Gunn to participate in Bareknuckle bout
(Source: Team Gunn press release)

Two time world cruiserweight title challenger Bobby Gunn (21-4-1, 18KOs) will look to return to the ring after a 2 year hiatas on August 5th as the 36 yr old prizefighter will compete in a bareknuckle bout against MMA fighter Chris Thompson. The bareknuckle boxing match will take place in Scottsdale, Arizona under the London Prize Ring rules.

This will be the first organized bareknuckle boxing event since 1889 when the Great John L. Sullivan defeated Jake Kilrain after a 75 round marathon fight to be declared the champion. The idea of competing in this type of match has the former IBA champ excited.

“I am very excited for this fight. Fans watch fights to see guy’s trade punches, and we are going to put on a show. Everything has to have a starting point. I believe this can be the sport of the future. It’s the original form of boxing.”

While many critics and skeptics think bareknuckle brawling is too vicious, Gunn assures people that it is quite safe.

“Not only is the bareknuckle match an organized event with ring doctors, it is a fight between two professionals. This isn’t a back alley bum fight or bar fight. Safety is a big issue, and they have it covered. We are going to show people that it’s not barbaric, and that’s the truth.

Tickets are still available for this epic bout and can be purchased through