Cave ready for Banal
by Cecil Wright, FightNews Canada

Newsflash...Tyson Cave believes he can go over to Lapu-Lapu City in the Phillipines, taken on a Filopino opponent, and return with another belt, this time the WBO Asia Pacific Bantamweight strap when he tangles with A.J. Banal, the reigning champion.

Never one to shy away from espousing his opinion, the "Prince of Hali" first paid a little respect to his upcoming opponent in Banal.

“Hey, he’s a world class fighter. That’s how he got to be ranked 5th in the world. But I think he’s underestimating me. He’s never fought a guy like me before. He’s got a title, I got a title. He lost a fight, I lost a fight, although I didn’t quit like he did. I got up a couple times.....and I’m much better looking than he is.”

Coming off a unanimous shutout victory over Saturnino Nava last month, Cave definitely appears to be in the best shape of his career. His cut man, Kelsey Fraser, says his man has been training three times daily.

“We’ve got him putting in time on the treadmill in the morning, followed by sprints, swimming and then the steam room. He’s back with Bunny (Phillips) at 11:00AM working on the speed bag, pushups, situps and shadowboxing, before I get him at 5:30PM in the ring to work on executing our plan for this fight.”

When complimented on his performance against Nava, Cave was less than enthused. 'A sparring session' was his reply.

“I’m on to bigger and better things now and you know I am ready. It all starts with this fight on July 30. This guy thinks he’s gonna push me around in the ring but I have been dealing with Kelsey’s pressure and he’s a lot bigger and stronger than Banal. My team has helped me a lot with my power punching and I will always have my mobility and agility. It’s a great combination. I don’t know much about his past opponents but he is gonna get hit and hit a lot by Tyson Cave.”

Karim Collett, Cave’s strength and conditioning coach said that his man’s overall endurance has improved tremendously.

“I’ve worked hard with Tyson on plyometrics, speed, agility, core training, etc. He’s proven to me that he is serious about this business and has given me respect. He hasn’t questioned anything I have told him, but rather simply gone out and done it. That showed me he was serious, so I am pleased to be joining him.

Cave stated “I am looking forward to getting away with no distractions. I love being the villain anyway so this is the perfect situation for me. Also, this is big for Bunny and Kelsey. It will bring back memories for them when they worked with Jason Naugler for his big bouts on the road. We’ve all been around once or twice. So Banal better forget about any rematch with Rafael Concepcion and start worring about the Prince of Hali because he’s gonna have his hands full.

The Prince then fired off one final salvo.

“Bam Bam Soto, where you at? Sebastian Gauthier, who turned this fight down, stop running from me and be a man!!”

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