White ready for Douglas
by Dave Baggs, FightNews Canada

Former Canadian Cruiserweight champion Frank "The Hammer" White sees ready and focus on his task Saturday night in Moncton, New Brunswick, that task simple to defeat Jason Douglas and capture the vacant Canadian Professional Boxing Council Cruiserweight title in the same night. Having already tasted defeat at the hands of Douglas earlier this year, White has plenty of reasons to be prepared for what comes his way tomorrow night.

"No, I don't expect to see anything different style wise from Jason. It seems to me all Douglas has been training is his big mouth. Trying to convince himself he is something he's not. It only shows me he is a weak minded individual that lives in the past. " White told FightNews Canada. "Remember this is a 10 round championship fight, not a 4 rounder. Big Difference!!! What I would like the fight fans in Moncton NB to know is that I always come prepared to fight. I've been training 10 hard weeks for this fight and the chance at the CPBC title. "

When asked if he'd do anything different this time around with the Kitchener, Ontario fighter, White was all business.

"No new bag of tricks, just great conditioning, lots of hard punches and a desire to be a two time champ of Canada. This is my 4th Championship fight and I know what it takes to be Champion and come September 10th, I will be C.P.B.C. Cruiserweight Champ of Canada. "

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