Demers ready for Green
by Dave Spencer, FightNews Canada

It's a make or break fight for both fighters. Both are former world title challengers. Both have lost two of their last three. And both Allan Green(30-3 21KO) and Sebastien Demers(31-4 11KO) look to Saturday in Quebec City to righting the ship and getting back into contention in a highly competitive super-middleweight division.

While both fighters dig deep to find answers, Demers has made a change in trainers, hiring Howard Grant as he hopes to move forward. "I wish I had him five years ago," said Grant of the 31 year-old Demers who has suffered a pair of brutal knockout losses in the early rounds of his last two fights. "He's a hard worker, he's hungry to learn still, he's a gem to work with. He doesn't cut any corners, we do the hard work, we do the grind."

Grant knows that every time he hears the bell ring Saturday, the better his chances against Green who comes in as a clear favourite. "He's got a big right hand," said Grant of Green, "But we're not sure about his ticker, as the rounds go on, we'll see what happens. As long as that double jab keeps working along with the right hand, we're going to be okay."

But while there never has been a question on Demers and his boxing ability, questions that were loud and clear about a shaky chin have now extended to what his mental makeup at this point in time with being knocked out in his last two and facing a formidable task of taking on what should be a hungry Allan Green. "It's the second time I've been asked this question," said Grant regarding to where Demers might be mentally. "You got to remember, this is the first time we're together, but one of the things we're doing a lot in the gym is keeping everything positive. It's a good spirit, everything is positive in that we can do this thing."

That positive atitude is evident in talking to the fighter, "I've only got good things to say about Howard," says Demers "He's a well known and highly regarded trainer who knows the game. We only work on positive things, he's seen a lot of things in boxing so his vision is different and things have been going well.

"For me (Saturday) is a good opportunity to prove that I'm still in the game; for him, I don't know, maybe he's underestimating me a bit and came here a little bit lazy. It will be my chance to step up a little bit."

Demers figures that Green may be going in trying to duplicate his Jaidon Codrington performance that helped put the contender on the map with a highlight reel knockout in 2005. "I think that's what he might be looking at, I've got to go in there and show him from the beginning he's wrong. I want to get involved in the fight early, we have some questions about his heart and maybe he's not good for a long fight. Me I'm okay and I'll be good for ten."

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