Alcine's got legs...and he knows how to use them
by Dave Spencer, FightNews Canada

If Joachim Alcine (32-2-1 19KO) is to have a chance this Saturday against powerhouse and fellow Montrealer David Lemieux (25-1 24KO), the former champion is going to have exhibit some of the speed, footwork and defense that made him champion when he walked into undefeated Travis Simm’s backyard of Bridgeport Connecticut and came home a champion with a convincing victory.

Alcine’s former trainer Howard Grant proclaimed earlier this week that the Joachim Alcine he had (circa 2007) would have boxed circles around the young 22 year old slugger. But Alcine is now over four years removed from that landmark victory and believes that his legs will be key to victory and getting back to a position he once was.

“Let me tell you the truth,” Alcine told Fightnews, “It was the best preparation ever. The fact that it was new stuff I learning and the training was completely different. The one thing I’ve never been to take advantage before was my legs, and all my strength is in my legs. If you can box and can’t move your legs, you’re going to sit flat. There’s a lot of things you’ll be able to do if you can use your legs. That’s what’s my coach did, make sure I’m able to use those legs and strengthening them.

“They think they’ve seen everything about me, but they ain’t seen nothing yet.”

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