING event under the new deal airs this Saturday, Jan 26 at 10 p.m. ET, live from the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas and features Lucas Matthysse (32-2, 30 KOs) taking on Mike Dallas Jr. (19-2-1, 8 KOs) for the WBC Super Lightweight Interim Championship. In the co-feature bouts, Selcuk Aydin (23-1, 17 KOs) faces Jesus Soto Karass (28-8-3, 17 KOs) in a Welterweight bout, and Jermell Charlo (10-0, 6 KOs) takes on Harry Joe Yorgey (25-1-1, 12 KO's) in a Jr. Middleweight bout.

“We are thrilled to be able to bring SHOWTIME back to our viewers in Canada. Super Channel’s fight fans let us know just how much they missed these exclusive and exciting events and now we are able to consistently bring them all the SHOWTIME boxing that they want to see, live,” said Sandy Perkins, Super Channel’s Vice President of Programming. “We are very pleased to continue our relationship with SHOWTIME and proud that Super Channel continues to be a place where our viewers can go to see unique programming that can’t be seen anywhere else on television.”

“The Super Channel has been a great partner for us over the years,” said Stephen Espinoza, Executive Vice President and General Manager, SHOWTIME Sports. “The Canadian sports fan has shown a voracious appetite for boxing so we are very proud to present our slate of world-class fights to the nation. Not only does it increase the awareness of our brand throughout the country, it also gives the elite fighters competing on our network a broader stage on which to perform.”


 Weights from Verona, New York

By Boxing Bob Newman

Tony Luis 138 vs. Jose Hernandez 139

Promoters: Banner Promotions & Greg Cohen Promotions
Venue: Turning Stone Casino & Resort Events Center, Verona, New York
T.V.: ESPN2 Friday Night Fights/TSN Tape delay
Doors open at 5pm, First bell at 7pm, Live TV at 9pm.


Luis set for ESPN Debut

By Boxing Bob Newman

The Tuscarora Room at the Turning Stone Casino in Verona, New York was the site for the pre-fight
press conference for tomorrow’s ESPN 2 Friday Night Fights. Promoters’ Artie Pelullo and Greg
Cohen were on hand as well as the main event fighters and special guest WBA Super Welterweight
champion Austin “No Doubt” Trout. Turning Stone Media Relations Liaison Brett Stagnitti opened
the event by welcoming fans and press alike to the third major televised boxing event at the resort
since September when HBO’s Boxing After Dark featured WBA Middleweight champion Gennady
Golovkin vs. Grzegorz Proksa and tomorrow’s main event fighter, former WBO Super Welterweight
champion Sergiy Dzinziruk vs. Jonathan Gonzalez. The following quotes are in order of appearance at
the microphone:

Artie Pelullo (Banner Promotions): ESPN is ecstatic to have this fight tomorrow night. The fighters
here know the importance of being the air tomorrow night in ESPN2. They are happy to have Sergiy
Dzinziruk on their air because he knows what a win in this fight will mean for him and what is means
to be fighting on American television again.

Greg Cohen (Greg Cohen Promotions): Before we get to the main event fighters, I want to talk about
one of the undercard fighters. Antoine Douglas will be fighting Emmanuel Medina. Douglas is 3-0, 2
KOs. He is a future superstar and it will be a treat for the fans to see him at this stage of his career.

Tony Luis is 15-0, he’s fighting in the talent rich 140 lb. division. He’s really in for a test. We had
a change of opponents in the last week and a half. He’s fighting Jose Hernandez who I believe is a
tougher opponent than Miguel Gonzalez. Hernandez knows this is an opportunity and a win over a guy
like Tony Luis will springboard his career. I think Tony will pass this test with flying colors. He’s a
true professional and I’m just excited that everybody’s gonna get to see it.

Tony Luis: First of all I’d like to thank everybody who put this show together. This is a great
opportunity. This is a step up in competition for me. This is the launching pad for my career. This is
going to be a tough fight. I know Jose Hernandez has a reputation for upsetting many prospects before
and I certainly don’t wanna fall into that category. It’s a big opportunity for him. It’s a big opportunity
for me as well and I’m certainly not gonna pass it up. I’m looking forward to a good fight. Thank you.

Jose Hernandez: I’m not big on speaking. I’m just glad God gave me the opportunity to be here. Like
I say, we’re both good fighters. I came here to do my job and I’m hoping to pull the upset. I came here
to do my best. Thank you.

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Froch targets Bute and Ward

Carl Froch is targeting a trip to Montreal later this year for a rematch with Lucian Bute, once he has ‘avenged his loss’ over Mikkel Kessler. The three-time World champion won the IBF belt from Bute last May and it has been reported that the 32 year old Romanian-Canadian could be in line for a shot at the WBC title on the same night as Froch vs. Kessler II. The announcement of that fight led some to speculate that a Bute rematch was no longer on the cards, but the Nottingham super middleweight still intends to travel to Canada before targeting a blockbuster UK bout against Andre Ward.

“People always ask me how many fights do I have left but right now it’s all about focusing on Mikkel Kessler,” said Froch. “I know what an intense war that will be but after I’ve avenged my loss I want to return to Montreal and take care of Bute again. It looks like he is in line for the WBC title so a fight for all the belts would be a huge occasion over there. “The final piece in the jigsaw is Ward. He beat me fair and square first time round but I promise it would be one hell of a different fight here in the UK.”
Froch’s promoter Eddie Hearn is confident a rematch with Bute will happen and hasn’t ruled out the possibility of the 32 year old fighting for the WBC belt on the same card as Froch vs. Kessler II. “We have been in constant communication with Interbox since the first Froch vs. Bute fight, which was a big commercial success,” said Hearn. “Lucian looks set to fight for the WBC title next and we would all like to make that happen on the same night as Froch v Kessler II, in Canada, Romania or even in the UK on the same card.”

A date and venue for Froch vs. Kessler II will be announced shortly.

Maerz drops decision

Photo by DiBella Entertainment/Ed Diller

Peggy Maerz (2-3-1) travelled to New York City and dropped a four round decision to hometown fighter Heather Hardy (4-0) before a completely sold-out crowd at BB King Blues Club & Grill in New York City's famed Times Square.

In what has become accustomed in her fights, Brooklyn fan-favorite Heather Hardy stormed out of her corner in the first and didn't let up for the entire four rounds, giving the sold-out crowd in attendance plenty to cheer about.

Hardy, who is quickly becoming one of the more popular fighters throughout the entire New York City area, used constant aggression and combination punching to win a four-round unanimous decision by scores of 40-36, 39-37 twice.

Arreola-Stiverne for all the marbles

By Miguel Maravilla
Photo: Big Joe Miranda

Riverside, California’s Chris “The Nightmare” Arreola (35-2, 3O KOs) was at Sisleys Italian Kitchen in Sherman Oaks, California Wednesday afternoon to officially announce his WBC heavyweight elimination bout against Bermane “B-Ware” Stiverne (22-1, 20 KOs) to take place Saturday, March 9 live on HBO from the Hangar at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa, California. Stiverne was nowhere to be seen.

Promoter Dan Goossen started it off welcoming the media as well as presenting some his fighters including welterweight contender Josesito Lopez and WBC/WBA super middleweight champion Andre “SOG” Ward in attendance.

“Here it is March 9, this one is for all the marbles,” said Goossen. “This is the WBC Heavyweight elimination bout, which is our goal.” Regarding Stiverne’s absence, Goossen stated “I’m a little disappointed to mention we got a call from Don King that Bermane Stiverne would not make it today. On March 9, one way or another, we are going to get Stiverne out there!”
Shortly after the always straight out, tell it like it is, Chris Arreola with a new look spoke to the media. “I am glad to be back on HBO. I have worked my butt off to be here again. After this fight my main goal is to be heavyweight champion,” Arreola said. “I know Bermane Stiverne is a tough fighter. He throws a lot of combinations. A lot of people don’t know too much about him. When he hits me and I am still standing he is going to be in trouble. He stands in the way of my future. I have to make sure that night to take care of business like I always do.”

Arreola last fought nearly one year ago scoring a first round knockout over Eric Molina last February. Shortly after that fight Arreola had some words for his opponent’s promoter Don King who also promotes Stiverne, referring to King as a racist followed with some harsh explicit words. He will be going into the fight with 384 days of inactivity as he gets set to face Stiverne.

“There is a bright spot to this. He was out with an injury and look at the shape he kept himself in during this time of inactivity,” Goossen told the media.

“I love fighting. I am entertainer. That is my job and I miss it being away from it, especially going to fights but come fight time I will be more than ready,” Arreola told

The Hatian-born Stiverne, who now resides in Las Vegas, is coming off an eighth round unanimous decision win over Willie Herring last April. Prior to that Stiverne stopped former world title challenger Ray Austin in ten rounds back in June of 2011. Stiverne also has had his share of inactivity as he also looks to back in the ring.

Arreola vs. Stiverne will be part of the HBO Boxing After Dark telecast featuring Bernard Hopkins vs. Tavoris Cloud in a split site telecast. Hopkins-Cloud will headline with Keith “One Time” Thurman opening up the HBO Boxing After Dark card from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, as Arreola and Stiverne will square off in the second fight at the Hangar in Costa Mesa.

“You will see an exciting fight I will bring it just like I always do with hard punching and I will try not to curse too much,” Arreola concluded


Weights from New York City

Heather Hardy 122 vs. Peggy Maerz 119

Venue: BB King Blues Club & Grill in New York City
Promoter DiBella Entertainment

Asselstine-Diaz ready to collide

Highly touted undefeated super-featherweight prospect, Joel Diaz Jr. (11-0, 10 KOs) will make his well anticipated return to the ring on February 8, 2013, against Canada's Tyler Asselstine (12-0, 7 KOs). The 10-round co-feature bout takes place at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. ESPN2 "Friday Night Fights" will televise the show which is promoted by is Yvon Michel's GYM Promotions in association with Boxing 360.

Having knocked out his last nine opponents, Diaz looks to continue his reign as one of the biggest power punchers in the division. Asselstine will present a stern step up in competition for Diaz, but one he is looking forward to.

"I've been training very hard for the last six months waiting for my named to be called and now that time has come," said Diaz. "I know this will be a fight where I will have to go to my opponents' backyard and fight him on his homeland. These are the type of fights that can only make me better. I have complete confidence that I will come out victorious against Asselstine."

Diaz who fights under the promotional banner of Boxing 360, has been training at "The Summit" in Big Bear, California, with his well know trainer Able Sanchez. Together the two have been working diligently on improving all aspects of Joel's God given attributes.

"Able is a great trainer and he knows what my strengths are," Diaz stated. "I know if I listen to his instructions I'm going to become a better fighter. He's trained many well known fighters and I just want to follow the footsteps of those who've made it to the top. Right now I'm feeling very comfortable in the ring fighting both on the inside and out. In addition, my stamina is at an all time high as I'm in the best shape of my life. I want to thank my promoter Mario Yagobi and Boxing 360 for giving me this opportunity."

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Luis to face 'Loco' Hernandez on FNF

Rising junior welterweight Tony “Lighting” Luis, 15-0 (7 KO’s), will now face rugged veteran Jose “Loco” Hernandez January 25 on ESPN Friday Night Fights at the Turning Stone Casino in Verona, NY.

The quick-handed Canadian’s original foe Miguel Gonzalez withdrew, citing an illness and opening the door for Hernandez.

With an extremely deceptive 13-6-1 record, Hernandez battled six unbeaten foes and was on the wrong end of a disputed decision more than once. The Waco, TX native lost in controversial fashion to Matt Remillard, Michael Angelo Perez, Oscar Meza and Luis Ramos, coming in as the B-side in each of those bouts. He also owns impressive victories against Aaron Garcia, Noe Bolanos and Jairo Sanchez, while fighting to a draw against Mickey Bey.

“Jose Hernandez is a very difficult opponent and there’s a reason he's never been in a rematch,” said Luis’ promoter Greg Cohen of Greg Cohen Promotions. “To be honest, I think he’s tougher than Gonzalez and Tony will definitely be tested, but I expect him to pass with flying colors. I think Tony's the real deal and this is the next step on his journey to be a world champion.”

Note: TSN2 will be broadcasting at 12:30am EST Saturday morning.

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Rakoczy takes on Velez Jan. 24

By Chris Morris/

HD Boxing will headline a female title fight on their next show, Thursday January 24th at the Coca-Cola Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The OKC Charity Fight Night is a black tie benefit show complete with dinner, cocktails, stogies, auctions and entertainment hosted by none other than ring legend Ray ‘Boom Boom’ Mancini. Local boxing contender and reigning USBA champion ‘Kid’ Carson Jones will be in attendance as well. The Police Athletic League benefit is already completely sold out.

In the main event, Jessica Rakoczy (32-3, 12 KOs) will take on Ada Velez (20-4-3, 6 KOs) for the WIBA super bantamweight title.
Rakoczy is in the process of a big return, following a fourth round TKO over a very capable Brittany Cruz, which came after a three-year layoff that saw her cross over to MMA. As a boxer, she has fought and beat everyone of note, from 126 pounds to lightweight, including Mia St. John, Jane Couch, Cindy Serrano and Belinda Laracuente.

Ada Velez has a very impressive resume as well. She has fought the best from 118 to 126, including then-undefeated Mary Ortega, Jackie Chavez and Stacey Reile. She has also held Kaliesha West, Layla McCarter and Lisa Brown to draws. Her most impressive fights have come in handing Melinda Cooper her first defeat following up the first decision with an ‘it’s no fluke’ decision in the rematch, winning the IBF super bantamweight title in the process.

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Arthur Wellby passes

Longtime Winnipeg boxing fixture Arthur Wellby passed away Sunday morning at the age of 71 years old. He was a boxing referee and judge in Manitoba for twenty years. He refereed many of Canada's best, including Donny Lalonde, Wayne Caplette and Danny Vandal to name a few. He also gainer, cut man, second and promoter for his son Brooke, Peter Okane and many others. In his native England, Arthur represented his Country in numerous competitions and tournaments in the early sixties. FightNews sends out its condolences Brooke, the Wellby family, and all that knew Arthur. 

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Roy retires as Canadian Champ

Canadian Super Middleweight Champion Eric Roy has decided to retire from boxing. Eric informed NCC Championships Chairman Brian Caines of his decision. Eric won the Canadian title in November 2011 with a 2nd round KO win over Jonah Arbuckle in Shediac, New Brunswick.

Roy said his decision was based on the fact he started a new job and has a child on the way. With his work and family commitments, he didn’t have the proper opportunity to train, and therefore decided it was best if he voluntarily vacated the Championship rather than hold the title in limbo. He wants to give other Canadian boxers an opportunity to challenge for the Canadian Championship.
The members of the National Championships Committee appreciate the opportunity Eric is giving to other boxers and thank him for his dedication in winning the National Championship. We wish him well in his future endeavours.
Zewski still perfect

By Matt Richardson and John DiSanto at ringside

 In a welterweight fight, Mikael Zewski (18-0, 14 KOs) stopped Brandon Hoskins (16-4-1, 8 KOs) in the fourth round of a scheduled six. Time of the stoppage was 1:42. After Hoskins was knocked down twice in the fourth, the third knockdown was enough to prompt the referee to call the fight off.


Weights from New York City

Mikael Zewski 149.5 vs. Brandon Hoskins 146.5

Venue: Madison Square Garden, New York City
Promoter: Top Rank

Perez makes it in

Colombia’s Darley Perez (28-0, 19 KOs) arrived in Canada yesterday for his upcoming showdown against Cuba’s Yuriorkis Gamboa (22-0, 16 KOs) that will take place this Saturday, June 8. The battle for the interim WBA lightweight title will take place at the Belle Center in Montreal, Canada and will be televised on HBO. Upon arrival the Colombian boxer was delayed admittance for four hours by Canadian immigration due to Visa issues. Thanks to the effort of Canadian promoter Yvon Michel and his co-promoters, Perez was ultimately granted access into Montreal. The team was thankful to the Canadian authorities for their professionalism and for assisting Darley Perez and his trainer Orlando Pineda.

“I am ready for my fight this Saturday. Now that I have arrived in Canada, I can get acclimated to the weather and environment out here. I am waiting patiently for fight night and feel confident about my upcoming fight against Gamboa. I have trained well for this fight against different sparring partners from Cuba. I know it’s going to be my night,” said Perez. 

Perez has been yearning for an opportunity to showcase his boxing skills on a world-class level. He’ll get his chance Saturday against Cuba’s Yuriorkis Gamboa (22-0, 16 KOs) in a clash for the interim WBA lightweight title from Montreal on HBO. “Everyone watching the fight should know that it is going to be a great fight and that I am prepared to go toe-to-toe with Gamboa,” Perez says. “The most important thing for me would be to win big against a fighter as skilled as him.”

Gamboa has been trained under the reknowned Cuban boxing system and Perez expects to meet a precision fighter with world-class experience to back it up. “I have been sparring against many Cuban fighters because of their style of fighting is very similar to Gamboa’s fight style. They are great for sparring purposes,” said Perez, who has fought numerous times in North America but never Canada. “I have learned a lot by sparring with them. I feel comfortable going into the ring to battle it out against Gamboa.”

Q&A: Donny “Golden Boy” Lalonde

By Ray Wheatley — World of Boxing

Former WBC Light heavyweight champion Donny “Golden Boy “Lalonde talks to Fightnews abouts fights with Sugar Ray Leonard, Roddy MacDonald, Willie Edwards, Mustafa Hamsho, Eddie Davis and Leslie Stewart. Donny also talks about his trainers Teddy Atlas, Bobby Cassidy, Al Sparks, Tommy Gallagher and Hook McComb. In addition, he mentions what injuries he suffered injuries and how he treated those problems during his career and how he works today for ex-boxers through TKOOO (Taking Care Of Our Own) (more…)