Glen Johnson speaks
by Dave Spencer, FightNews Canada
(Photo: Tom Casino / SHOWTIME)

He is about as laid back as you can get without demanding a drug test. Glen Johnson was an oasis of calm Friday, quietly sitting backstage in a Quebec City suburban shopping mall after weighing in at 166.5 pounds and awaiting the glove selection process in advance of his IBF super-middleweight bout with Lucian Bute. While the champion was whisked in and out quickly with a stealth security squad, Johnson remained and obliged fans with pictures and autographs. Fightnews was able to ask the veteran fighter his thoughts going into what will be his 11th championship fight.

FIGHTNEWS: Give us you're thoughts about going into the fight tomorrow night.

JOHNSON: It' going to be a gret fight and I'm looking forward to it. Anybody watching it, it's going to be exciting, you don't even have to be a boxing fan, you'll become one tomorrow night, just watch.

FIGHTNEWS: You've been in so many big fights, is there ever any changes in your preparation routine or how you prepared for this particular fight?

JOHNSON: We're going to try and be smarter about some of the things we've done in the past, we've done it a little different, but we're ready though.

FIGHTNEWS: Was there anything in all your rounds of sparring with Lucian Bute that you were able to file away and will be able to use to your advantage Saturday night?

JOHNSON: Not really. I don't take too much away from sparring, I don't think to much about the sparring. I've prepared for this fight the way that I'm supposed to and I think that's why we're going to be successful.

FIGHTNEWS: A lot has been made coming into this fight how you two are friends. You've been through this before, fighting a friend, most recently with Allen Green. He hasn't, do you think your experience with such a situation be an advantage to you?

JOHNSON: I don't think it is an advantage or disadvantage. I don't think it is that relevant; I know you reporters are looking for a story to sell but we sparred together and we beat the crap out of each other in the gym already. It's not like this is something new for us. We sparred, that doesn't mean we were in there tippy-toeing around each other and touchy-touchy. We were sparring, hitting and fighting. The only difference is that now we're getting paid and that result goes in the books.

FIGHTNEWS: With a victory for Bute Saturday night, he'll no doubt be hoping for the winner in the Ward-Froch fight. Any thoughts on what you would like next if successful?

JOHNSON: I'm looking forward to kicking his ass and then kicking the ass of the winner of the Froch fight.

FIGHTNEWS: Thanks very much...

JOHNSON: No problem

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